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Chapter 1266: Don’t Talk Nonsense

The world was completely dark. The wind howled as it blew past.

These circumstances caused the fiends in Fiend Park to be restless. Some of them even started going toward the mountain peak Chu Liuyue was.

The winds howled relentlessly, and the cold air was harsh. However, Chu Liuyue—who was preparing to break through in the cave—was ignorant of all of this.

After breaking through to become a peak stage-seven warrior, Chu Liuyue didn’t pause as she continued to absorb the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force and merge it with the force coming out of the water droplet. Finally, she infused the force into her body’s every inch of muscle and blood!

Her body was like a black hole. No matter how much force she absorbed, she could accept it easily.

Of course, she also had benefits after breaking through to become a peak stage-seven warrior—she could circulate the force at a higher speed.

Chu Liuyue had her eyes closed tightly, and her mind was clear. She only had one thought—break through to become a stage-eight warrior!

Outside the cave, Ah Qiong—who was standing guard—uneasily scratched the ground twice as it surveyed the surroundings.

It was originally evening time, and with Chu Liuyue about to break through, dark clouds gathered. This made the light even dimmer.

One couldn’t see many things clearly. Looking out, one could only see the dark and rising mountains.

Some tiny sounds came from all directions.

A sense of alert flashed across Ah Qiong’s eyes.

When Elder Shu Yu rushed over, he first saw such a scene: A gigantic, adult steel-ridged fiend was standing before the cave in a stern and alert manner!

Its reaction was very sharp. Once Elder Shu Yu arrived, it detected his aura and looked over.

Elder Shu Yu’s heart skipped a beat. This steel-ridged fiend looked at me with a gaze filled with enmity and warning! It’s as if it will fight me to death if I take another step forward! 

Elder Shu Yu furrowed his brows tightly. What’s with… this steel-ridged fiend? I’ve been in Fiend Park for a while, and I’m rather familiar with most of the fiends here. Normally, we are quite courteous when we meet each other and won’t cause a commotion. But this time, it’s strange that this steel-ridged fiend went into such a pose once it saw me. It looks like it is protecting its cub… 

But the noise came from the cave. Logically speaking, the person inside at this time should be Chu Yue! Elder Shu Yu was extremely confused, but he didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Normally, the fiends in Fiend Park were considered quite restrained, but they still didn’t have agreements. The pride and wildness in their bones proved that they weren’t easy to handle!

At this point, strange sounds came from the surroundings. The unique bloody aura that belonged to fiends gradually approached.

Elder Shu Yu surveyed his surroundings and looked stern. There are quite a few fiends gradually coming in this direction from the forest! Their target is obviously that cave! 

This increasingly confirmed his guess that Chu Yue had to be preparing to break through in the cave!

Ordinary people didn’t know that this was a major taboo in Fiend Park! When a cultivator broke through, they would trigger Heaven and Earth Force. The higher the realm one had to break through to, the bigger the commotion—just like now, the weather had strange phenomena as a thunderstorm brewed.

But within Fiend park were many high-level fiends and legendary fiends. They had a natural desire for force.

Normally, they would be more restrained, but cultivators that were preparing to break through could trigger a large amount of force. Yet, they were very weak at this time! Hence, such cultivators became a piece of fat meat to many fiends!

At this time, many fiends would engage in intense combat for this ‘fat piece of meat.’

Chu Yue choosing this place and time to break through has driven himself to the brink of death! Elder Shu Yu became anxious.

At the same time, the steel-ridged fiend’s reaction made him confused. Is it… standing guard for Chu Yue? 

Once this thought flashed across his head, Elder Shu Yu instinctively denied it. How is that possible?! An adult steel-ridged fiend is a legendary fiend with a violent, cold, and heartless nature. It is extremely alert toward humans. I have been in Fiend Park for so long, but it is hard for me to even approach them, let alone Chu Yue—a kid who came just a few days ago. 

But seeing the steel-ridged fiend’s appearance… Other than this explanation, he really couldn’t think of another reason.

After much thinking, Elder Shu Yu decided to observe the changes silently. If something really happened, it wasn’t too late for him to take action.

Outsiders didn’t know about the chaos within Fiend Park.

In the middle of the mountain, Lin Zhifei’s words caused Jiang Zhiyuan to be unable to back down.

Countless people in the surroundings looked over with varying expressions and gazes.

Jiang Zhiyuan hated Lin Zhifei to the core. He’s doing it on purpose!

“Okay, I promise you!” Jiang Zhiyuan raised her voice.

Lin Zhifei smiled. “Do guide me then, Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan.”

Then, the two of them prepared themselves for battle.

The spectators exchanged glances and couldn’t conceal their excitement and curiosity.

Elder Hua Feng and the rest had noticed the situation on this side, and they all looked over.

“Shu Feng, your newly accepted disciple is pretty prideful,” said Elder Dan Qing nonchalantly. “He came to the academy less than three months ago, yet he already has this courage. It’s truly commendable.”

Elder Shu Feng could hear the sarcasm and mockery in his voice, but he wasn’t angry at all and laughed out loud. “Haha! Even though Zhifei doesn’t talk much normally, he’s someone with a temper and perseverance. If one wants to become a strong warrior, they need to have the confidence to challenge the strong ones, right?! But actually, this kid has always been stable and mature. Normally, he won’t do something he has no confidence in. This match… Haha, I’m actually rather curious who will win!”

Elder Dan Qing’s face darkened, and he coldly snorted in his heart. Lin Zhifei is arrogant, and Shu Feng is like that too. How can a kid that just got onto the Qing Yun Ranking be Jiang Zhiyuan’s match? 

He flung his sleeves and coldly said, “It’s beneficial for young people to suffer some setbacks and hardships.”

Elder Shu Feng raised his brows and pretended like he didn’t hear it as he directly changed the topic. “Actually, all of this isn’t important. After all, it’s just a small competition, and they’re just dueling and interacting. The most important thing is to improve one’s skills. As for Jiang Zhiyuan… Dan Qing, she seems rather distracted today. Her condition doesn’t seem very good, hm?”

Elder Dan Qing knitted his brows.

He had also realized this. With my understanding of Jiang Zhiyuan, she should’ve met with some trouble. Additionally, after Lin Zhifei said those words earlier, her expression turned even uglier.

“Actually, everyone has their own frail and weak times. This is very normal, but no matter when, some words… can’t be casually said!”

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