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Chapter 1164: I’m Not Looking at You

At some point, a few people had already gathered around their competition area.

“Isn’t that Liu Zi’an and Chu Yue? What are they doing? A challenge?”

“It must be if they went to Qing Ming Square! Tsk, why did these two people suddenly fight?”

“You don’t know? Didn’t Chu Yue offend Liu Yintong before? That Liu Zi’an seems to be a younger brother of a division in her clan… Normally, this Liu Zi’an also uses Liu Yintong to get his way.”

“Huh, isn’t Chu Yue in danger then? Even if he’s quite talented, he’s only an eighth-grade heavenly doctor. And didn’t Liu Zi’an break through to become a ninth-grade heavenly doctor just recently?”

“What is Chu Yue thinking? Why would he agree to a challenge that he’ll definitely lose? The elders won’t easily interfere with such matches…”

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

All kinds of voices drifted into their ears.

Chu Liuyue’s expression didn’t change as if she was unaffected.

Liu Zi’an also took out his own cauldron. “Tsk, I’ll show you who’s boss!”

The two people stood opposite each other on the square. Cauldrons were already placed before them.

Liu Zi’an was the first to take action.

He was currently a ninth-grade heavenly doctor. Even though he could only produce inferior-class ninth-grade pills, it was still a piece of cake to go against a mere eighth-grade Chu Yue.

In actual fact, he had already prepared his pill before coming, so he even prepared the ingredients.

He took out the herbs and placed them side by side one after another, while his other hand was on the cauldron.


A blue fire suddenly rose! Following this, he whipped his sleeves. The herbs then flew up consecutively, landing in the cauldron.

The special bitter fragrance of the herbs quickly spread around.

But in stark comparison, Chu Liuyue—who was opposite him—hadn’t moved at all. She just stood there and crossed her arms with one hand, looking lazy.

Her gaze seemed to be staring at Liu Zi’an.

Look? What’s about Liu Zi’an’s medicine is good to look at? Quite a few people exchanged glances and revealed confused looks. This match has already started. Why hasn’t Chu Yue moved? Can he directly win just by watching Liu Zi’an produce his medicine? 

“Chu Yue, do you have a problem?” Zhong Xun knitted his brows and asked rather worriedly. “If you’re missing herbs, I can go to Medicinal Valley to grab them for you.”

Liu Zi’an came prepared, but Chu Yue didn’t. The moment he came out from Fengmin Mountain, he directly agreed to this challenge. Therefore, he might be missing a lot of ingredients. 

Chu Liuyue tilted her head and smiled. “Thank you, Senior Brother Zhong Xun, but I’m not missing any herbs. Don’t worry.”

How could Zhong Xun really not worry? Even if he isn’t missing herbs, the eighth-grade pill he produces will definitely lose to Liu Zi’an’s! According to the current situation where the two’s abilities are clearly different, Chu Yue only has one way to win—Liu Zi’an’s pill production has to fail! Only this can let Chu Yue win! 

However, this is a challenge. As long as Liu Zi’an doesn’t wish to end the competition and continues producing, Chu Yue has no choice either. If Zhong Xun still produces a pill in the end… Chu Yue will still lose this match! 

Watching the young man on stage, Zhong Xun was anxious, and his throat became dry. Why does Chu Yue not seem panicked at all at this time? 

Liu Zi’an added a few herbs and produced the pill in an orderly manner. When he had time, he looked up and glanced.

On the opposite side, Chu Yue hadn’t moved, and even his cauldron was empty.

He couldn’t help but mock, “Junior Brother Chu Yue, do you simply intend on watching me produce the pill during the competition? Let me remind you: the competition has already started. It’s too late for you to surrender.”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. “Senior Brother Liu, don’t misunderstand. I really don’t have any interest in you producing pills.”

Her tone was very sincere and serious.

Honestly speaking, Liu Zi’an wasn’t very good at producing pills. She already looked down on his hand techniques. If she stared at him longer, she was even worried that she would affect her own performance.

Liu Zi’an’s face darkened. “Let’s see if you still can be this unreasonable when the results come out!”

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t seem to care about this agreement at all.

After Liu Zi’an threw a few herbs in again, she finally retracted her gaze and smiled. “It seems like Senior Brother Liu wants to make the Greater Mastery Pill.”

Liu Zi’an’s hand trembled slightly, and he accidentally put a little more of the very last herb.

He hurriedly took out that portion, but most of it had instantly dissolved. Even if he reacted fast enough, it was still normal if he didn’t solve it thoroughly.

Luckily, it won’t really affect one’s pill production… Liu Zi’an looked up, and his heart was shocked as he felt regretful. “You’ve watched for so long to know what pill I’m producing?!”

“Yeah.” Chu Liuyue smiled slightly and directly affirmed his guess, but her eyes seemed to be a little disappointed. I originally thought… Forget it. This saves quite a lot of trouble. In the beginning, I was thinking about what quality the produced pill would be. After all the commotion, it’s actually just an inferior-class ninth-grade pill. Besides, it’s the more forceful kind. 

This made Chu Liuyue feel bored. But considering that the other party wasn’t very strong and that she could beat him more easily, she felt better again.

Her emotions and thoughts had no intention of sabotage, and Liu Zi’an spotted it effectively. At that moment, his heart skipped a beat and burned! This kid! He’s actually belittling me?! 



Before he could say anything, Chu Liuyue finally traveled around.

An intensely red fire instantly filled the entire cauldron. Then, she attended to another bunch of herbs without hesitation.

The entire process was very smooth—the technique was pure and could even be considered perfect!

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