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Chapter 1072: Familiar Chessboard

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Fairy Water Mound’s Jiang Zhiyuan was a famous talent in the God Residence Realm.

Jiang Zhiyuan stood up and slowly walked to the gigantic chessboard before standing still in front of it.

She was born a natural beauty. Now that she had meticulously dolled herself up, she was even more charming. Furthermore, she had only put on light makeup, and her dressing was very elegant. Compared to the earlier group of women that was extravagantly made up, she seemed purer and fresher.

Under the reflection of the chessboard’s faint glow, she stood upright and elegantly. She indeed won over many women that came before her.

She glanced at the chessboard, raised her bare hands, and placed a blue chess piece down.

Similar to before, the chessboard rapidly reacted, and a golden chess piece appeared in another position.

Jiang Zhiyuan continued placing her pieces without any hesitation!

Time trickled past.

Jiang Zhiyuan had already made more than 20 moves, becoming the person who made the most moves so far, but she still hadn’t stopped! Moreover, her speed of playing chess wasn’t reduced at all!

Compared to the previous few people, she was clearly much more relaxed.

The palace gradually fell silent, and the crowd had various expressions.

Only a few people were whispering softly and sighing. “She’s indeed Fairy Water Mound’s Big Missy. Her skills aren’t something we can compare to…”

“Previously, there were rumors that she was already internally selected to be the princess consort. Now, it seems like there can be nobody else other than her.”

“She’s only 22 years old this year, right? I hear that she has already broken through to become a demigod.”

“Hiss… No wonder she’s so amazing! With her appearance and her background, we’re really not her match…”

“I heard that she spent most of her time in the Sky-Cloud Empire when she was young. Furthermore, the Sky-Cloud Empire’s clan leader also doted on her very much. Her chess skills were also learned from that person… Considering all of this, did His Grace really set up this stage for her?”

Jiang Zhiyuan focused on playing chess, but she wasn’t weak, and her senses were sharp. Hence, she could hear most of these words.

Sweetness surged up her heart. Then, she landed another piece, looked at Rong Xiu sitting above, and smiled. “Your Highness, please make your move!”

With this piece, he has to make a move!

But after Jiang Zhiyuan made her move, another corresponding golden chess piece appeared on the chessboard!

Jiang Zhiyuan’s smile froze on her face.

Chu Liuyue poured herself a cup of wine in a boring manner. I thought this Big Missy Jiang was capable, but I didn’t expect… Did she overestimate herself, or did she underestimate Rong Xiu? With such skills, she expected herself to force Rong Xiu to make a move?

When she glanced at the gigantic chessboard again, she suddenly squinted her eyes and leaned toward Dugu Mobao at the side. She lowered her voice and said, “Big Baby, why do I feel that this chessboard… is somewhat familiar?”

Dugu Mobao’s expression didn’t change. “All the chessboards in the world look the same. How is there something familiar or unfamiliar?”

“No,” insisted Chu Liuyue as she shook her head. “I remember that I’ve seen this before… This aura…”

Her eyes suddenly shrunk slightly, and she stared at Dugu Mobao in disbelief. “You previously brought me to play—”


An explosion was suddenly heard above the chessboard, and a terrifying wave of impact spread in all directions!

Jiang Zhiyuan wasn’t prepared, so she instantly flew out!

“Zhiyuan!” Jiang Hetian was shocked as he hurriedly stood up and hurled out a wave of force!

Jiang Zhiyuan was instantly surrounded by a translucent barrier! With the help of this barrier, she finally landed on the ground softly.

Jiang Zhiyuan looked at the chessboard with lingering fear.

The blue pieces above were dead!

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