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Chapter 1224: Try

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Rong Xiu walked over first.

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a while, but she still followed him.

Both of them knew that she came here not to see Qing Ming Square, but… the Qing Yun Ranking in Dong Huang Clock Tower!

But at this point, the Qing Yun Ranking was hidden, and one couldn’t see much from the outside. Only its black body that was dark and hidden, solemn and sober.

Walking to the front of Dong Huang Clock Tower, the two of them stood still.

Chu Liuyue looked up. This was originally the position of the heavenly doctor list.

Chu Liuyue still clearly recalled the shock she felt when she first saw the Qing Yun Ranking upon coming to the academy. Although the Qing Yun Ranking wasn’t summoned, she had a completely different feeling when she saw it again at this moment.

She looked up at the highest point. She… couldn’t see anything strange there, but her name was sealed there!

“It seems like the news of Senior Brother Rong Xiu personally teaching Chu Yue is true!”

“What are they doing here at this time? Do they want to see the Qing Yun Ranking? But without the elders summoning it, the board won’t appear! Why are they looking at the dark board?”

“Heh, what’s so important about that!? Everyone in the entire academy knows that Senior Brother Rong Xiu is top on two of the Qing Yun Ranking lists. Even if the Qing Yun Ranking isn’t here, it’s an indisputable truth! Perhaps… Senior Brother Rong Xiu wants to motivate Chu Yue?”

“Ah! I really want to see the Qing Yun Ranking with Senior Brother Rong Xiu as well! I want to be guided by Senior Brother Rong Xiu!”

“You? We can talk when you’re as talented as Chu Yue! Haha!”

“Hmph, that Chu Yue is pretty talented, but he isn’t at a stage where people should worship him! If I work hard, I might not lose to him! I really don’t know what Senior Brother Rong Xiu sees in him…”

Outside Qing Ming Square, quite a few people partook in heated discussions.

Rong Xiu didn’t really return to the academy all these years, and when he did appear, he accompanied the elders. The scene of him appearing with a normal student had never been seen before. Besides, this person was a student who had just come to the academy two months ago.

This scene was indeed too strange, causing one to be shocked and inevitably causing people to discuss it.

These voices traveled to Chu Liuyue’s ears, but at this point, she didn’t want to care about them.

At the bottom of her heart, there seemed to be something urging her. She took a deep breath in, raised her hand, and reached forward.

Rong Xiu squinted his phoenix eyes slightly but did not stop her.

In this manner, Chu Liuyue’s hand finally touched the cold and heavy board.


A ripple was heard from her dantian—it came from that black pyramid!

Chu Liuyue’s heart beat even faster as all her blood rushed up! At the same time, the board beneath her palm seemed to be summoned as well!

An extremely familiar strength entered Chu Liuyue’s palm from within!

That… was her strength! It was a connection that only those who had their names engraved on the Qing Yun Ranking would have!

The crystallized faint light suddenly seeped out from her finger cracks!

Chu Liuyue was shocked.

Before she could react, Rong Xiu took a step forward and placed his hand on the board. He was only a few inches away from Chu Liuyue’s hand!

The next moment, the light beneath Chu Liuyue’s palm rapidly disappeared!

That ripple was covered by an even greater strength!

Almost at the same time, a gray figure suddenly flew out of Dong Huang Clock Tower—it was Elder Bo Yan!

“Who summoned the Qing Yun Ranking?!” A deep voice reverberated throughout the square!

The surrounding crowd felt their hearts shake as they instinctively took a few steps back!

Chu Liuyue was also affected by the tremendous strength as the blood in her body started coursing around rapidly, going straight for her heart! At the same time, there seemed to be something very heavy weighing down her heart!

Rong Xiu waved his sleeves, and an invisible ripple spread, covering the shocking suppression.

Chu Liuyue then heaved a sigh of relief. Almost instinctively, she retracted her hand!

Elder Bo Yan quickly landed beside the two of them.

Rong Xiu turned around, took a step forward, and silently hid Chu Liuyue behind him. “Greetings, Elder Bo Yan.”

“Rong Xiu?” Elder Bo Yan looked surprised. “Why are you here—Chu Yue?”

Actually, when he heard Rong Xiu’s voice, he had already identified the latter. However, Elder Bo Yan didn’t expect Chu Yue to be standing beside him. Seeing their appearance, they seem to have arrived here not long ago. 

“You… did that just now?” Elder Bo Yan stood with one hand behind his back and glanced at Dong Huang Clock Tower.

The Qing Yun Ranking didn’t appear, and the faint ripple had disappeared. If it weren’t because he was coincidentally in Dong Huang Clock Tower, it would’ve been really hard for him to detect the slight change.

Rong Xiu nodded. “It’s me.”

Elder Bo Yan walked over. “Why did you suddenly do such a thing for no reason?”

Normally, only the director could summon the Qing Yun Ranking. Now that the director wasn’t around, he temporarily took over this task.

But in actual fact, a few other people could do this besides him. Rong Xiu—who had taken two number one positions on four Qing Yun Ranking lists—was one of them.

Rong Xiu curled his thin lips and smiled faintly. “I just wanted to bring Junior Brother Chu Yue over to take a look.”

It seems like he wants to use himself to motivate Chu Yue? Elder Bo Yan thought to himself. Although it sounds weird, it isn’t surprising that Rong Xiu would do such a thing, given that he previously said that he wanted to take good care of Chu Yue.

“Oh? It seems like you do have high hopes for Chu Yue! If I haven’t remembered wrongly, he only came out of Fengmin Mountain today, right? I didn’t expect you to bring him here directly.”

It was already the end of the month, and it was only a few days away from the beginning of the next month. At that time, without Rong Xiu taking the initiative, Elder Bo Yan would also summon the Qing Yun Ranking.

As if seeing through his thoughts, Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly. “It’s quieter this way.”

Elder Bo Yan couldn’t refute him.

If it were someone else who said this, it might seem like they were arrogant and ill-disciplined. But when this person was Rong Xiu, everything seemed to make sense. After all, he did have the skills to say such words.

“That’s true.” Elder Bo Yan nodded and sized Chu Liuyue up carefully again.

Speaking of which, this was his first time observing Chu Yue at such a close distance. Although he had seen the latter before, he hadn’t taken a good look at the teen.

The young man looked clean and pure, and he acted magnanimously. Just based on his looks alone, nobody would’ve guessed that he had the guts to cause so much trouble.

“Chu Yue, Rong Xiu thinks highly of you. You must work hard and cultivate. Don’t let him down!” As Elder Bo Yan spoke, he raised his chin and said with much interest, “I heard Wan Zheng say that you can already produce ninth-grade pills. Why don’t you try and see if you can get onto the Qing Yun Ranking?”

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