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Chapter 1122 I’ll Dote on My Wife

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Everyone went quiet for a moment. Many people snuck glances at Rong Xiu—who was sitting next to the elders—with varying expressions on their faces.

The young man was obviously taking a dig at him, but much to everyone’s surprise, the latter didn’t seem to be angry about that. Instead, an enchanting smile appeared on his noble and alluring face, making everyone

lost in the depths of his deep and inscrutable eyes. “I’ve been busy with my clan’s affairs recently, so I was unable to attend to other things at the same time. I’d like to seek the elders’ kind understanding for this.”

Elder Bo Yan, who sat at the main seat, smiled. “We’ve heard what happened at the Sky-Cloud Empire. You… have chosen a wife for yourself?”

Everyone’s eyes landed on Rong Xiu.

“Yes.” Rong Xiu’s smile deepened as hints of amusement appeared in his eyes. “It’s her first time at the Sky-Cloud Empire. There are many things that she hasn’t gotten used to, so I stayed to accompany her for a few

more days.”

uzzlement could be seen on everyone’s faces, for they knew Rong Xiu’s temperament and the way he worked all too well. It was hard for them to imagine how he—someone who didn’t bat an eyelid when killing

someone—could become so gentle and infatuated with a woman.

“It seems like you really love your wife. You care more about her well-being than the crisis the academy is facing. I didn’t know that you were such a devoted lover,” said the young man.

When Rong Xiu looked up slightly, a clear and sharp glint flashed in his black eyes, which seemed to be swirling with emotions.

The young man stiffened at that.

“Even if I don’t come, there are plenty of elders here to take care of it. Young Master Wei, are you questioning the abilities of these elders?”

“I—” Wei Xiping was rendered speechless, for he couldn’t possibly say that to their faces.

“Besides, am I supposed to expect other people to dote on my own wife?” Even though Rong Xiu was smiling as he said this, the iciness in his squinted eyes struck fear in the young man’s heart.

Anger surged up Wei Xiping’s chest, but just when he wanted to retort, Elder Bo Yan said, “Alright, there’s no need to discuss these things now. What’s most important at hand is that matter.”

Elder Wan Zheng walked over and sat down on one of the two remaining empty chairs.

“Now that everyone’s here, let’s—”

“Elder Bo Yan, is the director not coming today?” asked a young lady, who was sitting at the side. The director ought to be the one presiding over this meeting instead.

Elder Bo Yan calmly replied, “The director is still in seclusion, so I’m still in charge of the academy’s affairs for the time being.”

Although there was nothing wrong with this reason, it made some people frown as the director had been in seclusion for a long time, yet it seemed that he still had no intention of coming out to date. Hence, they

couldn’t help but find it suspicious.

That said, Elder Bo Yan didn’t give them the chance to continue this topic. “I’ve only briefly mentioned this matter in the letter to you all because it’s more appropriate that I tell you the details in person.”

Upon hearing Elder Bo Yan’s serious tone, everyone fell silent and carefully paid attention to what he was about to say.

Actually, they weren’t the only people who had received the letter from the academy. There were at least a hundred people who had received said letter, but these people were the only ones qualified to sit here.

Take Jiang Zhiyuan for example. She was also one of the recipients and had even arrived earlier than Rong Xiu, but currently, she could only wait outside.

Meanwhile, a few girls were sitting together in a circle in an exquisite courtyard on top of a mountain peak at the Xuan Master area.

“Zhiyuan, I heard that you’ve picked up a new skill. Are you going to reveal it at the monthly assessment tomorrow?” asked a pretty girl with a curious expression.

Jiang Zhiyuan, however, didn’t respond. In fact, it didn’t seem like she heard the question.

“Zhiyuan? Zhiyuan?”

It was only then that Jiang Zhiyuan snapped back to her senses and realized what was going on when she met their gazes. She nodded. “Huh? Yeah, I do have the plan to do that.”

Her gaze then drifted back to Dong Huang Clock Tower. As she hadn’t fully recovered from her injuries, her lips were still a little pale. Her pale complexion, coupled with her faraway look, made her look extra pitiful. It

was unfortunate, though, that only these girls were here to see it.

The girls next to Jiang Zhiyuan exchanged a look. There wasn’t even a need for them to ask her in order to know why she was behaving like this. The news about the Sky-Cloud Empire had long spread and reached their


Even though the various clans and sects in the God Residence Realm didn’t keep in touch with each other very often, it didn’t prevent certain important news from spreading quickly. Besides, almost everybody in the

academy knew how Jiang Zhiyuan felt toward Rong Xiu. In fact, he was the main reason why she had enrolled in Ling Xiao Academy.

Jiang Zhiyuan came from Fairy Water Mound—which was the strongest clan among the Sky-Cloud Empire’s 28 clans—so many people naturally thought that she would be the one standing next to Rong Xiu’s side.

However, things turned out to be different from their expectations.

Seeing how crestfallen and distracted Jiang Zhiyuan was, they knew that she probably wouldn’t listen to anything they said to her at this moment.

All of a sudden, a girl with a sharp chin pursed her lips and said, “Zhiyuan, this is so unlike you! If this were in the past, you’d definitely be racking your brain for ways to get a good result in the monthly assessment right


“What’s the point of all that? It’s not like he’ll notice me…” Jiang Zhiyuan let out a bitter laugh. Everything she did in the past was because Rong Xiu was too outstanding in the academy. She figured that the gap

between them could be narrowed if she worked harder to better herself. She didn’t mind doing anything as long as it meant that she could be closer to him, but everything had lost its meaning now that he had chosen

someone else as his wife. No matter what she thought or did, nothing could change this fact.

“That’s all the more reason for you to do well in the assessment!” The girl with a sharp chin lightly tapped Jiang Zhiyuan’s head with a finger. “Are you going to give up on him just like that after chasing him for so long?!

This is the time you have to show how outstanding you are! Let everyone, including him, realize that it’s his shame for not choosing you!”

A flash of light flickered in Jiang Zhiyuan’s eyes, but it soon died out. Show how outstanding I am? It looks like they still don’t know about Shangguan Yue’s performance. If they knew that she’s stronger than me, they

surely wouldn’t say such things.

“Just think about it, Zhiyuan! Both you and Rong Xiu are currently at the academy. As long as you’re willing, there won’t be any chance for that princess consort.”

Jiang Zhiyuan looked up in surprise. “What are you trying to say?”.

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