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Chapter 1212: Recall

Elder Bo Yan suppressed his anger and explained, “Sect Leader Jin, I’ve already told you clearly that Ling Xiao Academy isn’t in the wrong for this issue. If you want to blame somebody, you can only blame your disciple for being too greedy!”

“Logically speaking, that Yuan instrument belongs to my Ling Xiao Academy. But as it descended at Ancient Feather Abyss and there were many people who wanted to snatch it, we didn’t say much and just fought for it fairly. However, Jin Lei still relentlessly chased us after we got the item, even coming all the way to Fangzhou City!”

A hint of anger surfaced on Elder Bo Yan’s face, and he raised his voice. “Sect Leader Jin, I believe I don’t have to explain further what Fangzhou City is, right? He caused havoc all the way to our territory. Are we supposed to be polite all the way?!”

Jin Minyao snorted coldly. “Even so, you could just punish him. Why must you do it so harshly!?”

“How are we harsh? It was clearly Jin Lei who sought his own death!” Elder Bo Yan was so furious that he laughed. “From start to end, he single-handedly requested for the alliance with the other clans to go against Ling Xiao Academy! In the end, he saw that he was on the losing end and tried to hold my academy’s disciple hostage! He even risked everything and burned his bloodline power to snatch the Yuan instrument!”

Hearing this, shock flashed across Jin Minyao’s face. He clearly hadn’t known beforehand that Jin Lei had used such harsh methods to snatch the treasure, even risking his own life on the line!

“Even if we didn’t kill him, he wouldn’t have survived!” Elder Bo Yan said rudely.

Jin Minyao was stumped. After a momentary pause, he defended his disciple. “He was in the wrong at first, but he didn’t have to die for it. Now, he has died in Fangzhou alone. At the very least, I have to bring his corpse back! If not, how do I explain it to everyone else?! Also, I must have the person who killed my disciple! An eye for an eye!”

At this moment, the other elders present couldn’t continue listening. But before they could speak, they heard a voice come from outside the door. “I killed Jin Lei.”

This voice was cold and elegant with a hint of unparalleled pride, causing one to be unwittingly nervous.

The crowd turned around.

A large and tall figure stood before the crowd.

Elder Bo Yan asked, “Rong Xiu, why are you here?”

Jin Minyao was first stunned before he squinted his eyes dangerously. “Sky-Cloud Empire… Rong Xiu?”

“This incident is related to me, so I naturally need to be here.” Rong Xiu shot Elder Bo Yan a reassuring gaze before he walked in.

He walked to the innermost seat and sat opposite Jin Minyao. “Jin Lei tried to kill me, so it’s reasonable that I defended myself and killed him instead. What, Sect Leader Jin… are you thinking of taking revenge?”

Jin Minyao’s face turned ugly. I only knew that Jin Lei was killed in Fangzhou City, but nobody knew the details. I originally thought that it was some elder from Ling Xiao Academy, but who would’ve thought the culprit was Rong Xiu?! 

Honestly, he would rather offend an elder from Ling Xiao Academy than be Rong Xiu’s enemy. This was because Rong Xiu… was a ruthless character!

Rong Xiu had no background at all and was bullied by everyone, but he still held it in and ascended to the His Grace position years later, even controlling the entire Sky-Cloud Empire…

Just this alone proved what kind of person he was!

Besides, although Ling Xiao Academy had a deep foundation and great power, it was still an academy. When it met with incidents, it had a lot of restrictions and boundaries. In extreme scenarios, Ling Xiao Academy would always choose to use a gentler method to solve the problem. This was also one of the reasons why he dared to come up to them directly.

However, the Sky-Cloud Empire was different! After Rong Xiu ascended the throne all these years, he made a lot of moves, and the soldiers under him were very strong.

Jin Minyao knew without a doubt that with Rong Xiu’s single command, the entire Sky-Cloud Empire would become a sharp sword of his! He could manipulate them as he wished!

Jin Minyao took a deep breath in. “Rong Xiu, I know that you’re capable, but how can you not show any form of remorse for killing my disciple?”

Rong Xiu stood with one hand behind his back and looked very calm. His thin lips curled up slightly, but he didn’t have much smiling intent in his cold eyes. “So what if I killed him?”

He didn’t explain further, only leaving this sentence behind.

“Oh. As for his corpse, Sect Leader Jin, you don’t have to think about it. When he died in my hands, his corpse wasn’t left behind,” said Rong Xiu nonchalantly.

Jin Minyao finally couldn’t hold himself back as he harshly slammed the table and stood up! “Rong Xiu, don’t be too much of a bully!”

Rong Xiu glanced at him with an extremely cold gaze.

Elder Bo Yan also stepped forward and scolded, “Sect Leader Jin, don’t forget what place this is!”

Even though they didn’t want to fall out with the Golden Wings Sect completely, there was nothing much to say if the other party continuously pushed their bottom line!

Jin Minyao suppressed his anger and changed his tone. “The person who snatched the Yuan instrument with Jin Lei isn’t here, right?”

Rong Xiu squinted his eyes dangerously.

Elder Bo Yan and the rest were collectively stunned.

Jin Minyao coldly laughed. “Although I wasn’t present back then, I’m not completely ignorant. I know some things very clearly! The reason why Jin Lei died in the end is largely due to the person snatching the Yuan instrument from him at the very last moment! If it weren’t for that person, Jin Lei wouldn’t need to burn his bloodline power, and the remaining things wouldn’t have happened!”

His dark gaze scanned across the crowd. “As long as you hand that person over, I’ll let this matter rest!”

Fengmin Mountain.

Time slowly trickled past.

Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged and completely focused on her cultivation.

The surrounding force kept entering her body, and her aura continuously strengthened.

This time, she could clearly feel that her cultivation state here was different from outside.

The force here seemed endless, and it had a strange connection to her body. Not only could the force rapidly enter her body, but it could even smoothly flow to her limbs and combine with her strength.

Of course, this force ultimately gathered in her dantian.

The water droplet floated quietly, and the seven lines became increasingly bright.

Here, Chu Liuyue almost forgot about time.

When she focused on cultivating, the lines on the four walls started moving again in a strange rhythmic way that followed Chu Liuyue’s breathing.

The accumulated strength within her body increased. At some point, a crisp breaking sound was suddenly heard!

Chu Liuyue was stunned and later shockingly discovered that the sound came from the black pagoda!

Perhaps it was because the force kept flowing around repeatedly, causing it to break silently!

Seeing the fourth crack that suddenly appeared, a scene instantly appeared in Chu Liuyue’s mind!

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