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Chapter 1063: Tongshen Palace

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Knock, knock.

Hu Yang’s voice came from outside the door. “Ms. Dugu, we should go.”

“I’m coming,” answered Chu Liuyue as she turned and gazed at Dugu Mobao. “Big Baby, shall we go?”

Dugu Mobao was currently sitting opposite her. When he heard this, he didn’t move at all, but his small back view exuded cold air.

Chu Liuyue coughed and walked over.

From the side view, Dugu Mobao was crossing his arms with his eyes closed. His thick lashes were also curled up slightly. Though his face was ice-cold, his skin was still flushed, and he looked adorable and cute.

After they came back, Dugu Mobao had maintained this posture for four whole hours and didn’t even move.

Chu Liuyue secretly admired his determination and also complained about how hard it was to coax this grandmaster at the same time. However, it was quite hard for one to get angry when they saw him like this.

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled, and she softened her voice. “I promise I’ll clear everything up when we go over today, okay? Don’t you want to make things clear in front of everyone? Hm?”

Dugu Mobao finally opened his eyes. His sinisterly purple eyes seemed to be as clear and clean as a gem. “Really?”

“Really!” Chu Liuyue raised her brows. “I can’t watch on as my fiancé becomes someone else’s husband, right?”

“Then, what do you want to do?” Dugu Mobao squinted his eyes and sized her up. With her current ordinary appearance, she won’t achieve much even if she goes. 

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but ruffle his hair, and her lips curled up slightly. “Don’t ask about this first. I have my own plans!”

When Chu Liuyue walked out, Lin Tianfeng and the rest were already waiting in the yard.

The few ladies meticulously dressed themselves up and looked even prettier than before.

“Ms. Dugu, why didn’t you change?” one of the women asked curiously.

Chu Liuyue lightly laughed. “Why should I change?”

“Uh… This is His Grace’s birthday banquet…” muttered that woman. Even if Dugu Yue isn’t participating in the contest to be the princess consort, she should dress herself up for such a grand event, right?

But Chu Liuyue seemed like she didn’t care about her appearance, so the others couldn’t say more.

“Hmph! With her ordinary looks, so what if she changes into extravagant clothes?” Ear-piercing mockery came from behind.

Chu Liuyue and the rest looked over.

A group of people walked over from the main hall. The person at the front was a burly middle-aged man.

The person beside him was a soldier in black armor, and the Sky-Cloud Empire’s totem was engraved on his left chest area. He had the same outfit as Hu Yang, so they clearly had the same status.

Behind the duo were a few elders and those women.

Without a doubt, those people had also dressed themselves up intricately. From their hair to their fingernails, every area was done meticulously.

The previous sentence was said by that woman who went against Chu Liuyue at the start. She pushed her loose strands of hair behind her ears and lightly snorted. “It’s better if some people know their own limits.”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. I never said that I wanted to participate in this contest for the position of princess consort, yet the other party didn’t let me go. They are clearly still upset about my previous laughter and feel that Grotto-Heaven Cliff is easy to bully, so they dared to be this unruly and bold. Without mentioning whether the person is good-looking or not, her fiery and petty personality is irritating. 

Before Chu Liuyue could retort, Hu Yang stepped forward, glared at that woman, and said, “Ms. Han Zishu, please mind your words!”

Han Zishu glanced at Hu Yang in shock. What’s going on? This Hu Yang actually dared to talk to me like that in front of so many people? His attitude was clearly very humble before! 

Cold Mountain Gully Master Han Quan also knitted his brows, but he quickly recovered his composure. “Haha! Officer Hu Yang, don’t blame her. My daughter has always been straightforward. If she offended you, I hope you’ll forgive her.”

Hu Yang said lightly, “Everyone knows if she’s straightforward or if she’s intentionally mocking someone. Master Han, this is the Sky-Cloud Empire after all, not Cold Mountain Gully. If your daughter can’t restrain her temper, then… I’m afraid she won’t be to His Grace’s liking.”

“You—” Upon hearing this, Han Zishu was so angry that her face flushed white. “How dare you curse me?!”

Hu Yang lightly snorted. “Don’t overthink it. I was just reminding you. It’s up to you if you want to listen to it.”

At this point, even Han Quan’s expression turned ugly.

I was originally just teasing her casually, yet Hu Yang is so insensitive and so arrogant to us openly! 

“Hu Yang, everyone who comes is a guest. What are you doing?” The soldier standing beside Han Quan knitted his brows and spoke with a commanding tone. “Apologise to Master Han and Big Missy Han quickly!”

However, Hu Yang snorted and ignored them as he looked toward Lin Tianfeng and the rest. “Master Lin, Ms. Dugu, this way please—”

Then, they really left directly, leaving the people from Cold Mountain Gully behind.

“W-why did he suddenly become so arrogant?!” asked Han Quan furiously. “Officer Chen Ting, he didn’t behave this way when he saw you earlier!”

Chen Ting also furrowed his brows tightly. Even though Hu Yang and I are at the same level, I have some connections to the superiors. Hence, I have a better time than Hu Yang. When we normally see each other, Hu Yang is always polite. For some reason, he is so stubborn today! 

“Hmph, does he really think that those few people from Grotto-Heaven Cliff have the chance of being chosen by His Grace?” Han Zishu was so angry that she laughed.

When Chen Ting heard this, he immediately said, “How can that be? Grotto-Heaven Cliff is the weakest amongst all the divisions. His Grace won’t even take another glance at them, let alone others?”

“Forget it! Since they’re so arrogant, let them carry on! There are many chances to get back at them in the future!” boomed Han Quan. “Let’s go quickly. We can’t ever be late for His Grace’s birthday banquet!”

The birthday banquet was held on the main island’s highest mountain—Suming Peak.

“Suming Peak is the holiest and most solemn place in the Sky-Cloud Empire. It is heavily guarded, and they’re very strict on who comes and goes to that place. Other than the clan leader, His Grace, and the respected elders, everyone else needs permission if they want to go to Suming Peak.”

While Hu Yang brought them along, he explained, “There are two main palaces on Suming Peak. Did you see the one mid-hill? That’s Tongshen Palace, which is also the venue for today’s event. Tongshen Palace is spacious, and its structure is complicated. Everyone, you must follow me closely and don’t walk off when we go in later.”

The few of them followed his gaze and looked over. As expected, they saw a magnificent palace mid-hill.

At this point, they could already faintly see many people coming in and out of the square before the palace. It was very lively.

“What’s the building at the top?” Chu Liuyue suddenly gazed at the palace at the top and asked.

The sun shone down, and its light wrapped around the black palace as if giving it a glow of holy light, making it look high and mighty!

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