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Chapter 1264: Win and Loss

Once she said this, the guy opposite her had an immediate change in expression.

Jiang Zhiyuan also suddenly recovered her senses, and her heart skipped a beat. Why did I say all of this in public?! Even if I think so in my heart—or perhaps many people think the same way—such words should never come out of my mouth! 

The surroundings immediately fell into silence.

Some of the people standing nearby looked over with various expressions. Their gazes were incredulous.

Jiang Zhiyuan felt as if there were many daggers on her back, and she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it!

Other people could say some words, but she could not! Previously, she had continuously hinted secretly that she was the one who got her lover stolen. Many people didn’t have much understanding of the Sky-Cloud Empire, so most of them believed her and thought that she suffered grievances, so they sympathized and pitied her.

But if she said it out plainly by herself, the nature of the matter would change! Wasn’t this openly telling everyone that she had always thought of the princess consort position being her own?

“I-I didn’t mean it that way…” Jiang Zhiyuan panicked and wanted to explain. But after stuttering for so long, she couldn’t find a reasonable excuse.

The more nervous she got, the more she didn’t know how to save the situation.

“Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan.” At this point, a nonchalant and cold voice sounded, which broke the stiff and frozen atmosphere.

Jiang Zhiyuan immediately turned around and saw that the person talking was a teen around his twenties.

He was wearing a green robe and stood upright with a clear appearance. Just by standing there, he seemed like a watercolor painting.

His eye color was much lighter than that of ordinary people, which made him look more distant.

“You’re… Lin Zhifei?” Jiang Zhiyuan recalled that she had seen this face before. If I haven’t recalled wrongly, this person was the first to get onto the Qing Yun Ranking amongst all the new students. At the same time, he is also the young master of Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Lin family. In the beginning, Chu Liuyue disguised herself and went to the Sky-Cloud Empire with them. 

Thinking of these things, Jiang Zhiyuan felt much hatred. She hated and felt that everything related to that woman was very disgusting!

“Why are you looking for me?” Jiang Zhiyuan’s tone obviously became much colder.

However, Lin Zhifei didn’t seem to care as he smiled slightly. “There’s something. I heard that you’re very outstanding as a Xuan Master, Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan. I would like you to guide me. May I know… if that’s possible?”

So it was because of this. Jiang Zhiyuan sneered in her heart and looked very nonchalant. “Junior Brother Lin, you just got onto the Qing Yun Ranking, and it’s inevitable that you’re ambitious. It’s natural that you want to challenge people, but you must pick the target carefully. There are many Xuan Masters present that can duel with you. You… don’t have to waste your time with me.”

These words sounded polite on the surface, but in actual fact, she was mocking Lin Zhifei for being incapable and not knowing his limits.

Anyone who had a temper would inevitably be angered. But after hearing it, Lin Zhifei had a normal expression as if he didn’t care about it. “Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan, you’re right. Those who are incapable definitely shouldn’t think of challenging those who are way stronger than themselves. If not, they’ll be the ones who will be humiliated in the end.”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s expression changed.

He was clearly scolding her in public! Even if one thought with their toes, they would know that Lin Zhifei was referring to what happened at Sky-Cloud Empire that day!

She had lost to Chu Liuyue consecutively!

“What exactly do you want to say?” Jiang Zhiyuan had lost her patience.

Lin Zhifei smiled. “What I meant to say are those previous words. Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan, did you not hear me clearly?”

He raised his chin slightly, and his gaze gradually became cold and harsh. “I originally wanted to ask you to duel with me, Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan, yet you’re reluctant to agree. But… I don’t think that the difference between you and me is that huge, Senior Sister Jiang.”

“What did you say?” Jiang Zhiyuan was so furious that she laughed. Does this mean that I’m arrogant?! 

“Junior Brother Lin, do you really think that you’re invincible after getting onto the Qing Yun Ranking? Don’t forget that there are a few dozen people in between you and me.”

At this point, this commotion had already attracted quite a few people’s attention.

Most of them felt that Lin Zhifei was arrogant. He was very outstanding, but Jiang Zhiyuan had been in the academy for a few years and was publicly recognized as one of the top warriors. She also held quite a high position on the Qing Yun Ranking.

Yet, he dared to say this… He thought too highly of himself.

But Lin Zhifei seemed to completely disregard the surrounding people’s opinions. He looked at Jiang Zhiyuan and said, “Senior Sister Jiang, if you don’t believe me, you can try.”

This was a very direct challenge—or perhaps, an instigation!

“Are you sure?” Jiang Zhiyuan sized Lin Zhifei up and squinted slightly. “Junior Brother Lin, it’s good that you’re bold, but sometimes… If you don’t know how to restrain yourself, you’ll cause trouble for yourself. Lastly, let me advise you: know your own limits!”

Lin Zhifei glanced at her and smiled without much smiling intent. “Thank you for your teachings, Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan. My courage is nothing much compared to yours.”

He said every word slowly. “After all, you can even say words to twist the truth even in front of so many people… Why wouldn’t I dare to do it?”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart suddenly sank. She tried her best to restrain her urge to be violent as she forcefully smiled and said, “Junior Brother Lin, I don’t really understand what you’re—”

“The Princess Consort was chosen based on a few selections in a contest. That day, you clearly lost from start to end, so I really don’t know how you could say the words ‘the Princess Consort loses to me in all aspects,’ Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan.”

Every word that Lin Zhifei said caused Jiang Zhiyuan’s face to turn a shade lighter. At the very end, her face was completely pale, and her entire body was trembling slightly.

“Y-you!” She opened her mouth but couldn’t say anything to retort him. That was because everything that Lin Zhifei said was true!

She had lost to Chu Liuyue—in more than one aspect too!

Seeing that Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t argue, the surrounding spectators gradually realized something, and they exchanged glances. This…

Most of them weren’t very clear about what happened at the Sky-Cloud Empire. When they occasionally heard some news, most of it came from Jiang Zhiyuan and the rest.

Why does Lin Zhifei’s narrative sound completely different from that of Jiang Zhiyuan? 

“Senior Sister Jiang Zhiyuan, since you’ve lost and can say that you’ve won, then… Even if I lose, there won’t be much of a problem, right?” asked Lin Zhifei. “Why don’t we compete first and see who will win?”

Fiend Park.

The entire place was peaceful.

Elder Shu Yu looked in a certain direction and knitted his brows in confusion. “It has already been a few days. Why hasn’t there been any commotion on Chu Yue’s side?”

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