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Chapter 1201: It’s Yours

It was as if Chu Liuyue had a very long dream.

In the dream, she seemed to be continuously struggling with some person. She couldn’t see the other party’s appearance or figure clearly. She didn’t even know if the one going against her was a person. There was only an extremely strong force that gripped onto her tightly, flinging her forward.

She tried her best to retreat, wanting to escape, but her body was still dragged forward uncontrollably. Finally, she saw a gigantic abyss appear in front of her!

She looked down and knew that she definitely couldn’t go there! Even if she didn’t see anything and didn’t know what it contained, her sharp instincts told her that it was dangerous!

Her feet were glued to the ground as she wanted to open her mouth to scream, but everything was to no avail. She was like a struggling fish in the desert, and what awaited her was only endless darkness and death!

Finally, she was still dragged to the edge of the black abyss! One of her feet had already slipped into that space!

“No, no!” The room was silent, so her sleep mutters were especially clear.

Rong Xiu had been sitting by the bed and holding her hand. Seeing that she seemed to awaken, he heaved a slight sigh of relief, but his heart ached again when he saw her pained and struggling expression.

She tightly furrowed her brows as if she were suffering immense pain, and she kept muttering.

Rong Xiu held her hand tightly and leaned in closer to peck her forehead. Then, he hugged her and allowed her head to rest on his chest as his other hand gently patted her hand to coax her gently and patiently. “Yue’er, I’m here.”

Hearing this low whisper, Chu Liuyue seemed to finally be at ease as her brows relaxed.

After a while, she slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry.

She closed her eyes and clearly saw everything in front of her after she gradually adjusted to the surrounding light.

This was an unfamiliar house—the interior of the house was clean and tidy. Although there weren’t many objects, those on display were extremely precious.

Everywhere had a hint of discreet elegance.

Chu Liuyue immediately recovered her senses. This isn’t my house! That’s not right! Wasn’t I outside just now—

“You’re awake?” Rong Xiu’s voice came from the top of her head.

Chu Liuyue raised her head and gazed at him dazedly.

The two of them stared at each other.

Her eyes were especially beautiful, and they always sparkled with a cunning light. Perhaps it was because she had experienced too much or because she hadn’t recovered her senses, but a layer of mist seemed to cover her eyes at this moment. They were blurry and unclear, with a hint of confusion in them.

“Senior Brother… Rong Xiu?” Chu Liuyue looked at him and instinctively called. She also didn’t forget to add the two words at the front.

Rong Xiu’s eyes instantly darkened—they were so dark that one couldn’t see the bottom of them. His gaze was very dangerous as if he were suppressing something, but his actions were especially gentle.

After a moment, he stopped in his actions, pinched her chin, and tilted her head up slightly. After taking a closer look, he then nodded in satisfaction. “Mm, you shouldn’t be able to tell.”

Even though he really wanted to continue, he still restrained himself when he thought of the group of people waiting outside.

Chu Liuyue’s glabella twitched.

At this point, she had already recalled everything that happened before she fainted. She recalled that she was originally fighting that man, but he flung her away. Then, the Long Yuan Sword hit against the supreme Yuan instrument, and the sword soul started moving toward it.

Then, as she couldn’t withstand the suppression caused by that process, she fainted. Afterward—

“Where’s the Yuan instrument?” Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly and grabbed Rong Xiu’s arm. “That sword—”

“Don’t worry. That item is fine.” Rong Xiu knew what she wanted to ask and immediately gave a reply. His tone was calm with his usual nonchalance as if he were narrating a very simple matter.

No matter what, he always seemed to be this calm and composed.

Chu Liuyue was affected by him, and she felt more at ease. She heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great. That’s great…”

I thought that it—

“The owner of that item left a notebook in the academy previously. I’ll go and help you find it later.”

“What?” Rong Xiu’s sudden sentence confused Chu Liuyue. Owner? Notebook? What do I need that for? 

Seeing her reaction, Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly and squinted his phoenix eyes.

Chu Liuyue’s heart started beating rapidly. Wait, it can’t be—

“You still don’t know?” said Rong Xiu in a seemingly smiling manner. “That supreme Yuan instrument has already recognized you as its owner.”

“…” Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slowly.

“For some reason, it had a missing weapon soul. Your Long Yuan Sword’s sword soul successfully entered it, causing it to become your Yuan instrument as well,” explained Rong Xiu slowly. “Logically speaking, your sword’s sword soul shouldn’t be able to control the supreme Yuan instrument. The only possibility was that it completely consumed and destroyed it, but… For some reason, the sword soul suddenly became the master in the end… It’s also one of the reasons why you fainted. The moment the two forces clashed, you couldn’t handle it and thus fainted.”

Chu Liuyue clearly heard every single word that Rong Xiu said and understood each of them on its own, but she was confused when the words were joined together. To be more accurate, she was taken aback by the matter’s entire process. I really didn’t think of taking that item as my own! Back then, I talked to Ancestor about this and clearly planned on leaving it for the academy. However, why did it become mine in the end? 

Rong Xiu gently stroked her face. “Don’t worry. Back then, everybody saw clearly that you didn’t mean to occupy it on purpose but that you unintentionally hit it when they attacked you. Additionally, nobody knew that the supreme Yuan instrument had no weapon soul… Everything was just a coincidence, so the elders won’t blame you.”

Hearing this, Chu Liuyue finally found her own voice. She asked with much difficulty, “Then… where are we now? Where are the elders…?”

Rong Xiu said, “Oh, we’re at my house now. Elder Shu Feng and the rest are waiting in the living room.”

The gaze Chu Liuyue shot at him became strange instantly. “So how did we—”

“I carried you back.”

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