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Chapter 1115 Fated

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Chu Liuyue quickly followed Elder Qiao Zhi and left with Luo Yanming.

“Who is he?” When the trio’s figures gradually left far away, Luo Yanlin looked toward the two people beside him and seemingly asked nonchalantly, “It seems like you guys are close?”

“Actually, we’re not very close, but we met at Fangzhou!” At the side, Zhuo Sheng chuckled and smiled brightly. “That young man is very talented! He’s only 16 years old, yet he’s already an eighth-grade heavenly


“Oh?” Luo Yanlin raised his brows slightly, and a strange gaze flashed across his eyes, but they quickly recovered back to normal. Zhuo Sheng and the rest have just arrived, so they might still be shocked and curious

when they encounter such an incident. However, I’ve been in the academy for many years, and I have seen many top elites that come from all over the world. Even though this Chu Yue isn’t bad, he isn’t that surprising.

He’s not bad. If he can develop properly, his future will be bright.” Luo Yanlin gave a neutral comment.

feel that he can do it,” said Luo Shishi suddenly.

uo Yanlin’s gaze flickered, and he saw Luo Shishi having a serious expression as she stared at the departing figure.

‘ve also met quite a few outstandingly talented heavenly doctors, but most of them are very proud. However, this Chu Yue…”

He was humble, well-mannered, and knew when to advance and to retreat. If they didn’t see it personally during the test, they wouldn’t dare to believe that he was only 16 years old.

Zhuo Sheng was already twenty-three. In front of him, Chu Yue felt like a child.

o matter if his calm and composed nature was developed after birth or if he was a natural at it, it was very shocking.

Luo Yanlin stroked his chin. “We’ll have to know whether he’s capable when it’s time to follow the teachers at the start of the month.”

That bunch of prideful heavenly doctors isn’t that easy to be fooled.

He waved toward the duo. “Okay, let’s forget about them first. I’ll bring you around to familiarize yourselves with the surroundings. Later on, I’ll go and check on Yanming’s situation. Shishi, now that you’ve already

broken through to become a beginner stage-nine warrior, do you want to duel with me again?”

“Okay!” Luo Shishi finally retracted her gaze, and her eyes lit up. Ever since Fourth Brother came to Ling Xiao Academy, we’ve never fought with him again. I’m very tempted.

At the side, Zhuo Sheng hurriedly yelled, “Fourth Brother, what about me?!”

Luo Yanlin broke into a smile. “Come with her too!”

Hearing this, the group of students spectating below cheered.

With Luo Yanlin around, the two of them quickly became one of them.

Hearing all sorts of weird noises coming from the students behind them, Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but turn around.

Elder Qiao Zhi seemed to have sensed it as he asked, “What? Do you want to stay behind and watch?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head, and her thin lips curled up slightly in a faint angle. “I was just surprised that the academy would look like that.”

“Hehe, then what did you think it would look like?” Elder Qiao Zhi laughed. “Blindly fighting has no meaning at all, nor does acting strong all the while. Those who can enter Ling Xiao Academy are all the most

outstanding talents in the entire God Residence Realm. They will understand this logic. The most important thing is to duel with each other and improve one’s own cultivation level.”

Other than in the academy, they knew for a fact that there were even stronger warriors outside! They only could make themselves stronger so as not to waste every single minute and second spent here.

“You’re right.” Chu Liuyue lightly sighed. The academy’s director and elders must’ve spent a lot of effort to create such a positive competitive environment where everyone can tolerate each other.

In the beginning, she had many other thoughts when she came here. But now, she suddenly had some expectations and hopes for Ling Xiao Academy itself.

“The people over there are all Xuan Masters.” Elder Qiao Zhi suddenly stopped and pointed below.

Chu Liuyue followed his line of sight.

More than twenty students were standing on a broad and spacious piece of land in the middle of the mountain. There were men and women who looked young and energetic.

A woman around 30 years old was standing at the frontmost of them. Her figure was thin and curvy, and she looked very gentle. However, her vague suppression caused one to be unable to underestimate her as they

were too scared to even take another look at her.

Beside her was a gigantic and complicated Xuan formation. It seemed like she was teaching a lesson.

Hearing the movement, she raised her head slightly and walked over.

Elder Qiao Zhi laughed out loud. “Qiniang, I brought you a child with much potential today!”

Miao Qiniang smiled. “It’s clearly Wen Xi’s hard work. Why are you fighting for it?”

Hearing this tone, it seemed like all the elders had the same status.

Elder Qiao Zhi grunted softly. “I knew I couldn’t hide it from you! You already knew about it when they passed the barrier earlier on, right?!”

Miao Qiniang smiled and didn’t say a word, but she didn’t deny it either.

She was in charge of a portion of the Ling Xiao Academy’s barrier. This was also the reason why she could know some things that happened.

She gently looked at Luo Yanming. “You’re Yanlin’s younger brother, right? He talked about you previously, and you are indeed quite good.”

Luo Yanming hurriedly said, “Greetings, Elder. I’m Luo Yanming.”

“You can just call me Qiniang. Calling me elder makes me sound so old.” Miao Qiniang sighed as if she were whining.

However, Luo Yanming didn’t dare to do so.

Miao Qiniang didn’t tease him, but the other students started talking really loudly. “Qiniang really doesn’t like people to call her elder. Newcomer, you must remember this!”

“He called her that just now, but Qiniang didn’t get angry. Is it because of Yanlin?”

“Of course! Haha, Yanlin is Qiniang’s proud disciple! Now that another one has come, she doesn’t even have the time to be happy. Why would she be angry?!”

Seeing that the crowd was so lively and that they all addressed her in that manner, Luo Yanming was secretly shocked as he didn’t expect there to be such an ‘elder’ in the world.

Miao Qiniang glanced at the crowd in a seemingly smiling manner. “Don’t scare the child. Have you understood the Xuan formation yet? Why did you come here to join the commotion?”

The crowd hurriedly retracted their gazes and continued studying her Xuan formation.

Miao Qiniang’s gaze turned, and she looked at Chu Liuyue. “This child seems not bad too… Hm?”

She raised her sharp brows slightly, revealing a meaningful smile. / actually can’t see this person’s abilities. This shows how formidable the Yuan instrument he has is. The Luo family is already one of the top aristocratic

families in the God Residence Realm, yet Luo Yanming doesn’t have such an object. This young man…

“Hey… Qiniang, he isn’t left for you! This child is a heavenly doctor!” explained Elder Qiao Zhi hurriedly.

Miao Qiniang looked regretful. “Ah… that’s such a pity… I feel rather fated with this child!”

That was the truth.

This young man had distinctly black and white eyes that were as clean and clear as fountain water, causing one to feel elated. His eyes and brows were vaguely familiar.

Elder Qiao Zhi’s lips twitched. “Okay, okay! Since I’ve already sent the person over, I won’t stay here any longer!”

Then, he brought Chu Liuyue and left.

Not long later, Chu Liuyue smelled a thick herbal fragrance from the mountains.

Her eyes lit up. Someone is producing a pill!

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