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Chapter 1210: Originally Hers

The two of them faced each other, and there was a moment of silence. Then, Rong Xiu smiled and said nonchalantly, “Dancing Lotuses are indeed very rare herbs in Ling Xiao Academy, but it’s much easier to obtain them in the God Residence Realm. Many aristocratic families with long years of history even specifically employ people to plant it. With Ling Xiao Academy’s million-year-long history, it’s nothing much for them to have this.”

He voiced the entire explanation in a calm and composed manner, with a hint of power that made one unwittingly convinced.

“There are only a few in Medicinal Valley as Medicinal Valley is huge and has all kinds of herbs. The elders in charge of it have to look after all of the herbs, so they naturally wouldn’t focus all their energy on one type of herb. After all, there are more precious herbs in Medicinal Valley.”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. That makes sense… 

“Although Dancing Lotuses are good, they’re very picky with their environment and require long-term meticulous care… Therefore, they expend one’s energy and patience very much.”

As she shrugged her shoulders, she muttered, “That person must like Dancing Lotuses very much to have so many of them…”

Rong Xiu paused, smiled, and asked, “Don’t you like them?”

“Of course!” Chu Liuyue nodded. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have paid special attention to it. 

“If only I had the chance to go in and take a look, but… I don’t think that’s very possible,” Chu Liuyue said regretfully. Firstly, that medicinal garden is someone else’s private property. Besides, that person is no longer in the academy. Most importantly, that person seems to be someone nobody can bring up in the academy from all aspects. Thus, it would be even more difficult to go to her medicinal garden. 

“Forget it. I’ll go in first!” Chu Liuyue retracted her thoughts, waved toward Rong Xiu, and walked to Fengmin Mountain.

She retrieved her black jade plaque and threw it out.


The black jade plaque touched the barrier and caused a tiny ripple. Then, an opening slowly formed!

Chu Liuyue walked in.

When her figure completely disappeared into the barrier, Rong Xiu stood in mid-air for quite some time before he softly spoke as if he were muttering to himself. “…There will naturally be that day.”

Those were originally planted for you. 

Then, he finally turned around and left.

“You again.” The moment Chu Liuyue stood before the pagoda, she heard a familiar old voice.

Chu Liuyue had an ‘awkward’ smile for once as she hid it by coughing. She cupped her fists and bowed respectfully. “I’m Chu Yue. Greetings, Elder. I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?”

“You only left ten days ago. How is that considered not seeing me in a while?” The other party spoke in a very direct manner with a hint of contempt.

Chu Liuyue: “…Elder, you’re right.”

“Come in!”

Chu Liuyue thanked him again before she pushed the door open and entered.

Everything inside the hall was the same as when she left. Of course, it was rather normal as there was only a ten-day interval in between.

The door automatically closed behind her.

Seven doors glowed faintly and floated quietly in front of her.

“Bo Yan has already told me about you. You really know how to cause trouble. How many days have you been obedient before you came back?”

Chu Liuyue lowered her head slightly and looked as if she were admitting to her mistakes. “You’re right. It’s all my fault.”

Perhaps it was because the other party saw that she had a good repentant attitude, but the elder didn’t continuously interrogate her. “Okay, there’s not much use talking about this. If you’ve really repented, you must show it through your actions.”

Chu Liuyue obediently said, “Yes, I will.”

“It’s the same process as before. Choose!” The other party talked for a while before quickly jumping into the real agenda.

Chu Liuyue then looked up at the seven doors before her, and her gaze swept past all the doors.

All the doors were completely the same from the outside—even the aura and suppression they exuded were the same. However, there seemed to be something attracting her vaguely.

She raised her hand and pointed to the third door on the left. “I’ll choose this.”

The hall was silent, but the air seemed to have frozen.

Even if that feeling passed after a moment, Chu Liuyue still felt it sharply. At that moment, she was sure that she had chosen the same one as before!

As expected, a low and slightly doubtful voice sounded beside her ear. “Are you sure?”

Chu Liuyue suppressed her overwhelming emotions as she said calmly, “Yes.”

After sending Chu Liuyue to Fengmin Mountain, Rong Xiu returned to his residence.

Different from ordinary students, he lived alone on a mountain.

His treatment was the same as the academy elders. Of course, nobody had any objections to it. If anyone else could have the same talent and capabilities as him, they would be treated in the same manner.

Before he walked to the door, Rong Xiu seemed to have noticed something as he stopped in his tracks. He calmly glanced at the room in front of him before walking in.

Returning to the room, he turned around, closed the door, and walked right in.

Dugu Mobao appeared here at some point in time.

“Senior.” Rong Xiu cupped his fists and bowed.

Dugu Mobao looked at him coldly. “She’s being locked up at Fengmin Mountain again?”

Rong Xiu nodded. “One month.”

“Hmph.” Dugu Mobao’s face turned even colder. “You have a big heart. You just let her go like that.”

Rong Xiu looked up slightly, and there seemed to be a faint light flashing across his deep eyes. He smiled slightly and said softly, “That’s… originally somewhere she wants to go.”

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