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Chapter 1120 Rumors

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“You! Yes, you! Come over here!” While he was speaking, that elder’s figure had already quickly flown over from afar and landed on the ground.

The crowd moved a step backward in unison and respectfully greeted, “Greetings, Elder Wan Zheng!”

Elder Wan Zheng grunted. “I’ll deal with you later!”

He looked at the ‘mastermind’ Chu Liuyue. “This kid… Hm? You—”

Seeing the unfamiliar face, Elder Wan Zheng was dazed. “You’re new?”

Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched as she hurriedly stepped forward, cupped her fists, and respectfully bowed. “I’m Chu Yue. Greetings, Elder Wan Zheng.”

“So you’re Chu Yue!” Elder Wan Zheng had heard of this name before.

Two days ago, he heard Wen Xi mention that he recruited a rare talent for them. Said talent was only 16 years old and was an eighth-grade heavenly doctor.

Originally, Elder Wan Zheng thought that Chu Yue would be busy familiarizing himself with the academy and cultivating. After all, the assessment was coming up, and he had to get a mentor. Who knew he would

actually be busy with such illicit matters?!

Seeing that the kid was still considered polite and was young, Elder Wan Zheng toned down a little. However, his tone was still rude. “Chu Yue, do you know that you’re not allowed to pill bet on the last day of the


Chu Liuyue was dazed. How would I know?! Nobody told me before!

At the side, Zhong Xun hurriedly went forward and explained, “Elder Wan Zheng, it’s all my fault. Junior Brother Chu Yue just arrived, and I didn’t tell him about it properly, so…”

“If he doesn’t know, do all of you not know too?” Elder Wan Zheng interrupted him, surveyed his surroundings, and looked solemn.

The crowd exchanged glances and became increasingly silent.

“Everyone present has violated the academy rules. 3,000 points are to be deducted from everyone!”

“Ah!!!” The crowd groaned in misery. We just wanted to earn some quick bucks, and we haven’t even started! Why did we suddenly have our points deducted!?

Elder Wan Zheng raised his brows slightly. “What? Do you want it deducted two-fold?”

Everyone immediately fell silent.

“The two people who made the agreement to pill bet are to have 5,000 points deducted!”

The two lone people standing next to the cauldron could only be angry, but they didn’t dare to speak. Who told them to do it on purpose?

Originally, they thought that they would be lucky and could prepare a little before the beginning of the month, but who knew they would be harmed by their wit? They could only silently accept the deduction.

“And you—” Elder Wan Zheng glanced at Chu Liuyue. “You led the betting. Even though you didn’t know about it, your points still have to be deducted! Since this is your first offense, I’ll deduct 5,000 points!”

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. J only managed to earn more than 20,000 points these three days. Now, 5,000 is deducted in one go. It’s a huge loss for me.

“Elder Wan Zheng, Junior Brother is really innocent in this matter. It’s all because we didn’t tell him on time and guide him properly. You should deduct these 5,000 points from me!” said Zhong Xun hurriedly.

Actually, he blamed himself quite a bit.

They didn’t do it on purpose. Even though the academy had rules that they couldn’t pill bet on the last day of the month, the restrictions had exceptions—it didn’t allow more than two people. This also meant that

other than the two parties who were betting, it wasn’t against the rules as long as the others didn’t follow.

In the end, more than a hundred of them gathered in one go. It would be weird if Elder Wan Zheng wasn’t angry.

Luckily, they hadn’t officially begun. If not, the punishment would be worse!

He also forgot about this issue as excitement overwhelmed him when he spent so much time with Chu Yue and saw the latter winning many times. In the end, he implicated everyone—especially his junior brother, who

had just come and didn’t know anything.

“Senior Brother Zhong Xun, thank you for your kind intentions. But since I did this, I should take responsibility for it.” Chu Liuyue shook her head and rejected Zhong Xun’s help.

Elder Wan Zheng squinted his eyes. “That’s more like it!”

Then, he flicked his wrist and brought up his own jade plaque.

This jade plaque was slightly different from theirs, be it in terms of size or appearance. Clearly, this was something that only an elder would have.

“Everyone come and queue up now!” Elder Wan Zheng commanded, and the crowd could only go forward obediently.

They queued up and placed their black plaques above one by one. Rays of light flashed across.

Quite a few people looked heartbroken, but they didn’t dare to speak further.

Very quickly, even the duo who hadn’t competed in time walked over and had 5,000 points deducted.

hong Xun glanced at Chu Liuyue hesitantly.

hu Liuyue willingly walked forward and placed her black plaque forward.

ray of white light flashed across, and the number above decreased instantly.

hu Liuyue’s attitude put Elder Wan Zheng in a better mood. “That’s the way! You need to familiarize yourself with the academy rules. If not, such a situation will happen again because you’re ignorant!”

hu Liuyue acknowledged it obediently. “Thank you for the reminder, Elder Wan Zheng. I’ll remember it.”

“Great! You’re a talent, so don’t spend time on these nonsensical things! Prepare well today and perform well tomorrowl” A rare smile finally surfaced on Elder Wan Zheng’s face.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

Elder Wan Zheng then waved his hands. “Go back! Go back!”

Once he said this, the crowd acknowledged the order in unison and disappeared instantly.

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

In the blink of an eye, only the three of them were left on the giant mountain peak.

Elder Wan Zheng reminded them again and then left.

Looking at the empty surroundings, Chu Liuyue was speechless for once.

“Junior Brother Chu Yue, don’t mind it. Elder Wan Zheng said all of that for your own good. He didn’t really mean to blame you.” Seeing that her expression seemed amiss, Zhong Xun hurriedly comforted her. “It’s all

my fault—”

“Senior Brother Zhong Xun, you don’t have to blame yourself.” Chu Liuyue shook her head. “I know that Elder Wan Zheng meant well, but I just find it weird.”

“What’s weird?”

“The atmosphere in Ling Xiao Academy has been great, and everyone toes the line. Why is there such a rule?”

Can’t pill bet at the end of the month… If they’re really unhappy, they could just ban it altogether. Why must they impose the restriction for the last day only?

“Oh, you’re talking about this?” Zhong Xun smiled in understanding. “You just came, so you don’t know. The start of every month is when everyone needs to use up their points crazily, so many people will suddenly

have a surge in wealth the day before since they try to accumulate as many points as possible to have better advantages. You’ll understand this in detail in the future.”

“The academy set this rule to prevent competition with ill intentions as they might steal other people’s points, and…” Thinking of something, Zhong Xun restrained his expression, and his eyes looked deep.

Chu Liuyue looked at him. “And what?”

“Actually, this is just hearsay,” said Zhong Xun slowly after feeling conflicted for a moment.

“This rule had never existed before, but a few years ago, a student used pill betting to gain one-third of all the academy students’ points at the end of the month, causing those people to be unable to cultivate properly

for the next few months! Ever since then, the academy specifically set this rule to prevent such an event from happening again.”

Chu Liuyue blinked and asked with much interest, “Who is it? This person is so capable.”.

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