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Chapter 1270: Chu Yue in Danger!


A gigantic force wave suddenly came out of the cave!

Elder Shu Yu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. This commotion… Is Chu Yue really only breaking through to become a stage-eight warrior? I have cultivated for many years and have seen many cultivators try to break through this barrier, and some of them were outstanding talents. However, none of them caused so much commotion! 

Some cultivators might not even have such a huge commotion when they break through to become stage-nine warriors! Elder Shu Yu clenched his fists tightly and had the urge to even scold people! Before he entered, I had clearly told Chu Yue to honestly tell me about his abilities! Back then, I thought that he had said everything, but I didn’t expect him to still hide it in the end! When this incident Is over, I definitely have to teach Chu Yue a lesson! 


An excited, high-pitched screech came from another mountain peak not far away! This sound felt like it had instantly opened a mysterious passage.

The unknown and frightening water rushed out before everyone else could react!


Another sharp shrill came from another direction! Following this, all sorts of noises came from all directions!

The fiends—that had silently arrived previously and were hiding quietly—finally couldn’t hold themselves back and flashed their sharp teeth!

Their screams were filled with endless greed and desire! Even if the murder hadn’t officially begun, the air was already filled with a thick bloody aura!

Elder Shu Yu’s back suddenly broke out into a cold sweat.

The fiends that rushed over due to the temptation were even more than he had previously predicted!

Under the dark sky, the figures filled with murderous intent came out from the mountains and went toward the one in the middle!

Elder Shu Yu lowered his head to take a look, and all his hair stood on end! There are too many fiends! Chu Yue has caused too big a commotion while breaking through. Other than the nearby fiends, even some distant fiends have detected the commotion and came over respectively. If one doesn’t think of a solution in time, the number of fiends gathered around will only increase! 

Elder Shu Yu’s entire body tensed up, and his mind whirled crazily in hopes of finding a solution.

But… How could it be that easy?

Strictly speaking, there were only two methods. One was to forcefully interrupt Chu Yue’s breakthrough and quickly bring him to leave the place. The other was to chase all the fiends away and rescue Chu Yue.

But whichever method it was, it didn’t sound like it was possible.

When cultivators broke through, they had to do it in an extremely stable environment. Any disturbance could cause them to fail, and in more serious circumstances, one might not even be able to step past this barrier again.

If he did this, what would happen if he destroyed Chu Yue? Not to mention that there was an adult steel-ridged fiend guarding Chu Yue by his side.

A steel-ridged fiend that was willing to give up on its cub to protect him—once it detected someone approaching, the thought of the force that would explode out was horrifying.

As for the second method… Elder Shu Yu admitted that he didn’t have such abilities. Even if he regularly patrolled and guarded this place, he wasn’t the match for so many fiends!

In his panic, Elder Shu Yu finally retrieved his green jade plaque and sent out a signal for help: Chu Yue is in danger. Quickly come and rescue him! 

It was already night. Elder Bo Yan and the rest arrived at Million Wine Mountain, and they planned on continuing the repairs.

But once Elder Bo Yan stood still, he suddenly noticed something, and his expression changed.

Elder Ouyang and Shang Yulin glanced at him weirdly and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Elder Bo Yan didn’t speak as he directly took out his green jade plaque.

A string of words gradually appeared, and Elder Bo Yan’s eyes shrunk!

Detecting the change in his surrounding aura, Elder Ouyang and Shang Yulin exchanged glances and felt uneasy.

“I have something on. I need to go first.” Elder Bo Yan said this and quickly turned around to leave.

“Hey, what exactly is going on?” Elder Ouyang couldn’t help but ask.

They rarely saw Elder Bo Yan display such an expression.

Elder Bo Yan paused and said, “There’s a problem with Fiend Park. I’ll go over there to take a look.”

“Fiend Park?” Doesn’t that mean that Chu Yue is in trouble? 

“But haven’t Shu Yu and the rest always been there…” Before Elder Ouyang could finish speaking, he suddenly fell silent.

This message was clearly sent by the few of them. It showed that the incident had already gone out of those few people’s control!

“Let’s go together!” Shang Yulin was swift.

Elder Bo Yan shook his head. “You can just continue staying here. After all, Fiend Park has a huge Xuan formation, Shu Yu, and the rest. Nothing major will happen in such a short amount of time, but… If you go with us, we’ll draw too much attention.”

The incident of Chu Yue being locked in Fiend Park was only known to the few of them. Once this news went out, it would waste their previous efforts.

The Elder Ouyang-Shang Yulin duo exchanged glances and could only agree. “If anything happens, we’ll also rush over immediately.”

Elder Bo Yan nodded, went on his toes, and rapidly left.


A water sound suddenly came from the fountain.

Elder Ouyang immediately became alert. “What’s happening?!”

Shang Yulin quickly went up, checked it carefully, and heaved half a sigh of relief. “Nothing much. I think a rock dropped in from the side.”

Elder Ouyang was still suspicious and only relaxed after he went over and looked at it personally. “Good that there’s nothing. It’s already at such a crucial moment; nothing can go wrong now.”

At the same time, Elder Wan Zheng—who was tidying up his herbs in his own residence—also received Elder Shu Yu’s message.

Seeing the line of words on the green jade plaque, he was so shocked that he suddenly stood up and flipped the table.

Tens of tidily placed precious herbs all dropped to the ground and were mixed together. However, Elder Wan Zheng couldn’t care about this as he left immediately.

“I should’ve stayed there to guard him and not leave!” At that moment, his figure disappeared into the night sky outside the door.


Another ripple came from within the cave. At this point, the Xuan formation in the sky suddenly glowed.

Elder Shu Yu quickly flew forward and whipped his sleeves, and an opening was made in the Xuan formation.

A figure rapidly rushed in—it was Elder Bo Yan.

Once he saw Elder Shu Yu, Elder Bo Yan asked anxiously, “How’s Chu Yue?”

Before Elder Shu Yu could reply, another person swiftly flew in.

“Disciple! Disciple!” yelled Elder Wan Zheng in panic.

After he came in, he saw Elder Shu Yu and immediately went up to grab his wrist. “My disciple! How is he now?!”

Elder Shu Yu swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty and pointed below. “There—”

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