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Chapter 1117 Minority Beat the Majority

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Elder Qiao Zhi shook his head in his heart. To think that I just thought this child was very obedient and mature, yet he is so daring when he gambles. Even if he wants to gamble, he should bet on the winning side! Who

bets on the losing side!? Great, now he’ll lose everything not long after arriving at the academy!

“Don’t do this again in the future! You really don’t know how hard it is to earn points!” Elder Qiao Zhi advised kindly.

Chu Liuyue nodded seriously, but it was another question whether she had heeded his advice.

At this point, a whir was heard!

The surrounding crowd looked up and saw that the commotion was coming from Tuo Baxuan’s cauldron.

“It’s about to be complete!” someone yelled softly.

The herbal fragrance became increasingly stronger as the fire rose, and lines continuously appeared on the pill!

The crowd couldn’t help but hold in their breaths!

But at this moment, a tiny ripple suddenly came out from within!

Tuo Baxuan’s expression changed slightly. Then, before he could react, the pill actually exploded!


A loud sound was heard!

Tuo Baxuan was right in the middle of it and was immediately flung away by the terrifying force, harshly slamming against the ground! However, he didn’t care about himself as he hurriedly got up and gazed at his


The fire inside was completely extinguished, and the pill was destroyed, leaving only dust behind.

The faint burning smell permeated the air.

Tuo Baxuan’s face flashed white. How did it—I only made a small mistake just now! Originally, I thought I had already fixed it, but who knew…

The sudden explosion caused the surrounding people to be taken aback.

Almost at the same time, Zhong Xun also reached the last obstacle!

His face was slightly red, and his lips were white as he kept sweating. He looked as if he couldn’t hold on any longer, but his feet were still tightly glued to the ground as he used up all his strength to insert the last bit of

his force into the pill!


Aripple hit the cauldron, and an intense herbal fragrance exploded!

A few lines continuously appeared on the pill! Then, the pill actually rushed out!

Zhong Xun hurriedly grabbed a jade box and captured it!


The jade box was closed! That pill was nicely locked within!

Zhong Xun staggered backward and almost fell on the floor.

After he stabilized himself, he finally got a breather as he glanced at the crowd. His lethargic face had an unconcealable elation. “I-I won!”

The crowd was silent.

Nobody expected that Tuo Baxuan—who had the advantage the entire time—actually lost everything at the last step and lost to Zhong Xun!

Even Elder Qiao Zhi was dazed for once.

“Congratulations.” The person talking was Chu Liuyue.

Zhong Xun looked at her and revealed a smile. “Thank you for supporting me just now.”

Chu Liuyue blinked. “Senior Brother, I actually only wanted to take the risk to gamble. I should thank you instead. You won’t blame me for splitting your winnings, right?”

“Haha! Why would I!?” Zhong Xun laughed.

This time, he had won quite a bit from his comeback, so it was nothing to split it with this junior brother. The more important point was that when everyone thought lowly of him, only she stood up to support him.

He had to admit that he didn’t have much confidence in himself back then. Only this junior brother helped to calm him down. This was more important than anything else.

Zhong Xun walked to the other stone table.

Tuo Baxuan had already stood up, and his expression was complicated.

“Everyone, I won’t hold back on the points that were bet!” Zhong Xun laughed.

Tuo Baxuan took a deep breath in. “I admit defeat—just take it! I’ll get it back from you next time!”

Zhong Xun used his plaque to touch those few black plaques, and rays of light flashed across.

Chu Liuyue then realized that this black plaque actually had a cosmic bag inside.

After Zhong Xun touched all those black plaques, he walked to her and smiled. “Junior Brother, bring yours over.”

Chu Liuyue brought her black plaque over. Light then flashed across, and a few lines floated above it.

Chu Liuyue quickly scanned it and discovered that there were quite a few items inside. There were herbs and also formulas.

There was a number on the last line: “1,000.”

That should be the number of points she had earned.

“Senior Brother, this—”

“I’m Zhong Xun.” Zhong Xun smiled and returned the black plaque to Chu Liuyue. “All of this is what you deserve. Don’t stand on ceremony!”

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment before finally taking it over. Then, she smiled and said, “Thank you, Senior Brother Zhong Xun.”

This black plaque indeed had similar uses to a Cosmic Ring.

As if seeing through her thoughts, Zhong Xun explained, “You can store many items in the black plaque, and the storage expands along with your accumulated points. Additionally, all the items in your plaque will have

your aura on it, so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen.”

Chu Liuyue thought to herself, This item is indeed convenient. Just based on this alone, many people will dispel their evil intentions.

“The winnings obtained through regular betting or items that are willingly given will be recorded down, so you won’t get into trouble.”

Chu Liuyue had a better impression of the black plaque in her hands. “So this item is this impressive…”

“Of course! Every academy student’s black plaque was specifically made by the Armory Refinement Master elders,” added Elder Qiao Zhi.

As he spoke, he walked over and shot Chu Liuyue a more surprised look. “Kid, you’re really lucky!”

He could actually win in such a situation!

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly. “I’ve always been lucky, but this time, it’s mainly because of you and Senior Brother Zhong Xun. If not, I wouldn’t have this chance.”

Elder Qiao Zhi felt good when he heard this. “Okay! I’ve sent you over already, so during this period, you should learn from them first! You’ll undergo assessments to find your teacher at the beginning of the next

month! J still have something on, so I’ll go first!”

Chu Liuyue acknowledged it.

The other students hurriedly bowed.

Elder Qiao Zhi’s figure quickly disappeared before the crowd.

The surroundings quickly fell silent.

“What’s your name?” Tuo Baxuan’s voice came from behind.

Chu Liuyue turned around and smiled faintly. “Chu Yue.”

“Chu Yue?” Tuo Baxuan swallowed the mouthful of blood in his throat and looked at her with a doubtful gaze. “Why did you bet that he would win just now?”

Chu Liuyue’s expression didn’t change. “It’s only interesting if the minority wins against the majority.”

If I bet with the majority, I’ll only get a bit of everyone’s soup. Besides, Zhong Xun definitely would’ve won this round. Why would I go against myself?

Tuo Baxuan controlled his expression and felt that he had thought too much. He’s just an eighth-grade heavenly doctor; he shouldn’t be able to discern anything. Perhaps… it really was a coincidence?

“Junior Brother Chu Yue, I’ll bring you around. It’ll be the beginning of the month in the next few days. There isn’t much time left for you to prepare,” said Zhong Xun.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Thank you, Senior Brother Zhong Xun.”.

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