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Chapter 1211: Explanation

Seven-story pagoda, Fengmin Mountain.

After a temporary silence, that voice finally rang again. “Since you’ve already decided, just go in.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled. He didn’t let me choose again this time. 

She smiled, thanked him, and walked toward that door.

The moment she put her hand on the door, that person suddenly asked, “You came here on purpose this time?”

A ray of faint light quickly flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes that were looking down slightly. When she looked up again, they were completely calm.

“What do you mean, Elder?” she asked strangely with a face filled with confusion.

After a pause, that voice sounded. “Nothing, go ahead.”

The tone was calm.

Chu Liuyue nodded and didn’t ask further as she pushed open the door and entered.


The door closed, and the hall recovered its initial silence.

After a long while, a faint voice sounded. “I must be old and foolish…”

This incident was just an accident. If this kid really has the ability to plan such a huge operation, it would be too shocking. I must be thinking too much. However, Chu Yue does seem rather fated with that person… Choosing it once might be out of chance, while twice might be coincidental. Then… What about the third time? 

“Perhaps I should check on the child’s background…”

Chu Liuyue didn’t know about what was going on outside, but at this time, she couldn’t be bothered to deal with it. This was because she only wanted to stay at this place and properly cultivate!

Looking at the messy lines on the four walls, Chu Liuyue felt very close to them for some reason. It was clearly only her second time here and there were only a few days in between, but she felt like she had reunited with them after a long while.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath. The surrounding force silently came up and surrounded her as if it had missed her for a long time.

Chu Liuyue was slightly dazed, and something seemed to flash across her heart at that moment. However, this feeling quickly disappeared. Before she could clearly capture what it was, it had already disappeared.

She flung her head, trying to wake herself up, before she sat cross-legged and directly started cultivating.

The moment she closed her eyes to focus and circulate her bodily force, the surrounding force fought to enter her body!

Chu Liuyue’s aura started strengthening at an incredible speed!

“Sigh…” Elder Wan Zheng sighed again.

At the side, Elder Hua Feng couldn’t continue listening, and he couldn’t help but say, “Wan Zheng, you’ve been sighing here ever since you came back from there. Can you not do this anymore? I’m frustrated just from listening to you!”

Elder Wan Zheng looked up and glanced at him lazily. “Sigh… What do you know? Your disciple isn’t locked up.”

“…Wan Zheng, if you continue talking in such a manner, there’s no need for us to talk anymore!” Elder Hua Feng acted as if he were going to leave. I can’t argue with someone like this! At this point, he still doesn’t forget to flaunt! 

“No matter what, Chu Yue is already locked up. Do you think you can convince Bo Yan to release him?”

Elder Wan Zheng didn’t accept his words as he grunted. “One month… Do you know how much I can teach him in a month?!”

Such a good talent is delayed just like that! 

“What else can you do? Things have already ended up in this state!” Elder Hua Feng stroked his beard. “However, I think you shouldn’t sigh like this. Can’t you look at the positive side? Upon deeper thought, that kid didn’t lose out! Supreme Yuan instrument… Do you think everyone has a chance to get one?”

Even they didn’t have such a treasure!

“That’s true!” When this was mentioned, Elder Wan Zheng finally looked elated. “He was originally very talented. With this, it’s like adding wings to a tiger!”

“It is a good thing, but you shouldn’t be happy too early.” Elder Hua Feng shook his head. “It’s a crime to hold a precious item. With such a treasure, Chu Yue might be the target of jealousy.”

Originally, this item should be the academy’s. In the end, it became Chu Yue’s because of some twist of fate. It was fine if the students didn’t know, but… Not all of the elders were convinced.

“Although he’ll suffer when he’s locked up at Fengmin Mountain, he’s safe at the very least. But when he comes out…”Elder Hua Feng revealed looks of worry.

Upon hearing this, Elder Wan Zheng suddenly laughed. “Haha, don’t worry! All of these aren’t problems! That kid… has a backer!”

“Oh? It seems like this kid has an extraordinary background? I knew it! With his aura and movements, he didn’t seem like a kid from an ordinary family—”

“No, no, I don’t know his family background.” Elder Wan Zheng smiled and shook his head. He said mysteriously, “I only know that even if he gets into more severe trouble, he won’t have to worry about his life.”

Someone would definitely protect him till the end!

Elder Hua Feng was confused for once, and his expression turned stern. “You mean—”

Elder Wan Zheng chuckled, but he didn’t want to reveal it further. “I can’t talk about this, but all you need to know is that although the kid seems gentle and harmless with not much background, in actual fact… Heh, he’s a true steel board! Whoever causes him trouble… tsk!”

They’d just be courting their own death! 

The news of Chu Liuyue being locked up at Fengmin Mountain quickly spread around the academy.

The crowd had varied reactions. Some were worried, and others gloated.

Even the people who initially disregarded this name started to view him in a different light. This new student is such a troublemaker, which also proves his uniqueness in another area, right? If he doesn’t have true abilities, how could he survive that intense battle? Besides, rumor has it that he blocked an attack for Rong Xiu. 

Additionally, he beat Liu Zi’an, a stage-eight warrior, with his stage-seven warrior skills. Everything proves that this new student has more potential than everyone else previously predicted! 

But no matter what, Chu Liuyue’s name had finally risen in the academy after this incident! Everybody was familiar with the name ‘Chu Yue,’ and it became a common topic for a period of time.

However, this situation didn’t last for long because an incident worthy of more concern took place—Golden Wings Sect’s leader Jin Minyao came to the academy personally.

Hall on the third floor of Dong Huang Clock Tower.

The situation was tense.

Two rows of chairs were placed within the hall.

Elder Bo Yan was sitting on the first seat on the right, while the other academy elders sat on the other seats respectively. Sitting opposite him was a muscular middle-aged man.

He had a squarish face with a black mustache. He wore a dark gown and sat upright with a harsh aura! This person was exactly the Golden Wings Sect leader, Jin Minyao!

His face darkened as he questioned, “This means that the academy isn’t planning on giving an explanation for my beloved disciple’s death?”

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