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Chapter 1062: It’s Here!

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Chu Liuyue never thought that Lin Tianfeng’s thinking would be so off, and she almost forgot to breathe. Hearing this sound, she knew that it was bad, so she hurriedly grabbed Big Baby’s hand. “Big Baby!”

The soft hand covering his slightly cold hand calmed Dugu Mobao down instantly, and he glanced at Lin Tianfeng extremely coldly. A cold gleam rapidly flashed across that pair of sinister-looking purple eyes.

Lin Tianfeng’s heart suddenly went cold as if a chill directly rose to the top of his head from the bottom of his feet.

However, Chu Liuyue immediately covered Dugu Mobao’s face as she glanced at the latter fearfully. Sir, are you really not afraid of exposing your identity?! 

Dugu Mobao’s eyes glowed. He’s courting death! 

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes. He didn’t even do it on purpose! It’ll be fine when I explain to them clearly later! Look at the way you’re watching him. Other than arousing suspicion, what else can it do? 

I can kill him. Dugu Mobao didn’t speak, but his expression was ever so serious. As long as I want to, Lin Tianfeng definitely won’t be able to leave this place alive! 

Chu Liuyue was speechless. A grandmaster is indeed a grandmaster. Lin Tianfeng is Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Master after all, and he himself is a strong warrior that has completely stepped into the Apotheosis Realm. But to Dugu Mobao, it is far from being sufficient. 

Chu Liuyue knew him too well. If he said he could use his gaze to kill Lin Tianfeng, he definitely could do it!

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and rapidly leaned toward him. She warned him in an extremely soft voice, “If you don’t cooperate with me, I’ll beat your buttocks in public!”

Dugu Mobao suddenly looked up, and Chu Liuyue pressed on his shoulders.

Dugu Mobao was speechless.

“Hehe, Master Lin, don’t mind him. This child is more sensitive and mature, so it’s inevitable that he’ll be agitated when he hears such things… It’s all because of me; I didn’t think this through.” While Chu Liuyue controlled Dugu Mobao, she explained. “Also, uh… You’ve really misunderstood. Officer… Yan Qing and I aren’t like that.”

However, Lin Tianfeng only half-believed her words. If it’s not like that, what else can it be? That Officer Yan Qing is famous for being a cold-faced King of Hell! If they’ve really only met a few times, why would he behave in such a manner? Besides… 

His gaze landed on the table smashed by Dugu Mobao, and his heart still had lingering fear. How is this strength that a three-year-old child can have? I also clearly felt a sinisterly cold murderous intent earlier! 

“Father, I’m quite tired,” said Lin Zhifei suddenly.

Lin Tianfeng’s attention was immediately diverted. “You’re tired? That’s true, that’s true. We’ve traveled for so long, and your body isn’t that strong for now… You should rest first; I won’t disturb you further.”

Then, he glanced at Chu Liuyue with a questioning look.

Lin Zhifei said, “Ms. Dugu, please stay. I wish to discuss with you the treatment after this.”

Lin Tianfeng then realized that his son was chasing him out, so he didn’t speak any further and left after some instructions.

After he left, the room fell silent again.

Chu Liuyue then let Dugu Mobao go.

Dugu Mobao’s temper was already gone as he stood at the side with a cold face and didn’t take any further action.

“My father offended you just now. Ms. Dugu, please forgive him,” said Lin Zhifei.

Chu Liuyue waved her hand in response. “It’s okay. Master Lin is also worried about me—I understand. But Officer Yan Qing and I…”

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but smile bitterly. I never would’ve thought that things would develop in such a direction. 

“Fourth Young Master, you wouldn’t think so too, right?”

Lin Zhifei shook his head. “I believe your words, Ms. Dugu. He… isn’t the person you’re looking for.”

“Oh? Fourth Young Master, why are you so sure?” Chu Liuyue glanced at him strangely. Thinking about what happened earlier, it is indeed pretty easy for others to misunderstand. However, Lin Zhifei’s tone sounds very certain. 

Lin Zhifei smiled slightly. “Instincts.”

The atmosphere between the two was indeed unusual. They aren’t ordinary friends that have only met each other a few times, but they also aren’t like what Father guessed. The reason why I’m so sure is mainly due to her. When she saw that Officer Yan Qing, her eyes didn’t light up. It was completely different when she talked about that person back then. Hence, she is definitely looking for someone else. 

Chu Liuyue’s red lips curled up slightly. Lin Zhifei is much smarter and more sensitive than Lin Tianfeng. 

“Actually, Ms. Dugu, you can just ask Officer Yan Qing to help you if you’re really looking for that person. His status in the Sky-Cloud Empire isn’t low. If he’s willing to help you, you can save a lot of energy.” Lin Zhifei had no plans of asking what happened between Chu Liuyue and Yan Qing and still brought the conversation back to the original topic.

Chu Liuyue held her chin and looked like she was deep in thought. After a moment, she laughed. “That’s not necessary. His Grace’s banquet is about to start soon. By that time, everyone should appear there. I believe I should be able to find him.”

It’s his birthday banquet and his contest to choose his princess consort. He will definitely be there, right? 

Four hours passed very quickly.

Chu Liuyue was circulating her aura in her room when she suddenly heard a loud clock outside!


This sound spread far and wide and landed in everyone’s ears clearly!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes flew open, and they sparkled like the stars in the sky!

She looked outside through the windows. The birthday banquet is about to start! 

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