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Chapter 1173: Forget

On the spacious square, the marble floor was glowing faintly.

That young man stood upright with a smile on his face. His tone was nonchalant, and he dragged his last syllable slightly, which made him sound especially lazy.

If one just saw his current expression, they would think that he was gently whispering something. Who would’ve thought that he was currently harshly stepping on another person!?




When everyone saw this scene, they couldn’t help but have such thoughts. This young man seems gentle and harmless, but he isn’t not one to be trifled with at all!

Liu Yintong never thought that the other party would ignore her when she had already given such a strict warning! The latter even publicly humiliated Liu Zi’an!

This foot seemed to have stepped on Liu Zi’an, but it was actually targeted at her!

Liu Yintong was so angry that her chest heaved up and down intensely. She couldn’t help but raise her voice, and it became a little shrill. “Chu Yue! You better control yourself in the academy!”

After ensuring that Liu Zi’an’s hand was pretty much broken, Chu Liuyue lifted her leg.

Liu Zi’an was in so much pain that he couldn’t yell as he huddled on the ground and trembled intensely. He couldn’t describe to people what he felt earlier.

Chu Yue… really wanted to kill him!

Furthermore, this person had an unknown aura for some reason, which caused people to be unable to underestimate him. Even when he retracted his expression, others would unwittingly submit to him.

He was stepped on the whole time, and he couldn’t struggle or retaliate. On the one hand, he was injured. On the other hand, it was because Chu Yue had a terrifying suppression!

Chu Liuyue glanced at Liu Zi’an and retracted her gaze in satisfaction. She smiled and said,

“Senior Sister Liu, I don’t understand what you mean. I’ve come to the academy for only 11 days, and I spent ten of them trapped at Fengmin Mountain. How do I not know how to control myself?”

“You—” Liu Yintong clenched her teeth. Not only is this Chu Yue arrogant and flippant, but he also has a very sharp tongue!

“Liu Zi’an just came to duel with you, yet you caused him to be in such a state—”

“I don’t even know Liu Zi’an, yet he suddenly came to find me. Isn’t that weird to begin with?

Besides, to ‘duel’ with me, he even waited outside my residence for a long period of time….” Chu Liuyue smiled slightly deeply and said with much meaning, “I really don’t know how someone like me—who has just come to the academy—has the ability to cause Senior Brother Liu to be so insistent on fighting this match with me?”

The crowd looked at Liu Yintong in unison.

Actually, Chu Liuyue’s words were very clear.

Liu Zi’an purposely caused trouble for her because Liu Yintong had instructed him to. As for the reason… It was naturally because she lost to a junior brother who had just come to the academy when she was previously at Million Wine Mountain!

No matter what, she was a talent who had a decent position on the Qing Yun Ranking.

Additionally, she was used to being arrogant normally, so it was hard to discipline her.

How could such a Liu Yintong swallow this? It was very understandable that she would do such a thing. However, she never expected this to be the eventual outcome!

Not only did Liu Zi’an fail in teaching Chu Liuyue a lesson, but the latter had even humiliated her!

Some people’s gazes toward Liu Yintong gradually changed. She initiated the competition, yet she wasn ‘t convinced when she lost and even wanted to play such tricks to bully someone… She’s way too petty!

She only dared to bully Chu Yue like that because he is a nevv student with not much background. Ifit vvere someone else who was stronger than her or had an even more formidable backing, she would definitely have another reaction.

Liu Yintong felt countless daggers at her back. The surrounding crowd’s gazes made her feel immense pressure. I can’t stay here any longer.

Finally, she couldn’t help but coldly laugh. “So you admit that you’re purposely taking revenge?”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly and said, “Senior Sister Liu, ‘revenge’ is too serious. I’m just an ordinary student who came to Ling Xiao Academy to elevate my cultivation. I don’t have any other intentions. If other people don’t offend me, I won’t mess with them either. But if they do… I can’t be a weakling who lets people walk all over me, right?”

Liu Yintong clenched her silver teeth tightly.

“This time, I’ll give you face and let this slide, Senior Sister Liu.” Chu Liuyue lightly glanced at Liu Zi’an lying on the ground. “Senior Brother Liu, you must properly recuperate after you go back. When I have the time, I’ll visit you again.”

A chill ran down Liu Zi’an’s spine. I don t need Chu Yue to visit me! I never ever want to see this person again!

He stood up with much difficulty and left with a limp.

His body had suffered quite a severe injury, so he couldn’t really stand up. But it was probably because he wanted to distance himself from Chu Liuyue, so he mustered all his courage, really clenched his teeth, and hung in there.

Walking to Liu Yintong, he lowered his head with much guilt.

Liu Yintong gave him an extremely cold gaze filled with warning as she scolded him in the softest voice. “Useless!”

Liu Zi’an’s body stiffened, and he hung his head even lower. Without thinking, he also knew that his future days would be terrible with Liu Yintong…

Liu Yintong suddenly stepped forward. “He’s not your match, then… What about me?”

The crowd fell silent in unison! Liu Yintong wants to… fight with Chu Yue?!

Including Zhong Xun, many people looked worried. Even if Chu Yue can beat Liu Zi’an, he definitely isn’t Liu Yintong’s match currently! If the two of them really compete, Chu Yue—

Just when Chu Liuyue was thinking about how to reply to her, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from the side. “Liu Yintong, it’s a bit beneath you to compete with a junior brother that just came to the academy, right?”

Chu Liuyue followed the source of the voice and was rather shocked. The person talking is actually Luo Yanlin! That’s weird. Didn ‘t he have some form of enmity toward me previously? Why did he willingly help me?

After seeing that the person talking was Luo Yanlin, shock flashed across Liu Yintong’s eyes, and she felt rather fearful. The other party is much stronger than me, and he isn’t someone I can easily offend. Since Luo Yanlin has spoken up, it means that he is standing on Chu Yue’s side!

Liu Yintong calculated it in her heart for a moment and swiftly chose to give up. “Senior Brother Luo, you’re right.”

She forcefully tugged at her sleeves. “I was just anxious because I saw Zi’an in this state, so— Forget it. Since Senior Brother Luo has stepped in, I’ll forget about this incident!”

Liu Yintong shot one final deep look at Chu Liuyue. “Chu Yue… I hope you get onto the Qing Yun Ranking soon! At that time, we’ll officially compete!”

After saying that, she turned around to leave.

Liu Zi’an followed her slowly with much difficulty. There were a few people helping him from the side.

But before Liu Yintong took two steps out, Chu Liuyue’s voice sounded from behind. “Senior Sister Liu, please hold on.”

Liu Yintong turned around and knitted her brows.

However, Chu Liuyue smiled. “Senior Sister Liu, did you forget something?”

Liu Yintong knitted her brows even more tightly.

Chu Liuyue reminded rather patiently, “There seems to be an aspect of our bet that hasn’t been completed. Senior Sister Liu, did you forget about it?”.

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