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Chapter 1213: She Went Before!

It was a cliff, and there was an octagonal pavilion on the cliff.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly. She was very familiar with this scene because she had seen it more than once!

She still remembered that she had once played chess with Rong Xiu here. This was also the place where the two of them agreed to wait for her to go back to Tianling and discuss the marriage with her father.

However, Chu Liuyue quickly discovered that the scene this time was much clearer than before. The more important point was that she finally saw the scenery around the mountain!

She seemed to be standing in the octagonal pavilion again.

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings and saw many mountains with lush greenery. Below the cliff was an emerald-blue lake that flowed around.

She vaguely found the place familiar as if she had seen it before. Then, she walked to the edge of the octagonal pavilion and looked in another direction.

Suddenly, her movements stiffened as her heart beat crazily when she saw the distant scene.

It was a lake that surrounded a group of mountains. For some reason, the lake didn’t look low and seemed to be on the same ground as the middle of those mountains.

As the mountain peak she was located was higher, the varying heights of the mountains before her didn’t affect her vision. This allowed her to see the lake and its surroundings very clearly.

Bright sunlight shone down on the lake, reflecting the water surface.

Above it were pinkish translucent flowers blooming. They floated quietly on the water surface as they swayed with the movement of the lake. Some branches spread out and waved even more animatedly with the wind.

Beside the lake were other types of herbs that looked very healthy. They were clearly taken good care of.

The light mist surrounded everywhere, causing the scene to look more fairy-like.

Everything was as beautiful as a paradise.

Chu Liuyue opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say at that moment as her heart plunged into deep shock. The moment she saw this scene, she knew that it was the medicinal garden!

So it looks like this… So if one stands here, they can see such a scene if they look up! Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings again, suddenly recalling that this mountain peak was in the middle of this academy.

This was the region that connected the Xuan Master area and the heavenly doctor area. The straight-line distance wasn’t very far away from Medicinal Valley, but due to the land formations, one had to walk a huge round to get to that area.

Most people had to take that round, but she wouldn’t. This was because… She had been to that medicinal garden!

Dong Huang Clock Tower.

Jin Minyao’s sudden suggestion caused the entire room to fall into a deadly silence.

Silently, a murderous cold intent spread.

Everyone present was strong warriors, and they naturally could swiftly feel that the murderous intent’s source was… Rong Xiu!

His expression didn’t change much, but people felt fear for some reason.

“Sect Leader Jin.” Rong Xiu spoke in an extremely cold voice that was even colder than his usual tone. “Jin Lei deserved to die. If you continue to make a scene… I’ll wait for you at the Sky-Cloud Empire any time!”

Jin Minyao was stunned before he realized the severity of the matter. What does Rong Xiu mean? 

The corner of his lips twitched. “Rong Xiu, are you challenging me? For someone who doesn’t matter?” I’ve already made it very clear earlier that as long as they hand over that person, I will let the matter slide. But seeing Rong Xiu’s reaction… It seems like he is bent on protecting that person! 

Jin Minyao looked curious. “Interesting… I wonder who that person is. How can he have the Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace protect him to this extent?”

Rong Xiu’s thin lips curled up slightly into a cold smile. “He’s someone you definitely can’t offend.”

“You—” Jin Minyao’s expression changed. But seeing Rong Xiu’s cold and stern gaze that didn’t seem like he was lying, he couldn’t help but hesitate.

Elder Bo Yan also took a step forward at this moment, and his suppression spread! “Sect Leader Jin, do you still want to continue talking about this?”

The warning intent was obvious!

Jin Minyao knitted his brows. This is Ling Xiao Academy’s territory, and I came alone. If we really fight, I’m not these people’s match! 

After much thinking, he decided to give in. “Okay, okay! Since you’ve decided to protect him to the end, then… I’ll let him off this time, but I’ll definitely find out that person’s identity! If he meets me…”

He scoffed coldly. “It’ll be time for him to pay everything back!”

Then, he whipped his sleeves harshly and walked toward the door in big strides.

“Sect Leader Jin.” Rong Xiu suddenly called him.

Jin Minyao stood still and turned around in frustration, yet he saw an extremely faint smile appearing on Rong Xiu’s face.

“You can try all you want.”

Jin Minyao left furiously.

The crowd in the hall felt exhilarated as they shot Rong Xiu increasingly comforted and admiring gazes.

Elder Bo Yan glanced at Rong Xiu and was hesitant with his words. Actually, I really want to ask what Rong Xiu’s relationship with Chu Yue is. Brothers? Rong Xiu’s mother only had him, and she passed on not long later. His mother’s clan also doesn’t seem to have any other descendants either. 

Friend? But they seem much closer than that… At the very least, I have never seen Rong Xiu get angry because of someone else. As long as it is related to Chu Yue, he will easily be affected emotionally. This is quite weird. 

Friend-like mentor? That seems closer to the truth. If not, Rong Xiu wouldn’t have taught Chu Yue how to activate the academy’s barrier. 

After much thinking, Elder Bo Yan arrived at a conclusion: The two of them must be more compatible.

Rong Xiu had a personality that made it hard for outsiders to get close to him. But when he was with Chu Yue, he seemed especially relaxed as he let his guard down.

Given that Chu Yue willingly risked his life to save Rong Xiu, the two of them must have a deep relationship. Elder Bo Yan didn’t ask in the end.

The crowd quickly left on their own.

Rong Xiu returned to his residence once again.

In the blink of an eye, it was the beginning of the month.

The monthly assessment was held as usual. Like before, a few new students were recruited, and the old students continued to take their assessments.

After a month, Luo Shishi and the rest had basically adjusted to life at the academy, and they all achieved decent results in the assessment. But because Chu Liuyue didn’t appear for a long time, the few of them weren’t too happy.

“Sigh, if only Chu Yue was here!” Zhuo Sheng stroked his chin and said regretfully, “Without him, I just feel that something is off. Originally, I wanted to see what he’d achieve in this month’s assessment!”

Too many things had happened in the past month. Now, they all knew very clearly that the kid had hidden his true abilities previously.

They originally wanted to take this chance to ask him properly, but it was a pity that he was locked up at Fengmin Mountain again!

“I heard that Fengmin Mountain’s environment is terrible and that the punishment is harsh. I wonder how he is doing…” muttered Luo Shishi.

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