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Chapter 1119 Who Organized This?!

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Chu Liuyue and the others’ arrival didn’t cause much of a commotion in Ling Xiao Academy. Everyone was used to it as new students would come in once every few days.

Now that there were only three days left until the assessment at the beginning of the month, they couldn’t even handle their own matters, let alone care about others!

There were many talents in the world. Here, only the capable ones had the last say!


After Elder Wen Xi left with them, Elder Hua Feng was left alone to guard the area.

It quickly became nighttime. Elder Hua Feng packed his items up and returned to his house.

He sat on the stone chair in the yard, and the surroundings were silent. However, Elder Hua Feng wasn’t calm.

“It has been so long… Why hasn’t she come out yet…” muttered Elder Hua Feng softly as he stared at the sparkling stars in the sky.

That’s not right. It really isn’t right. I clearly felt that that person had come. Even if I die, I won’t mistake that familiar aura!

n the beginning, that person didn’t show up, and Elder Hua Feng thought that she was tricking him. But after waiting for so long and being on his guard for the entire day, he didn’t even see half a person’s figure.

Elder Hua Feng stroked his beard, and his head ached. It was as if one knew that a mine was buried next to them, but they didn’t know the exact location or when it would explode!

He felt very uneasy, and this feeling wasn’t good.

Elder Hua Feng thought for a while as he held up his wine bottle and drank a big mouthful from it.

His throat burned! Then, he forcefully wiped his mouth and grunted softly. “Don’t come if you don’t want to! Who is waiting for you!?”

Following that, he stood up and returned to the house. He lifted his blankets and directly lay on the bed, planning to rest.

The moonlight shone in from the windows.


Elder Hua Feng jumped up in frustration. “Ah! I’m so annoyed! When I find you, just see how I’ll teach you a lesson, rascal!”

The night was silent.

Nighttime in Fangzhou didn’t have the hustle and bustle of daytime as the surroundings fell silent.

A figure with a slightly curved back paced back and forth on the spacious streets. His footsteps seemed light and silent, but they were very quick.

Even if there were people who walked by in the night, they couldn’t detect him.

“That’s weird… Not here… Not here either…” After searching for a long time, Elder Hua Feng finally found a desolate corner and stopped. His head ached. Was it really an illusion?

After much thinking, Elder Hua Feng finally clenched his teeth and walked in the direction of the city!

The city gates were as per normal, and there was nobody guarding it at night. However, people were prohibited from entering or leaving at night. Hence, the area near the city gates was also very quiet and empty.

Elder Hua Feng walked to the entrance and held his breath to gather his focus. Gradually, his expression became determined. That’s definitely not an illusion…

Then, he averted his gaze and stared at the hole that was chopped out by the city gate.

“We haven’t seen each other in years, yet your patience has grown!” grunted Elder Hua Feng softly. “Let’s see how long you’ll last!”

Elder Hua Feng didn’t sleep the entire night.

The next morning, he felt someone coming. It was the elder who was supposed to take the next shift—Guan Song.

Seeing Elder Hua Feng’s slightly lethargic expression, Elder Guan Song was taken aback. “What happened? You were just stationed here for half a day. Why did you become like this?”

Elder Hua Feng was stumped. / can’t say it’s because I was waiting for that troublemaker…

“Nothing, nothing. Just come over.”

Elder Guan Song glanced at the empty bottle by his waist and said concernedly, “Why don’t you go back earlier? I think you—”

“No need!” Elder Hua Feng swiftly rejected him. I’ve already changed my mind! I must wait here!

Elder Hua Feng waited for three days in one go.

Quite a few elders changed shifts in between, yet Elder Hua Feng insisted on being stationed here and didn’t leave. But after much waiting and searching, that person still didn’t appear.

Elder Hua Feng’s heart was crushed. /f you’ve come back, you should come out after hiding for a few days. If you haven’t come back…

Elder Hua Feng’s eyes lit up! Could it be that the troublemaker really didn’t come back?!

After much consideration, Elder Hua Feng finally went back the day before the beginning of the month. J won’t wait anymore! It’s more important to accept disciples!

At this moment, on a certain mountain in Ling Xiao Academy, two youngsters were staring straight at each other in the middle of an empty space.

Hundreds of people gathered around in a circle to watch.

Two stone tables were placed beside the two youngsters. Their respective black plaques were placed on them.

The atmosphere was tense; it was clear that it was another pill betting session. But at this moment, before the two youngsters began, the crowd’s gazes all fell on a figure in the crowd.

It was a youngster in a green robe. His eyes were clear, comfortable, and clean.

“Chu Yue, who are you betting on for this match?!” Zhong Xun asked at the side.

Once he said this, the crowd increasingly fell silent.

Some people unwittingly held their breaths in as they closely stared at the young man being questioned. It seemed like they were waiting for his answer.

Chu Liuyue felt her head ache withstanding these enthusiastic stares. This matter… seems to have blown up…

It was actually very simple. Three days ago, she told Zhong Xun to bring her around and see if there were other pill bets as she wanted to earn some points to spend for herself.

In the end, after she won five matches consecutively, the matter started developing in an uncontrollable direction.

Many people heard that a new junior brother had consecutively won five pill betting wagers! The key was that all five matches he chose had a high compensation rate!

When everyone thought that he would lose completely, he made a comeback and directly won the many points countless people accumulated over a long time!

This allowed the junior brother to earn more than a hundred-fold of his points when he started from 100 points on his first day in the academy!

Once this news spread around, it caused quite a big commotion.

Pill bets were very common in the academy. On the one hand, everyone could duel with each other and learn from each other. On the other hand, it could entertain them and adjust their mood.

Hence, once someone started a bet, quite a few people would follow them all the while. There would be wins and losses for the majority. After all, there were many aspects to pill betting.

Even if one’s cultivation level was higher, they might fail if they made a slight mistake during the competition. Such uncertainty caused pill bets to be more fun. But now, a new student actually won five pill bet wagers

in a row! How could it not shock others and make them curious?

Thus, many more people started following her around. Until today, wherever Chu Liuyue went, the betting locations would be very crowded.

Everyone was waiting for her to make a decision.

Chu Liuyue rubbed her glabella. Actually… it was such a coincidence… I purposely chose those matches with a high compensation rate as I wanted to earn fast money. Who knew it would turn out like this?

“I think…” Chu Liuyue walked to one of the stone tables.

Once she placed her black plaque down, she heard a voice boom from above. “What are you doing?! Tomorrow is the assessment. Why are all of you gathered here?!”

The crowd looked up.

Chu Liuyue looked up as well.

“Which scoundrel organized this? Stand up!”

The crowd quickly put away their black plaques and looked at Chu Liuyue in unison.

Chu Liuyue—who had just placed her black plaque down—was confused. .

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