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Chapter 1253: Defend Him

Chu Liuyue stayed in her own residence anxiously for a while.

In the afternoon, news spread across the academy that Million Wine Mountain would be closed for maintenance for a month.

The students were all very shocked about this. After all, although Million Wine Mountain had restricted opening hours, it was never closed for such a long period of time before.

Everyone partook in heated discussions regarding this and had all sorts of guesses. In actual fact, many elders also didn’t know anything about this.

It was still fine the day before, yet the mountain had to be closed for no rhyme or reason today for an extended period of time. It was indeed strange. However, many elders also knew that Million Wine Mountain wasn’t an ordinary place, so they didn’t ask further.

Although the students felt regretful that they lost a recreational place, they naturally still accepted it as it was only a month. Of course, there wasn’t much meaning even if they objected to it.

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to take a walk outside and go to Million Wine Mountain to find Tuan Zi. After some thinking, she still gave up.

Now, she could only hope that Tuan Zi could safely spend a month at Million Wine Mountain.

After temporarily setting this matter aside, Chu Liuyue started waiting for Rong Xiu to come back and waited for her upcoming punishment at the same time.

She wouldn’t naively think that she could escape this ordeal.

From Elder Bo Yan’s reaction, he was the angriest this time, and he wouldn’t let this slide easily. One had to know that when she took the Chi Xiao Sword the previous time, he didn’t reveal an expression like today.

This showed the importance of Million Wine Mountain! This made Chu Liuyue even more certain that the fountain at the top of Million Wine Mountain definitely hid a giant secret regarding the academy.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t figure out what the academy would do to her. Even though Elder Wan Zheng and Rong Xiu would help her, she instinctively felt that the ending wouldn’t be good.

This wait lasted until evening. However, the person who came back wasn’t Rong Xiu and was instead Elder Wen Xi.

“Chu Yue.” Elder Wen Xi stood outside the barrier and placed his green jade plaque on it as he called Chu Liuyue’s pseudonym.

Chu Liuyue—who had been quietly waiting in the room the entire while—heard this and immediately walked outside.

She saw Elder Wen Xi outside the barrier at first glance.

At this point, he was standing with one hand behind his back as he gazed at her complicatedly.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and she unwittingly slowed down her steps. “Elder Wen Xi, why are you here?”

Elder Wen Xi didn’t speak and just stared at her as if he were investigating something, like he was confused and conflicted. After some time, he then said, “Come out first, and we’ll talk then.”

“Okay,” said Chu Liuyue as she walked out of the barrier and obediently stood in front of Elder Wen Xi.

“Did you get into trouble again?” Elder Wen Xi tried his best to make his voice sound calm, but in actual fact, anyone could hear his suppressed emotions.

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment and nodded.

“Didn’t you just come out from Fengmin Mountain? Huh—why did you get into trouble again!?” Elder Wen Xi held his forehead and didn’t know what to say. I haven’t seen such an expression on Bo Yan in a long time! The more shocking thing is that it even seems to implicate Rong Xiu, Shang Yulin, and Ouyang! 

“You’re really becoming increasingly capable! What exactly did you do to get Bo Yan so angry?”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood that Elder Wen Xi didn’t know about the incident. Even though Elder Bo Yan is furious, he has still chosen to suppress the matter. On the one hand, perhaps it has larger implications. On the other hand, it is to protect the secret of Million Wine Mountain. 

But Chu Liuyue had no way of knowing all of this.

She pressed her lips against each other and carefully asked, “Elder Wen Xi, what’s happening to Rong Xiu and the rest?”

“You still have the mood to ask about them? You can’t even protect yourself!” Elder Wen Xi finally couldn’t help but slap the back of Chu Liuyue’s head.

But considering that the child was still young and that he looked rather pitiful, he didn’t use much force.

Chu Liuyue hissed, held her head, and looked at him pitifully.

Elder Wen Xi’s heart went soft, and he instantly shuddered. Pfft! What’s so pitiful!? This kid knows who is soft-hearted, so he purposely looked at me in that manner—definitely! If he really didn’t do anything, why would Bo Yan react in that manner? It’s a pity that Bo Yan seems bent on sealing the news and only told me to bring Chu Yue over without mentioning why. 

He could only guess in his heart. But after much thinking, he couldn’t figure out what exactly this kid had done to implicate such formidable characters.

Elder Wen Xi suddenly felt a chill run down his spine, and he alertly sized Chu Liuyue up. This kid… Will he also betray me one day? 

“They have their own punishments; you don’t have to care about them. Wan Zheng is now in Dong Huang Clock Tower with Bo Yan, discussing how to punish you. Wan Zheng wants you to be there no matter what, so I was told to bring you over.”

Chu Liuyue felt a slight warmth in her heart. Elder Wan Zheng should know about this already, but he is probably thinking about me as he insisted on this request. 

She nodded. “Thank you, Elder Wen Xi.”

Elder Wen Xi grunted. “Let’s go!”

As the elder that recruited Chu Yue… Although Elder Wen Xi wasn’t the latter’s mentor, he had to take some form of responsibility.

In the beginning, he just felt excited that he had recruited such a rare talent. But now, he vaguely felt that he was tricked.

The longer Chu Yue stayed at the academy, the more obvious this feeling became!

When Elder Wen Xi thought of this, he couldn’t help but sigh. Why do I meet all of the troublemakers? 

When they reached Dong Huang Clock Tower and entered the hall, Chu Liuyue clearly felt that the atmosphere was different from before.

“I’ve brought him over,” said Elder Wen Xi.

Chu Liuyue quickly glanced at him.

In the large hall, Elder Wan Zheng and Elder Bo Yan sat there. Other than that, Rong Xiu and the rest were gone.

She retracted her vision and respectfully bowed. “I’m Chu Yue. Greetings, Elder Bo Yan, Mentor.”

Elder Bo Yan glanced at Elder Wen Xi.

Elder Wen Xi understood what he meant. “You guys can continue talking. I have something on, so I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, he turned around to leave.

When his figure completely disappeared outside the door, Chu Liuyue instantly felt that the atmosphere within the room became nerve-racking!

Even the air started freezing inch by inch.

The two strong gazes landed on her like sharp knives scraping past her!

“Chu Yue, Bo Yan said that you caused trouble at Million Wine Mountain again. Is that true?” asked Elder Wan Zheng with a low voice.

Chu Liuyue honestly nodded. “I’m in the wrong.”

Elder Wan Zheng took a deep breath in.

Elder Bo Yan snorted. “Wan Zheng, he admitted it himself. Do you still want to defend him?”

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