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Chapter 1202: Finding Excuses for Him

Those few sentences contained so much information that Chu Liuyue found it hard to process everything right away. She fell silent for a moment.

With much difficulty, I managed to get the supreme Yuan instrument back. Then, Rong Xiu carried the unconscious me back to his room. And while we’re staying in here, the elders are currently waiting outside… Chu Liuyue massaged her temples, no longer seeing a need for her to go out. Judging by the situation, she felt like she might die if she stepped out of the room.

Knock, knock.

A young man was then heard speaking carefully. “Rong Xiu, is Chu Yue awake? Elder Wan Zheng and the others are very worried. They would like to come in and take a look at him if he still hasn’t come around.”

While Chu Liuyue was at a loss for what to do, Rong Xiu burst out chuckling when he saw the pitiful expression on her face. It was only a moment later that he raised his voice a little and said, “Go tell the elders that he’s awake. I’ll bring him out after he gets some rest.”

“Understood,” answered the young man respectfully before leaving right away.

Meanwhile, Chu Liuyue closed her eyes in despair. “Are you sure I won’t get beaten to death if I go out?”

“Who would dare to do that?” Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows, but despite his smiling expression, his voice sounded a bit intimidating and domineering. It was gone in a flash though.

He got off the bed and then carried Chu Liuyue out from the blanket. “Do you want to dress up on your own, or do you need my help?”

He had removed her outer shirt earlier so that she could get some proper rest. And although her inner clothes remained intact, the question sounded somewhat ambiguous coming from him.

“You’re still in the mood to crack jokes with me?” Chu Liuyue shot a glare in his direction. I don’t even know how I should deal with the elders when I step out later!

Rong Xiu kissed her on the cheek before reluctantly putting her down on her feet and saying with a smile, “I guess you’re really worried about how the elders are going to punish you. This is rare.”

Chu Liuyue—who had just put on her outer shirt and was just about to tidy her hair—turned to look at him when she heard that. “I beg your pardon?”

“Nothing.” Rong Xiu’s lips curled up in amusement. “Actually, you don’t have to worry too much. What happened with the supreme Yuan instrument is purely an accident—it wasn’t intentional on your part. Besides, it’s only right that I stay behind to take care of you since you rescued me just now.”

Chu Liuyue’s mind was slightly put at ease when she knew that Rong Xiu would be around, although she was actually thinking about how she was going to face the elders’ interrogation later. There were so many things she needed to explain after all.

After taking a deep breath, she said, “Let’s go!”

It was quiet in the hall, with the elders sitting in line based on their seniority. Wei Xiping and the others had long been sent back, and those currently present were all important members of Ling Xiao Academy. Even Elder Bo Yan—who wasn’t involved in the matter outside—was here too.

Nobody spoke, and everyone had varying complicated expressions on their faces. While a few people would occasionally glance in Elder Wan Zheng’s direction, the latter pretended not to notice it. It wasn’t like he was in the mood to care about what they thought either.

His mind was currently filled with images from before. He had been feeling very proud and smug about the fact that he had taken in a genius disciple, but it was only now that he realized that said disciple wasn’t so simple. On top of that, his disciple was a real troublemaker.

Elder Wan Zheng didn’t know what excuse he could find to get his disciple out of this mess.

Just then, footsteps were heard coming from outside. Everyone in the hall immediately looked up, only to see two figures walking over toward them one after another.

In the lead was Rong Xiu—who had already changed his clothes. Walking a step behind him was Chu Yue, who everyone was waiting for.

Countless eyes were pinned on them—more specifically, on Chu Yue—as the two entered the hall. Rong Xiu typically tended to be the center of attention whenever he appeared in the academy, so it was very rare for people to ignore his presence like this.

Even with her eyes slightly looking down, Chu Liuyue could feel the eyes boring into her.

“I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting.” Calmly and politely, Rong Xiu paid a bow to the elders.

Chu Liuyue did the same and greeted them. “I, Chu Yue, pay my respects to everyone here.”

Seeing how nobody responded to her, Chu Liuyue had the intensifying feeling that the situation was a little bad. But fortunately for her, Elder Bo Yan was the first person to speak. “Take a seat, Rong Xiu.”

Rong Xiu shook his head and replied with a smile, “I wouldn’t dare to—not when all the elders are here.”

Knowing the kind of person Rong Xiu was like, Elder Bo Yan didn’t bother to insist on it. The former’s character was such; he acted according to his wishes, and it was useless for anyone to say anything about it.

Hence, Elder Bo Yan turned his attention to Chu Liuyue instead.

It was the first time he was studying this freshman from such proximity. Although he had a deep impression of Chu Yue, he had never taken a good look at the latter before. However, there was no way he couldn’t do that today.

He was actually quite familiar with the name Chu Yue since the latter had actually successfully passed the monthly examination, become Wan Zheng’s disciple, and got locked up in Fengmin Mountain on his first day of school. Any of those accomplishments were enough to make a deep impression, not to mention the trouble he had caused today.

“Chu Yue?” Elder Bo Yan stroked his beard calmly. “Are you feeling better?”

Chu Liuyue hurriedly replied, “Yes, I’m much better now. Thank you for your concern, Elder Bo Yan.”

A snort was heard coming from the side just then. “Are you sure he was showing concern for you? And not because you usurped the supreme Yuan instrument for yourself—”

“Guan He.” Elder Bo Yan raised his voice slightly and shot a look of warning at him.

Elder Guan He angrily turned his head away with a snort in response. He didn’t bother to hide the fact that he was reproaching Chu Yue. “Did I say anything wrong? We planned for months, gathered people from everywhere, and finally managed to wait until that sword emerged. It didn’t even manage to make it past the school entrance, and it became his! No matter what, I demand an explanation from him!”

Elder Bo Yan frowned and was just about to say something when Rong Xiu suddenly spoke up. “You’re not entirely correct, Elder Guan He. It’s true that supreme Yuan instruments are hard to come by, and it’s also true that it has now become Chu Yue’s possession. However, you can’t blame him for that.”

Elder Guan He’s expression changed. “I can’t believe you’re finding excuses for him, Rong Xiu. You suffered a lot to bring that thing back, but it ended up—”

The weapon had been in Rong Xiu’s possession, and he was the one who had been besieged, so he naturally had the most say among everyone here.

With a smile, Rong Xiu explained, “I’m not trying to find excuses for him. What I said is true.”

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