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Chapter 1171: Fat Chance

The two people present were in a stalemate, but one looked nonchalant while the other had his five features contorted.

“You—” Liu Zi’an gasped and glared at Chu Liuyue in front of him with shock and disbelief. Why does a stage-seven warrior have such terrifying physical strength?!

Originally, he thought that he could directly get rid of the other party with this punch. However, he didn’t expect the latter to fracture his own hand first!

The excruciating pain from his hand caused his vision to turn black!

He instinctively wanted to retract his fist, but the young man opposite him suddenly smiled. That smile was extremely faint and cold.

A chill ran down Liu Zi’an’s spine, and all his hair stood on end!

Without even thinking, he immediately retreated! However, it was too late!

Chu Liuyue first turned her fist into a palm as she clutched onto his wrist and bent it forcefully!


Another bone-breaking sound was heard!

“Ah!” Liu Zi’an finally couldn’t hold it back anymore as he let out a miserable cry. His forehead kept breaking out into a cold sweat.

Seeing the extremely strange posture that his hand had been twisted into, the surrounding spectators felt their hearts jump out of their throats.

Actually, they had seen quite a few scenes that were more bloody than this. However, the horrifying thing was that the young man had such a natural and nonchalant expression when he did this.

His lips were even curled up into a faint smile. It was as if there was no difference between breaking a human hand and breaking a block of wood.

To have such a reaction, either he was naturally cold-blooded, or… he was used to seeing such scenes, so he didn’t take it to heart at all.

But whichever one it was, it all had the same conclusion to it: This person wasn’t one to be messed with!

Liu Zi’an planned to circulate his force to retaliate, but Chu Liuyue had already raised her leg and harshly kicked his heart!


Liu Zi’an flew backward and landed on the ground harshly, spitting out a mouthful of blood as his face instantly turned ashen!

He used his other elbow and struggled to get up, but he failed after trying a few times. At the same time, his aura became increasingly heavy as if it were a broken fan that could only gasp ‘huxu huxu.’

There seemed to be tiny needles that kept piercing through his chest, causing him to be in immense pain.

Liu Zi’an secretly felt hatred. This vvas caused by Chu Yue’s kick!

If he didn’t personally experience it, he never would’ve believed that a stage-seven warrior was so strong!

When he tried to stand up again and fell back onto the floor, a pair of black deer leather boots and the corner of flowing clothes appeared in his vision.

He suddenly stopped in his movements, and his heart beat wildly as if it were about to jump out of his chest!

He raised his hand slowly, and with much difficulty, indeed saw that familiar face.

As Liu Zi’an looked at the young man’s youthful appearance and the pair of black eyes that he could never see through, unprecedented terror filled his heart! At this moment, he suddenly realized that this young man wasn’t someone he could mess with!

Chu Liuyue looked down at him from above and snickered. “Stage-eight warrior… You’re too easy to beat.”

She thought that Liu Zi’an could resist for a while longer, but he directly collapsed after a punch. He was worlds apart compared to puppets of the same standard that Big Baby used to train her.

What Chu Liuyue didn’t know was that those puppets were meticulously produced by Big Baby. Other than them not having force, they were the best at all other aspects.

After she was used to fighting those puppets, fighting such people naturally couldn’t be compared.

When the crowd heard her words, their hearts suddenly skipped a beat as they looked at her strangely. So easy to beat… He’s one entire stage better than you! Your words are too harsh!

Nobody could understand the horror in Liu Zi’an’s heart currently.

The other party only executed two moves earlier and didn’t really use their force, yet he was handicapped! Chu Yue’s physical strength… was petrifying!

Previously, I thought that he was only talented as a heavenly doctor and was ordinary as a warrior. Thus, it shouldn’t be a point ofconcern. Who would’ve thought he would be so maniacal?! Liu Zi’an felt that half his life had been kicked away by that foot.


A low sound was suddenly heard from the side. Something dropped onto the ground, and even the ground shook.

Liu Zi’an turned around, and he was stunned.

His wind scooping bird was directly struck down to the ground by that red-tailed phoenix!

Upon closer inspection, the feathers of the wind scooping bird were largely burned and messy. It looked extremely miserable.

Chu Liuyue turned around, and her lips curled up slightly. “Tuan Zi, I’m faster than you this time.”

Tuan Zi harshly stepped on the wind scooping bird’s face before it flew back to Chu Liuyue’s shoulders and squatted down.

When Tuan Zi heard Chu Liuyue’s words, indignation flashed across its sparkling eyes. It’sjust because I absorbed all that lightning strength and my bloodline power is about to be awakened, so I used some time to circulate my force. Hence, I was late in taking action. If not, I’d definitely be faster!

Chu Liuyue patted its head and looked at Liu Zi’an.

Meeting those seemingly smiling eyes, Liu Zi’an suddenly had an epiphany and said with much difficulty, “I surrender! I really surrender! I’m not fighting anymore!”

If this continues, what will happen if I leave the remaining half of my life here!?

His words filled with terror and sincerity caused everyone to fall silent completely.

This scene was too strange—one was standing while the other was lying down. One was above, and the other was below.

It was originally a competition with no ambiguity, yet the person who was bitterly begging for mercy was Liu Zi’an, who had a higher standard.

Even ten minutes ago, nobody would’ve believed that things would progress in such a direction.

Amidst the deadly silence, only Liu Zi’an’s beggar-like voice was especially clear.

Chu Liuyue tilted her head. “You admit defeat?”

“Yes, I admit defeat! I’m not as good as you. I’ve lost convincingly!”

“You’re not fighting anymore?”

“No! I’m not!” Facing Chu Liuyue’s questions, Liu Zi’an answered every single one of them very quickly without hesitation.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue seemed to be deep in thought, a hint of hope suddenly rose in his heart as he added, “I guarantee that I won’t fight with you anymore in the academy!”

Chu Liuyue stroked her chin. “Oh… It seems like you really don’t want to continue anymore…”

Liu Zi’an swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty. At this point, he couldn’t care about the order from Liu Yintong to teach Chu Yue a harsh lesson. He just wanted to get out of this predicament as soon as possible!

“Yes! I-I won’t disturb you anymore! I guarantee it!” Liu Zi’an hurriedly retrieved his black jade plaque and used it as a guarantee.

“You don’t want to continue anymore…” Chu Liuyue lifted her brows slightly and smiled suddenly. A faint light then flashed across her eyes in a cunning manner as she lightly said, “Fat chance!”.

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