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Chapter 1208: Extreme Welcome

Yes, she didn’t care how the elders would punish Chu Yue at the end, and she didn’t care about the intense battle’s situation. She only cared about one thing: As a stage-seven warrior, how did Chu Yue get out?! 

One had to know that Elder Bo Yan previously instructed them not to worry and that they should just wait patiently because the elders would naturally solve the problems. Then, he strengthened control over the academy barrier, killing all possibilities of people wanting to go out secretly. However, Chu Yue actually went out under such circumstances, and he had even blocked an attack for Rong Xiu?

The matter was extremely weird from start to end, which caused Jiang Zhiyuan to be shocked and doubtful!

“Perhaps he secretly snuck out with some elder?” Liang Xiaoxiao—who was standing at the side—said with some uncertainty.

Jiang Zhiyuan pulled at her lips. “Do you think that the elders won’t discover it if he really did that?”

Liang Xiaoxiao was stumped. “Then, what else can he do? He’s only an intermediate stage-seven warrior, right? Even if his actual combat power is a little stronger than his cultivation level, it won’t be so much that he can cross through the barrier alone, right? We can’t even do that, let alone him!”

Jiang Zhiyuan furrowed her brows tightly. This is the point I found strangest. The only plausible explanation now is that Chu Yue forcefully passed through the barrier in the chaos. But for some reason, the elders didn’t discover him in time to bring him back. 

Normally speaking, anyone who passes through the barrier without permission will immediately attract the elders’ attention. Yet, Chu Yue succeeded and even helped Rong Xiu in the chaotic battle! It’s a pity that I didn’t see the process myself. 

“Forget it. There’s no use for us to think so much! If he really has made a mistake, the elders will punish him.” Liang Xiaoxiao didn’t think that this issue was a matter of concern. “Won’t we know what happened when Chu Yue comes out?”

Jiang Zhiyuan could only nod.

After waiting for a while, the crowd finally saw people leaving the mountain. “The elders are out!”

The crowd began to stand up as they gathered their focus and looked over.

The elders came out first.

After they came out, they didn’t stop and went back on their own. Hence, everyone’s gazes landed on the people who came out afterward.

When most of the elders had left, a few special figures finally appeared!

The person at the front stood upright in a white robe. Although they were a distance away, his handsome features couldn’t be hidden—it was Rong Xiu!

Close behind him was a youngster. Without thinking, they knew that it was Chu Yue.

The two people walked out one after another.

The people at the side were Elder Wan Zheng and Elder Bo Yan. After the other elders left respectively, only these few people seemed to be talking as they stood still.

Jiang Zhiyuan stared at them closely. If it weren’t because Rong Xiu had set up an extremely complicated barrier on the mountain he was normally at, she wanted to go up and hear what they were talking about.

After a while, Elder Wan Zheng patted Chu Yue’s shoulder and left with Elder Bo Yan. Then, only Rong Xiu and Chu Yue were left.

They stood facing each other. Although the crowd outside couldn’t hear what they were saying, they had to admit that the duo looked especially harmonious together.

Amidst the lush greenery, the young masters stood like jade.

Logically speaking, Chu Yue’s appearance couldn’t be compared to Rong Xiu, but his surrounding aura was rare. This caused him not to take the losing end when he stood before Rong Xiu.

“Why did the elders leave? Are they planning on not punishing Chu Yue?”

“I don’t think so… Even though Chu Yue did contribute, the elders kept instructing us not to go out on our own. If he doesn’t get punished in the end, won’t everyone be allowed to do it in the future?”

“Yeah! Also, why are Senior Brother Rong Xiu and the others standing there talking for so long? I wonder what they’re talking about…”

Although the crowd was filled with curiosity, they didn’t dare to barge in casually. Thus, they could only guess on their own.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you there.” Rong Xiu raised his chin, and a smile flashed across his eyes. “You must’ve gotten impatient from waiting.”

Chu Liuyue blinked and smiled. “As expected—Senior Brother Rong Xiu, you do know my condition.”

Rong Xiu raised his brows. “Don’t call me randomly.”

Chu Liuyue used the fact that he was much taller than her and could completely cover her, so she wasn’t afraid that the others could see her and became more daring.

“I entered the academy a few years later than you. I should call you ‘senior brother.'”

Rong Xiu laughed lightly, took a step closer, and lowered his voice in a soft and flirtatious manner. “You have your own way of addressing me. Why follow the rest?”

Chu Liuyue squinted at him with a smile as she quickly turned around and leisurely said, “Senior Brother Rong Xiu, we should go back quickly! I wouldn’t dare to delay you too much, lest other people talk about us!”

Rong Xiu stepped out and followed her as he smiled and said, “I didn’t know that you became so cowardly after coming to Ling Xiao Academy.”

Chu Liuyue sneered. “How am I cowardly? I was just speaking the truth. Let’s not talk about the rest, but there are many people on that mountain watching my every move.”

Her lips curled up. “Do you believe that if I do anything to even offend you slightly, I’ll be captured back by them and severely punished? Then, it’ll be hard for me to cultivate peacefully afterward.”

To those people, Rong Xiu was definitely not just an ‘amazing senior brother.’

His outstanding talent and capabilities had turned him into many people’s admiration and an existence that they wanted to catch up with. His name was securely placed at the top of the Qing Yun Ranking and became the symbol of a strong warrior.

Chu Liuyue felt that it was better if she was more obedient.

Rong Xiu suddenly laughed and slowly said, “So you wanted to calmly cultivate in the academy? I couldn’t tell.”

Chu Liuyue blushed slightly, unable to refute this. She had only come to the academy for more than 20 days, but she had gotten into so much trouble. Nobody would think that she wasn’t a troublemaker.

“However…” Rong Xiu dragged his last syllable, and his tone was even lower as if it were a mutter right next to her ear. “If you really want to offend me… I’ll welcome you anytime.”

Chu Liuyue stopped in her tracks and tilted her head to glance at him. No matter what identity he has, his thick-skinned nature doesn’t change at all. 

“Rong Xiu.”


“Do you really think I won’t dare to do anything to you with those people watching?”

Rong Xiu looked at her and brightly smiled as he replied expectantly, “You’re most welcome.”

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