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Chapter 1265: Courting Death!

Originally, he thought that it was good if Chu Yue could even make it through one night. Who would’ve expected that Chu Yue still hadn’t sent out any signal for help even at this moment?

Judging by the situation of Fiend Park’s Xuan formation, he really didn’t get into trouble and has indeed stayed at one place throughout, Elder Shu Yu thought to himself. “Did he really find an ultimate hiding spot?”

The fiends in Fiend Park don’t have such good tempers… For some reason, no fiends have acted up even now… Elder Shu Yu thought for a while and planned on waiting a little while longer. If Chu Yue can really last a month here on his own, I will be viewing him in a different light! 

In the cave, Chu Liuyue had already forgotten how time had passed.

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force entered her body and passed through her bones and limbs before finally gathering within her dantian!

As the surrounding force increased, the seven lines on the water droplet started glowing more brightly. However, Chu Liuyue couldn’t relax when she detected this commotion. Because… According to her original calculations, she should’ve broken through a few days ago.

But for some reason, all the force within her dantian kept circulating back and forth. She actually dragged on to this day, and nothing happened.

Chu Liuyue was confused. Breaking through to become a peak stage-seven warrior isn’t very difficult for me. According to my past experience, I can successfully break through in less than a day or so. However, the current situation is progressing in an unknown direction. 

After much thinking, Chu Liuyue still decided to wait patiently and absorbed the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force continuously.

After some time, a tiny ripple finally came from her dantian! Then, a tremendous force surged out from within!

This force had a rather familiar aura.

Chu Liuyue was stunned for a moment and later realized that it was force that came from the Beiming Ancestor!

After she absorbed all that force and it silently entered her water droplet, they stopped making any more commotion. Chu Liuyue had never expected that the force would suddenly surge out at this time!

As it had been refined in the water droplet for a long time, this force had become very pure. It instantly rushed toward Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue was dazed and felt pricks all around her body!

She was taken aback and instantly knew what had happened—this force was going to help her directly break through to become a stage-eight warrior!

After reacting, Chu Liuyue swiftly guided the force immediately. Even though I don’t know why such a situation would happen, the opportunity is rare. Since I can directly break through to become a stage-eight warrior, then… Why don’t I give it a try!? 

With Chu Liuyue’s intentional control, the force—which was originally flowing around chaotically—started entering her Yuan meridian in an orderly manner.

A Tianjing Yuan meridian’s tolerance was much higher than that of a Dijing Yuan meridian, so after the initial pain, Chu Liuyue quickly got used to the impact of such strong force.

During this process, some of the force silently entered her blood and veins.

The force in the water droplet kept flowing out. After all, the force left behind by a legendary warrior couldn’t be underestimated!

Chu Liuyue had never paid much attention to this force when it was previously stored in the water droplet. It was only when she tried to absorb this force that she realized it was absolutely terrifying!

As she kept merging the force with her body, her aura kept strengthening rapidly!

If anyone else were here at this point, they would definitely be shocked by this scene! This was because Chu Liuyue’s force absorption speed was way too shocking at this moment!

Normal cultivators had to make sufficient preparations before they tried to break through to become stage-eight warriors. Strictly speaking, they had to gather sufficient force to break through the stage-eight warrior barrier.

For warriors, the higher the realm they broke through to, the more experience they needed.

In actual fact, the amount of force Chu Liuyue had circulated far exceeded average cultivators!

Chu Liuyue realized this point herself, so she could only urge the force to flow around!

She had long known that the water droplet in her body had to use up more force when it wanted to break through. From the beginner stage to the intermediate stage, and then the intermediate stage to the peak stage… It was at least in the same cultivation realm, and it wasn’t that difficult.

But every time she had to break through to the next cultivation realm, the situation would become very troublesome. Not to mention anything else, but just breaking through to become a stage-seven warrior… She had spent quite a lot of effort.

She didn’t expect the endless force she absorbed at that time would be put to use when she broke through at this moment!


A tiny sound was heard.

The seventh line on the water droplet finally became as bright as the other lines! However, this was only the beginning.

Chu Liuyue held her breath and didn’t dare to relax at all as she kept increasing her strength and urging the force to move around!


A loud sound suddenly could be heard coming from the sky.

Dark clouds gathered, and the winds howled! The sky rapidly turned dark!

Ah Qiong—who was standing guard at the cave entrance—looked up and turned around as if it felt something. Is she… continuously breaking through?! 

At the same time, Elder Shu Yu had heard this commotion from a few mountain peaks away and was extremely shocked.

He knitted his brows slightly. “Why did the sky darken so quickly… No!”

Suddenly, his expression changed. “That kid is about to break through?!”

He went on his toes and immediately flew over to that side! Breaking through in Fiend Park… Is this kid courting death?! 

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