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Chapter 1153: Who’s Trapping Who?

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Upon hearing the voice, the three of them turned their heads and saw a familiar figure walking unsteadily toward them under the moonlight. Said figure was none other than Elder Hua Feng.

Elder Wen Xi looked at him with distaste when he saw the wine bottle in his hand. “How much have you drunk this time?”

Elder Hua Feng giggled. “Not too much! Just a few sips—eh? Why are there two students here?”

He took a closer look at the students and then gazed at Elder Wen Xi with a puzzled expression when he recognized who they were. “You’re giving the students extra lessons at this time of the night? You’re going too far!” Even if he wants to give them extra lessons, there’s no need for him to be so enthusiastic. It’s only their first day as his official students.

Elder Wen Xi looked at Elder Hua Feng as if he were looking at an idiot. “Do I look like that sort of person? Use your brain!”

Luo Shishi and Zhuo Sheng were speechless.

Elder Wen Xi couldn’t be bothered to waste any more time on him and just hurriedly walked ahead. “There’s trouble on Million Wine Mountain.”

“What?” Elder Hua Feng instantly sobered up. “What happened? Hey, tell me!

I’m counting on that fountain

“Chu Yue is trapped there!” explained Elder Wen Xi succinctly.

“Oh, well—come again?!” Elder Hua Feng’s eyes bulged. “Chu Yue?!”

While they might not know all the students in the academy since there were so many of them, it was hard for the two elders to forget who Chu Yue was. They were the ones who recruited him, after all. On top of that, Chu Yue had just performed well on today’s monthly assessment and became Wan Zheng’s student.

Elder Hua Feng forgot all about his wine and hurriedly followed Elder Wen Xi.

“I’ll go with you!”

Elder Wen Xi glanced sideways at him.

Elder Hua Feng let out a loud cough and said, “Well, I’m also worried about Chu Yue’s safety!”

He’s just concerned about the fountain’s water. Elder Wen Xi snorted, but he didn’t expose the other. It’s better to have more people at times like this. Besides, it’s more reassuring to bring him along than let the other elders know about this and cause huge trouble.

He turned his head and looked at Luo Shishi and Zhou Sheng. “Stay here and wait for us to come back!”

Luo Shishi and Zhou Sheng could only agree to it and watch the two elders quickly leave.

Once the two elders disappeared into the distance, Zhuo Sheng couldn’t resist saying, “Shishi, don’t you think the elders seem to be very secretive about Million Wine Mountain?”

It looks like therés some sort of secret hiding on the mountain. Luo Shishi nodded in agreement, but her instincts told her that it was best for them not to know so much.

“Chu Yue will probably be fine since the two elders are heading there now…” Luo Shishi exhaled softly, although she still felt as if a huge stone was weighing on her heart.

After thinking about it, Zhuo Sheng comforted her, “Don’t worry. He has a red-tailed phoenix after all! He’ll be fine!”

Luo Shishi could only nod her head. I sure hope so.

Things became even quieter at the top of Million Wine Mountain after what Chu Liuyue said. The fivo bolts of lightning seemed to have gone still as they stayed motionless above her head.

“Hm?” Chu Liuyue cocked an eyebrow and pointed the sword at the first bolt of lightning. “Since you came down first, then… You go first?”


The first bolt of lightning took a step backvvard.

Chu Liuyue, thus, pointed the sword to the second one. “You?” Whoosh!

The second bolt of lightning retreated even further than the first.

Tuan Zi looked at them with disdain. Bah! Useless!

“Are you coming down or not?” asked Chu Liuyue in a clear and nonchalant voice as she twisted her wrists. Tch, and here I thought that they were different from the lightning I encountered previously. They’re the same.

She felt slightly frustrated. I’m not refining a sword or any weapons here.

Logically speaking, they shouldn’t be behaving this way.


Just then, the third bolt of lightning came striking down.

“There’s more?” Chu Liuyue looked up impatiently. “In that case, I’ll wait until you’ve all arrived!”

When Elder Wen Xi and Elder Hua Feng arrived at the foot of Million Wine Mountain, they saw Luo Yanming standing there.

“Master?” Luo Yanmingwas also surprised to see Elder Hua Feng there. What’s he doing here?

Elder Hua Feng glared at him. Tch! To think that I was mocking Elder Wen Xi about his new students being troublemakers just now. The next moment, I see my ovvn student here!

“Pfft.” Elder Wen Xi looked at Elder Hua Feng in disdain. Well, who’s better

Elder Hua Feng let out an awkvvard cough as he wiped the sweat on his forehead. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Our students are outside the mountain. The worst one is the one inside.”

“That’s true.” Elder Wen Xi nodded in deep agreement. “I wonder how Wan Zheng will react when he finds out about this.” As long as therés someone worse than us!

“Yanming, just leave this place to us and go back first,” urged Elder Hua Feng. Héll just be finding trouble for himself ifhe continues to stay here.

“But Shishi and Zhuo Sheng…” Luo Yanming looked behind the two and found nobody behind them.

“They didn’t come,” Elder Wen Xi added. “Hurry up and go back. Remember not to mention anything about this incident to anyone.”

Upon hearing the serious and stern tone of the two elders, Luo Yanming nodded. “Will do.’

The two elders only looked at each other after Luo Yanming left.

“Let’s go up and take a look!” With that, Elder Wen Xi headed up the mountain, with Elder Hua Feng following closely behind. He then flew up and took out his green jade plaque.


The air vibrated like rippling water.

“This feels like déjå vu…” Elder Hua Feng whispered to Elder Wen Xi as he nudged the other with his elbow. “Hey, Wen Xi. Doesn’t it feel like this has happened before in a dream….

Is this old man drunk for real? Elder Wen Xi shot the other party a withering look as he ‘kindly’ reminded, “It wasn’t a dream; it did happen before. Have you forgotten what happened a few years ago? You were drinking on the mountain when you got caught by that scourge—”

Elder Hua Feng’s eyes slowly widened as the images that he had almost forgotten flashed through his mind. A trace of panic then appeared in his eyes. „D*mn it! Shut up, will you?!”

After saying that, he quickly scanned his surroundings, instinctively grabbed the wine bottle at his waist, and kept his plaque. It looked like he had something on his conscience.

Elder Wen Xi was saddened to see him acting this way. “Grow a spine! It’s not like that scourge will appear to steal your wine!”

Elder Hua Feng was just about to say something in retort when the barrier in front of them suddenly opened.


A crackling bolt of lightning suddenly descended upon them..

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