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Chapter 1025: Abandoned Child and Mother

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Chu Liuyue was dazed. T-this person seems to have misunderstood something?!

Before she could say something, she felt another freezing coldness that suddenly exploded beside her.

She turned around, and Dugu Mobao’s face was as black as a pot.

Looking at his face that was brewing like an incoming storm, Chu Liuyue rapidly pressed his head down with one hand and directly turned his face away. Pfft! If he continues looking, his gaze will directly kill this person!

“Sir, you must be kidding…” Before Chu Liuyue could finish explaining, Dugu Mobao grabbed the former’s wrist and stubbornly turned around. Anyone could tell that something was wrong just by looking at his expression.

Lin Xiao seemed to notice something as his gaze turned, and he looked over.

Chu Liuyue bent down and rapidly hugged Dugu Mobao with one hand while her other hand pressed his forehead to her shoulders.

Before Dugu Mobao could react, his entire body was suddenly hanging in the air. Then, he landed in a warm and sweet embrace.

His hand turned, and he was about to take action, but he still held it in.

“Sir, see—it’s also not easy for me to take a kid alone…” A look of misery rapidly surfaced on her face. Even though she was smiling, it made one feel better. “…His father… I also don’t know where he is now…”

Dugu Mobao suddenly struggled, but it was a pity that Chu Liuyue was holding him tightly.

On the one hand, he didn’t want to exhibit his abilities. On the other hand, he was afraid that he would harm Chu Liuyue if he really took action, so he could only rely on his short and chubby body to do the trick.

However, it was a pity it didn’t have much effect.

“Big Baby, there there…” Chu Liuyue coaxed him lightly as her arm restrained his waist, causing him to be unable to move. At the same time, she lightly patted his back as if she were really coaxing a child.

When Dugu Mobao heard this, he finally gave up struggling as he helplessly buried his face in Chu Liuyue’s shoulders. At times like this, it’s best if I don’t show my face! If not, my heroic name… is ruined when word gets out!

Seeing that he finally stopped, Chu Liuyue secretly heaved a sigh of relief as she looked at Lin Xiao pleadingly. “Sir, please help… Look, he’s such a small child. If nobody takes care…”

She looked aggrieved, and it made one’s heart ache as well.

Lin Xiao knitted his brows even more tightly, but he still waved his hands. “No! There has never been such a thing in the past! How can—”

“Let them go in together.” At this point, a warm voice sounded behind the few of them.

Chu Liuyue turned around.

The incoming person was a youngster that looked about 17 or 18 years old. He was very handsome, and the color of his eyes was extremely light. There was a faint crescent-shaped scar at the corner of his eye, causing his distant and cold aura to be increasingly obvious.

He was wearing a robe as white as a crescent moon, and he stood still. He was a true gentleman, but his face was very pale—especially his lips, where there was no color at all. He looked like he had been ill for a long time. It was as if a light touch would cause him to crack like glass.

However, Chu Liuyue quickly discovered that this person’s aura was extremely strong! He is actually also a strong warrior that has entered the Apotheosis Realm! It seems like… he is also a demigod?!

When Lin Xiao saw the incoming person, his expression changed as he immediately kneeled on one knee to greet the latter. “Greetings, Fourth Young Master!”

“Cough, cough cough—” That youngster was about to say something more when he suddenly coughed.

Lin Xiao hurriedly went forward and looked nervous. “Fourth Young Master, what’s the matter? Are you uncomfortable?”

That young man smiled slightly. “My body has always been like this. I have long been used to it.”

He shook his head and indicated that he was fine before he pointed at Chu Liuyue’s group of two. “It’s also hard for her to bring a child along alone. No matter what, the child is innocent. This child doesn’t look like he’s older than three, so he won’t cause much trouble either. It’ll be okay if you let him in. Why make the mother and son separate over such a small matter?”

His tone was very light as if he were recalling something when he looked at Chu Liuyue’s group of two.

Lin Xiao didn’t dare to speak further.

Everyone knew that Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s Mistress had died from difficult childbirth when she was giving birth to the Fourth Young Master, Lin Zhifei. All these years, this Fourth Young Master had taken it to heart.

There were many rumors outside that called this Fourth Young Master a misfortune since he had jinxed his mother to death once he was born. Even though the superiors commanded them not to spread rumors, it was their mouths, so who could control them?

Lin Zhifei had heard most of it before. This thus caused his personality to be more sensitive, introverted, nonchalant, and distant.

Normally, he wouldn’t care about such matters. Today, it was probably because he had seen this scene of mother and son separating, so he couldn’t take it and opened his mouth.

“Since you’ve already said so, Fourth Young Master, then… I’ll let them in. You’re very kind, Fourth Young Master.” Lin Xiao respectfully replied before he said to Chu Liuyue, “What are you doing in a daze? Thank the Fourth Young Master quickly!”

Chu Liuyue immediately carried Big Baby and thanked Lin Zhifei with a face filled with gratitude. “Thank you, Fourth Young Master!”

However, Lin Zhifei just waved his hands and faintly said, “It was no trouble. It’s also not easy for you to reach this stage, so you must take good care of him when you enter the God Residence Realm next time.”

Then, he looked at Dugu Mobao, who was still lying in Chu Liuyue’s arms. “Even though you’re young, I hope you’ll mature earlier and understand your mother’s hardships.”

Chu Liuyue clearly heard a certain someone clench his teeth. She patted Dugu Mobao’s head, smiled, and said, “Fourth Young Master, don’t worry. Our Big Baby has always been the most mature one.”

Originally, she still wanted to make him thank Lin Zhifei so as to complete the show. But after much thinking, Chu Liuyue still gave up on that idea.

She wanted to leave more leeway for herself. It was better not to be so extreme when handling matters.

Lin Zhifei coughed a few times again with increasing intensity. In the end, he could only take his handkerchief out to cover his mouth, but he couldn’t stop himself.

Lin Xiao couldn’t care about Chu Liuyue as he nervously asked, “Fourth Young Master, should I send someone to fetch you? Your health—”

Lin Zhifei shook his head. “I can just go back on my own. Why let Father and the rest worry?”

Then, his figure moved, and he passed through that curtain.

Chu Liuyue looked at his back and was in a slight daze. His symptoms seemed like…

“Okay, stop looking. Hurry up and go in.” Lin Xiao sighed in his heart, turned around, and saw Chu Liuyue in a daze, so he hurriedly urged her. “It’s your utmost fortune to have the Fourth Young Master help you today! But you mustn’t tell anyone about today, okay?”

Chu Liuyue thanked him profusely and repeatedly guaranteed that she wouldn’t speak about it. Then, she carried Big Baby and went forward.

She stepped right into the curtain!

“What did you say?” Rong Xiu looked up from the booklet. “She even brought a kid?”

Yan Qing kneeled on one knee and didn’t dare to look up. He braved himself and said, “…Yes. I heard that… she used the identity of abandoned child and mother to get Fourth Young Master Lin’s help to enter…”

Rong Xiu was so angry that he laughed and slammed the booklet down. “Abandoned child and mother?”


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