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Chapter 1104: Ling Xiao Academy

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These few days, Lin Zhifei’s health had pretty much recovered.

Chu Liuyue just had to go one last time and give him the last dose of medicine before she could leave in ease.

As for those people from Cold Mountain Gully, Chu Liuyue didn’t think much about them. This was because Rong Xiu had already gotten Yan Qing to handle those people before she had even talked to him about it.

‘When they could finally leave in the end, Chu Liuyue coincidentally met them.

Han Quan’s one leg and arm were handicapped, and the remaining few were also handicapped in some ways. It was the type that was hard to recover from.

After this time, these few people were basically useless. Not to mention improving in the future, but it was already very hard for them to maintain their current cultivation level.

In the Sky-Cloud Empire, there were a total of 28 divisions. Previously, Rong Xiu had already personally eliminated Peerless Palace. Now that another Cold Mountain Gully was ruined, nobody would care much about it.

Hence, the people from Cold Mountain Gully didn’t even dare to harbor any hatred as they could only leave in despair. They were afraid that their lives would end right here if they left any later.

The situations of Lou Ruhai and Cold Mountain Gully quickly spread around.

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

At this point, some people finally realized that the newly selected princess consort wasn’t as weak and easily bullied as they thought. With such a mindset and skills, together with her talent… It wouldn’t even be hard for her to stabilize herself in the Sky-Cloud Empire!

Chu Liuyue allowed the outsiders to guess whatever they wanted, and she ignored all of them.

In the God Residence Realm, the strong were respected. As long as she was sufficiently powerful, she could make all of these people shut up obediently.

Other than this, she still had something very important to do.

This afternoon, Rong Xiu was free for once, so Chu Liuyue pulled him to play chess with her. After an intense battle, Chu Liuyue still lost.

Looking at the collapsed chessboard in front of her, Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth. This man has stunning talent and capabilities. It’s hard for me to catch up to him in such a short amount of time.

Helpless, Chu Liuyue could only change the topic. “Your Highness, there’s something I forgot to ask you before. Do you know Jun Jiuging?”

Rong Xiu paused in his actions and silently looked up at her. Then, he nodded. “Sort of, but not really.”

“How do you know him?” Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t have interacted at all. Also, it seemed like Jun Jiuging understood the Sky-Cloud Empire quite well. According to his identity as Beiming’s crown prince, he shouldn’t have known these things.

“He… came to the God Residence Realm before? Or is he originally from the God Residence Realm?”

Rong Xiu kept silent for a moment before laughing. “He was born in the God Residence Realm, but he was sent back to Beiming a long time ago. However… he has never halted his connections with this side.”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding. This can explain many things, but why was he sent back? In this world, many people would sacrifice everything to enter the God Residence Realm and make a name for themselves. And Jun Jiuging:

“Back then, the family clan he was in had very intense fights. In order to protect his life, the people above sent him away. That family clan also has very good relations with Beiming, so-”

“Then, he’s not the Beiming Emperor’s son?”

“Of course not. But because of his unique identity, Jun Qizhi has always treated him like his biological son. Not many people in the Beiming royal family know about this.”

“But you do.” Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes.

Rong Xiu raised his brows and laughed. “If I don’t even know this sort of thing, I wouldn’t be His Grace.”

A smile was plastered on his lips. He was just teasing, but it made Chu Liuyue’s heart tighten.

She only had a guess about Rong Xiu’s background, and she would finish talking about it in mere sentences. However, only Rong Xiu himself knew how many hardships and heartaches were behind these simple words.

From not being acknowledged by his family clan to being one of the top existences in the family clan… One just had to think to know how much he had experienced!

“So it means that Jun Jiuging had also returned to the God Residence Realm in between?”

“En.” Rong Xiu suddenly thought of something, and his expression turned light.

Chu Liuyue was in deep thought. Even though Jun Jiuging hasn’t broken through to reach the Apotheosis Realm, with his background, it’s not hard for him to go in and out of the God Residence Realm.

Chu Liuyue held her chin with one hand and muttered, “But he was still raised outside at the end of the day. Does his family clan not care at all?”

“This is all because he has a good mentor,” Rong Xiu said.

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “Master?”

“His mentor is the aca—” Rong Xiu spoke halfway and suddenly stopped.

Just as Chu Liuyue wanted to continue asking, they heard knocks from outside.

“Your Highness, there’s an urgent letter.” This was Yu Mo’s voice.

Rong Xiu stood up and walked over to open the door.

Yu Mo respectfully presented it and said, “This is the academy—”

Before he could finish talking, he was stopped by Rong Xiu’s gaze.

From the corner of his eyes, he then noticed that Chu Liuyue was here as well. Yu Mo hurriedly fell silent.

However, Rong Xiu didn’t open the letter. He turned around and told Chu Liuyue that he suddenly had something to attend to and left.

Chu Liuyue’s brows moved slightly. Aca… Academy? Was Rong Xiu about to say this too?

Chu Liuyue couldn’t think of an answer, so she decisively put this at the back of her mind and went to treat Lin Zhifei for the last time.

After meticulous recuperation in the Sky-Cloud Empire for a few days, Lin Zhifei looked much better. He looked like a clear and fragile crystal in the past, but now, he looked much warmer. In addition to his gradually strengthening capabilities, it caused people not to dare underestimate him.

Chu Liuyue brewed the last bit of medicine.

Lin Zhifei held the medicine, paused for a moment, and finished it.

“Thank you.” He looked at Chu Liuyue with a very serious expression.

Chu Liuyue smiled and shook her head. “It was nothing, but I do have to trouble you for the transportation formation.”

Lin Zhifei nodded and said, “With my current abilities, it’s probably a little hard if I want to complete this on my own. So I was thinking… of finding a way to strengthen myself and then—”

“A beard lathered is half shaved.” Chu Liuyue continued his sentence and smiled. “It’s fine if you think this way. However, what specific plans do you have? There probably isn’t anyone in Grotto-Heaven Cliff that can teach you… right?”

Even if there was, he might not trust them.

Lin Zhifei paused for a moment before saying, “I want to go to Ling Xiao Academy first.”

Chu Liuyue paused. “What?”

“Ling Xiao Academy.”

Seeing her reaction, Lin Zhifei thought that she didn’t know of it, so he patiently explained, “Ling Xiao Academy is the top academy in the God Residence Realm. Not one of them, but the best. There are many top warriors there. If I can cultivate there, it’ll definitely be very beneficial to my cultivation,


Chu Liuyue suddenly thought of something and interrupted him.. “Rong Xiu has connections with this academy, right?”

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