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Chapter 1217: Bring Junior Brother Along

The Qing Yun Ranking’s movements attracted quite a few people’s attention. When they saw Wei Xiping’s name disappear, everyone was taken aback.

“What happened? Why did Senior Brother Wei Xiping’s name disappear?”

“Only the director and Elder Bo Yan can summon the Qing Yun Ranking. What’s… going on?”

“Ah, did Elder Bo Yan want to erase Wei Xiping’s name—like the number one person on the heavenly doctor list…”

“It’s not the same. That name was just covered by the director using some special means, but it didn’t actually disappear. However, this… Look quickly—the ones below all rose by one rank!”

“…This means that Elder Bo Yan has completely removed Wei Xiping from the Qing Yun Ranking. This situation will only happen for one reason: Wei Xiping has been expelled?!”

A tone rippled thousands of waves!

Even though they didn’t talk about it openly, many students in the academy could directly infer what had happened. This was also the reason why everyone was especially stunned.

A student being expelled from Ling Xiao Academy was actually not something rare. During the monthly assessment, those who continuously failed would meet with such a situation. But all those people were expelled because they weren’t good enough and couldn’t adjust to the academy’s rhythm and environment.

However, Wei Xiping was different. He was a very famous and talented student in the academy. Of the four Qing Yun Ranking lists, he was on two and in the top ten for both! Such talent and results were amazing, so it caused such an uproar when his name disappeared from the Qing Yun Ranking.

Outside the square, countless people saw this scene and partook in heated discussions.

“I haven’t seen such a scene in a while,” said Elder Bo Yan suddenly. “The last time was because her name was suddenly erased by the director.”

The commotion caused back then was even worse than the current one. After all, she was number one on the Qing Yun Ranking.

Her every movement and action attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Elder Bo Yan sighed deeply. “I wonder… where she is now and how she’s doing.”

It was as if she suddenly disappeared as her traces never appeared within the God Residence Realm again.

Rong Xiu looked at the Qing Yun Ranking and faintly said, “Perhaps… she changed to a different identity.”

Elder Bo Yan looked down, and his old fingers gently swiped across the page as if he wanted to flip it. But eventually, he still stopped his actions.

He took a deep breath and closed the book. “Maybe!”

He sighed deeply. “But that child… Hiding her name and changing her identity doesn’t seem like something she would do…”

That person always causes trouble. It’s hard to imagine her staying around peacefully. 

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly. That’s true. Even if she has changed her appearance and even lost relevant memories, her behavior is still the same as before. 

“Oh right, there’s something I want to ask permission for,” Rong Xiu turned around and said. “I want to bring Chu Yue around for a while.”

“Bring him around?” Elder Bo Yan was rather shocked. “You want to accept him as your disciple? But your mentor hasn’t been in recently, and…”

Rong Xiu coughed. “Chu Yue has his own mentor, so there’s no need to trouble him to be under the same mentor as me. However, he’s rather playful and frequently gets into trouble, so I want to bring him around during this period and teach him the rules. If not, he’ll just impulsively cause trouble again like this time.”

“Oh?” Elder Bo Yan’s gaze suddenly turned strange. “Are you sure?”

Rong Xiu’s personality is very cold, and he hates all kinds of trouble the most. But this time, he actually took the initiative and wanted to bring Chu Yue around. This is rare—it is akin to the sun rising from the west! 

“Rong Xiu, what relationship do you and that kid exactly have for you to be so concerned about him?” Elder Bo Yan’s interest was piqued, and he couldn’t help but ask. Those who don’t know might even think that Chu Yue is his younger brother! No, according to Rong Xiu’s temper, he might not even treat his biological younger brother in this manner. How strange! 

“We go way back, and he did save me this time. Besides… If it weren’t because I had taught him those nonsensical things before, he wouldn’t have gotten into such huge trouble. I should teach him properly now.” Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up slightly, and he had a faint smile.

Elder Bo Yan felt his heart itch as he couldn’t find anything out, but he also knew that if Rong Xiu didn’t want to say it, nobody could pry his mouth open. Hence, he swiftly gave up. “Since you’ve already said so, I have no reasons to object to it! When he comes out from Fengmin Mountain, he’ll go to your place to learn!”

Rong Xiu nodded, paused for a moment, and said rather unintentionally, “His place is rather far from mine, and it’ll waste quite a bit of time to travel back and forth every day. Coincidentally, I have a few empty rooms on my side, so I’ll let him stay there.”

“Up to you!” Elder Bo Yan was used to his strange behavior, so he waved his hands. Anyway, the two of them have known each other for a long time. Rong Xiu even took the initiative to say that he would teach Chu Yue, so what does this count for? 

“That kid has a bright future. You must teach him properly!”

Rong Xiu smiled with a deep meaning. “Definitely.”

Seven-story pagoda, Fengmin Mountain.

Chu Liuyue sat down cross-legged in the weird room. The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force rhythmically entered her body according to her breathing.

She could clearly feel the force flowing through her limbs and bones. A portion of it immersed into her muscles and silently increased her physical strength. The remaining portion gathered in the water droplet in her dantian.

The lines on the surrounding walls also moved around Chu Liuyue in a special rhythm.

After a long while, that old voice sounded again. “One month is up. Kid, come out!”

Everything rapidly returned to normal!

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes slowly, and a sharp and cold gleam flashed across her eyes!

She then stretched her body, and cracks could be heard from her body. “This place is indeed extraordinary…”

She had only stayed here for a month, but she faintly felt that she was about to break through again. According to the normal process, even if she had a Tianjing Yuan meridian, she would still need roughly three months to break through and become a peak stage-seven warrior from an intermediate one.

Cultivating here was two or three times faster than outside!

She had greatly benefitted this time. The more important thing was that she had recalled many things.

It was a pity that the black pagoda didn’t move much after she recalled the medicinal garden. Afterward, she didn’t remember any other content.

Perhaps… I’ll recall more matters when I break through again. Chu Liuyue collected her thoughts, briefly tidied up, and prepared to go out.

When she walked to the door, she turned around and took a look.

The familiar and longing feeling overwhelmed her again. This time, it was obviously more intense than the first time.

Her gaze flickered slightly before she turned around to leave.

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