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Chapter 120: Exposed

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If so many people weren’t watching them, First Elder would have rushed up and personally taught Chu Liuyue a lesson. Her arrogant attitude made his blood boil and almost explode. “Lu Yao, you’ve always been in charge of the family’s items. Go and check the list against theirs. Give them everything they should have, nothing more.”

Lu Yao was frightened by First Elder’s holler and subconsciously agreed when she saw his face filled with anger. “… Yes.”

First Elder did not think this was enough as he shouted at the other managers. “The few of you, follow them and keep a close eye on them! Don’t miscalculate the accounts!”

The few of them hurriedly agreed.

Lu Yao’s entire body tensed up, and her footsteps were heavy. However, she knew that she had to obey First Elder, no matter how reluctant she was in her heart.

On the other side, the Zhen Bao Pavilion Manager duo had already started the battle and was checking the items based on the list given to them.

“One pair of eight-colored glass cups, two sets of jade December accessories, a pair of gilt horse pots, two colored Chinese harps—”

Lu Yao could not do anything but clench her teeth. “Did you not hear them? Go to the storeroom and bring the items over.”

The subordinates replied to her, and hurriedly rushed to get the stated items.

When they brought the items out one by one, the few people Chu Liuyue brought over would hurriedly go forward and receive the items. After some serious inspection, they would put them back properly and place them in the horse carriage.

Chu Liuyue smiled brightly. “These few people are the most helpful ones in Zhen Bao Pavilion. Even though they don’t have a high status, they have the best eyes for recognizing treasures. They will know if the item is real or fake with one look. Now that they’re carefully inspecting the items, it would be more convenient for all of us in the future, right?”

This sentence dashed Lu Yao’s last bit of hope. She resigned herself to her fate and closed her eyes.

Chu Liuyue was thoroughly going against them today.

In the restaurant not far away from the Chu family residence, someone was clearly observing the scene.

“Her character is really the same as last time…” Low laughter bellowed from behind the curtains. “Did you send all those people over?”

Upon hearing this, Yan Ge bowed and courteously said, “Yes, Master. Madam came to Zhen Bao Pavilion early in the morning and said she wanted to borrow some people. I didn’t expect…”

At that point in time, he was still very confused and did not know what Chu Liuyue wanted to do with a manager. Who knew she wanted to cause trouble for the Chu family? Yan Ge was pretty experienced and had seen quite a few scenes, but it was his first time observing such a debacle.

Chu Liuyue was obviously chasing a debt. The point was that her debt was logical, and the Chu family could not deny it.

The Chu family had power in numbers. Therefore, Chu Liuyue would definitely die a horrible death if she went alone. Hence, she found a few people and explained the incident in public, causing a big scene. This would then force the Chu family to follow her words since they cared about their reputation. After all, the Chu family still wanted to live in the Imperial City.

“You did well for this.”

Yan Ge was shocked upon hearing his master’s praises. He had followed his master for many years, and such compliments were very rare. He greatly benefited since his master was extremely happy with him because he had sent a few people to help Chu Liuyue. “Thank you for the compliment, Master, but I really didn’t do much. It was all Madam’s plan.”

The person behind the curtain seemingly shook his head and smiled. “Of course, only she could think of such an idea. She’s also the only one who can do it so cleanly.” If it were someone else, they would not dare to go against the Chu family alone.

Yan Ge thought for a while and could not help but say, “Master, Madam seems to be unsure of your identity. She also doesn’t know about the things you’ve done for her. Do you want…”

“She will know when the time is right. Just focus on your own tasks.”

Yan Ge lowered his head. “Yes.”

The Zhen Bao Pavilion manager duo was still checking the list in front of the Chu family.

“This pair of crescent moon wine cups is fake. This pair of bamboo jade bangles are fake too.”

The few people Chu Liuyue brought over were very clean with their work. They moved the items and did not forget to check for their authenticity at the same time as they threw the fake items aside.

Every fake item identified was akin to a slap across Lu Yao’s face.

The Chu family members were also humiliated, so some of them could not help but glare at Lu Yao angrily.

Who would have expected Lu Yao to pocket the items unreasonably? If it were not for today’s stock checking, they would not have known how much of the Chu family’s assets were used by Lu Yao.

All of these items were just part of the dowry Chu Liuyue’s mother had left behind. There were so many other assets in the residence. Thus, who knew just how much money she had pocketed?

Upon sensing all the stares, Lu Yao’s face became as white as a sheet, and her entire figure trembled as if she was a leaf on a tree that could be easily blown away in the middle of a thunderstorm. If she could, she really wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. Every single second and minute here was torture.

Chu Liuyue held her chin with one hand as her gaze swept across the fake goods taken out in a seemingly smiling manner. “It seems like your family had a great life for the past few years. No wonder Chu Xianmin is so willing to buy an accessory worth more than 200,000 silver taels casually. Not everyone can buy something made from red jade.”

Lu Yao wanted to rush up and rip Chu Liuyue’s mouth apart. How dare she talk about that? That was clearly a trap she set for Minmin. She has even distorted the truth now. 

However, before Lu Yao could say anything, she felt the increasingly furious gazes from the surrounding Chu family members.

Her heart sank as she knew that they believed Chu Liuyue’s words. How would they still believe her after all those fake items were taken out?

Even if Chu Liuyue did not say anything, they probably already wanted to kill Lu Yao.

Time trickled past, and Chu Liuyue remained sitting on the chair in a relaxed manner.

Manager Wu had even specifically brought her tea and exquisite snacks in between in case she got hungry.

Chu Liuyue readily accepted them. Instead of saying that she came to get money, you could say that she came here to get someone’s life.

Finally, the dowry list was completely checked after an entire afternoon passed.

Chu Liuyue then requested them to split the assets according to the contract made that day, forcefully snatching away quite a bit of money from the Chu family.

When the money was brought up to the horse carriage, even the strong First Elder’s eyes could not help but twitch as his heart ached.

The few managers just watched on quietly, feeling their muscles ache when they thought of the messy accounts.

The surrounding people were all dazed from seeing so many treasures.

“I didn’t expect Chu Liuyue’s mother to bring so many valuable treasures when she married into the Chu family back then.”

“I heard that Chu Liuyue and Chu Ning led a tough life these few years, and their daily necessities couldn’t even be compared to the ones the servants used. It should be enough for them to survive if they sell some of these treasures, right?”

“Chu Ning loved his wife dearly, so he was probably reluctant to sell them… Besides, these things were in someone else’s control. He probably didn’t even see the items, so how could he sell them?”

“That’s true. The Chu family has really suffered a huge loss this time.”

The horse carriages made several rounds and finally brought all the items away.

All those fake goods that were thrown out seemed extremely awkward outside the door.

Chu Liuyue then stood up and lazily rolled back her shoulders. She was tired after sitting here all day long. “That’s enough. We’ll end it here today.”

First Elder’s eyelids jumped. What does she mean? Is she still going to come in the future?

As if Chu Liuyue could read his mind, she casually waved her hands. “Don’t worry. I won’t be coming here anymore. However, Manager Wu has already recorded the accounts for these fake items, so kindly and gradually compensate for them in the future. You can send it over to my house, or I can send someone over to collect them.”

While having much difficulty hiding his anger, First Elder looked at Lu Yao. “This is the good thing you did from being in charge. You fill this hole yourself!”

Lu Yao staggered backward.

Chu Liuyue smiled with deep meaning. “Chu First Elder, why are you angry? It’s just a few items. Even if the Chu family refuses to give them up, the Lu family’s wealth is comparable to that of the country. This is just a simple matter for them, right, Lu Yao?”

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