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Chapter 1118 So Many Points, I Want to Take a Look

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Elder Qiao Zhi’s previous worries were rather unnecessary. He never expected that although Chu Liuyue had no status or background, she could still stabilize her footing with just a pill bet.

At the very least, with a senior brother like Zhong Xun helping her willingly, it would save her a lot of trouble.

Even though heavenly doctors were mostly very prideful, they would still have a good impression of the people who chose to stand on their side in times of difficulty.

Zhong Xun brought Chu Liuyue around. After interacting for a while, he felt that this new junior brother wasn’t bad. Though he’s young, he is very mature and well-mannered. His appearance can only be considered

clean, and he definitely isn’t an eye-catching existence among the crowd. However, he seems to have a natural elegance in his bones. This rare aura makes him different from the rest.

n the beginning, Zhong Xun felt that since the other party had supported him during the pill bet, he had to give the latter some face. But slowly, he wanted to make friends with him.

This young man named ‘Chu Yue’ is indeed outstanding in many aspects. He should be a young master from some aristocratic family, Zhong Xun secretly thought to himself. This aura is definitely not something an

ordinary person would have. Even though this junior brother hasn’t talked much about his background as if he were intentionally hiding it, many of the students here do the same thing, so it isn’t surprising.

Hence, Zhong Xun didn’t mind it either.

Chu Liuyue followed him and toured a few places, bumping into a few people on the way.

“It’s going to be the end of the month soon. Everyone is busy cultivating in preparation for the test at the start of the month,” explained Zhong Xun when he walked to a sheltered stone pathway. “Other than new

students who need to find their teachers, the old students have their own tasks too. You need to know that the competition here is very intense.”

Even though Zhong Xun said this with a smile, it wasn’t hard to see his serious expression.

Chu Liuyue nodded. It’s the top academy in the God Residence Realm, where all the talents gather. It would be weird if it wasn’t intensely competitive.

“I just broke through a few days ago, so I wanted to practice with Tuo Baxuan.”

Actually, he didn’t have much hope either. Who knew—

He could only say that no matter how good one was, they had to treat every pill production seriously and carefully and put in their best. If not, someone would bring you down at any moment!

“That Senior Brother seems to be about to break through too,” said Chu Liuyue.

Zhong Xun glanced at her strangely. “How did you know that?”

Chu Liuyue paused.

This kind of matter was actually very easy to discern, but the condition was that one’s abilities had to be stronger than the other party or at the same level at the very least.

Tuo Baxuan was a ninth-grade heavenly doctor. He seemed to fail when he tried to produce a middle-grade ninth-grade pill.

Even though Chu Liuyue hasn’t fully recovered her capabilities, she could still see these things. However, she couldn’t say such words.

“I guessed it,” said Chu Liuyue with a smile. “When I want to break through, I also like to find people to duel with them.”

Seeing her genuine expression, Zhong Xun didn’t doubt her. “There’s another reason why he agreed to my pill bet. If he could win five rounds in a row, his points could be doubled.”

Tuo Baxuan should’ve been sure that he could’ve won, so he agreed to the match. It was a pity that he was too anxious.

Points—points again! Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but question, “It seems like these points are very important?”

“Of course!” Zhong Xun laughed out loud. “You just entered the academy, so it’s normal that you don’t know this. Although Elder Qiao Zhi briefly explained it to you previously, you’ll only truly understand when you

slowly experience it.”

As he spoke, he sized Chu Liuyue up. “Do you want a ninth-grade pill formula?”

Looking at his face, Chu Liuyue swallowed the words ‘I’m not interested and smiled slightly. “Yes.”

“In the academy, you can buy a ninth-grade pill formula with 1,000 points! Of course, it’ll be a low-grade one. If you want a middle-grade or a superior-grade one, you have to use more points. But as long as you want

to and your points are sufficient, there’s nothing you can’t buy here!” said Zhong Xun with a slightly emotional expression.

Ling Xiao Academy had been around for millions of years and had a deep foundation. Any aristocratic family in the God Residence Realm couldn’t compare to the academy!

The academy was even stronger! Things that couldn’t be found outside and were highly sought after or things that one hadn’t even heard of could be found here! As long as one’s points were sufficient, they could

exchange for it!

This showed how important points were!

“This means that points really are quite important… Then, aren’t my 1,000 points quite useless?” Chu Liuyue blinked and nodded as if she understood. It’s only enough to buy a beginner ninth-grade pill formula. It’s a

waste of time and emotions.

However, Zhong Xun didn’t notice the faint contempt in her eyes as he encouraged her. “That’s why you must work hard to earn points after you enter! But you don’t have to worry—you’ve already turned your initial

100 points to 1,000 points on your first day. You’re much better than many people! In times to come, your points will gradually accumulate!”

Then, he realized that the youngster opposite him had slightly hung his head as if he were thinking of something. “Chu Yue? Chu Yue?”

After Zhong Xun called twice, that youngster looked up and smiled at him slightly. His black eyes dazzled and shone under the reflection of the sunlight.

“Senior Brother Zhong Xun, you’re right.” The pure youngster smiled in a gentle and harmless manner. “There should be other people pill betting in the academy, right? I wonder if… Senior Brother Zhong Xun can

bring me along? I want to take a look.”.

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