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Chapter 1024: Mother and Son

Legendary warrior! Chu Liuyue looked at the other party for a moment and immediately felt an intense suppression!

She clenched her fists in her sleeves tightly and straightened her back. Then, she stepped forward and said in an upright manner, “I’m Dugu Yue. Greetings, sir.”

She didn’t state her Shangguan Yue or Chu Liuyue name and instead chose the same surname as Big Baby as a fake name. Additionally, she wore a mask and pretended to be an ordinary woman.

This was because she wasn’t clear what identity she used when she came to the God Residence Realm previously. Besides, she didn’t intentionally hide the fact that Chu Liuyue was Shangguan Yue.

If someone just checked briefly, they would know.

Hence, on the way here, she had already discussed with Big Baby about using a completely different identity, which would make it more convenient for her to do things.

Lin Xiao—who was in charge of guarding the entrance—sized up the woman in front of him.

She looked like she was in her twenties and had an ordinary appearance. Only her pair of black gem-like eyes had something circulating in them, sparkling strangely at times.

It was a pity for such eyes to be on such a face, but this wasn’t what he focused on.

Lin Xiao’s expression was cold and solemn as he knitted his brows. “Someone who isn’t born in the God Residence Realm can only have the right to enter the God Residence Realm if they break through as a stage-nine warrior. Are you… strong enough?”

His speech had a natural pride that came from his bones.

It wasn’t that she purposely looked down on Chu Liuyue, but they had always been the same toward people who weren’t from the God Residence Realm.

They were stationed here and saw many people who wanted to enter the God Residence Realm. Some had true abilities and used their own skills to break through that barrier and get permission to enter, crossing into a new realm ever since. However, there were only a handful of such people.

The cultivation environment was very ordinary outside the God Residence Realm, so those who could make it to this step were all elites amongst elites. Sometimes, a dynasty might not even be able to produce such a strong warrior once in a couple of hundred years.

Most of the remaining people tried to use all sorts of deceptive and despicable methods to stay. Hence, any of the people from the clans who guarded the entrances would have such a snobbish attitude.

When he heard that Chu Liuyue was from the Tianling Dynasty, he naturally didn’t care much about her.

How can such a young lady have the capabilities? She most likely came here to play. If she doesn’t have some sort of legendary weapon on her that hides her aura, causing one to be unable to identify what standard she’s at, I wouldn’t even ask this.

Chu Liuyue didn’t really care about his frustrated attitude; she simply smiled and raised her hand.

A sparkling force appeared on her fingertip.

Lin Xiao’s originally nonchalant expression froze instantly, and shock flashed across his eyes! T-this is a holy force!

He looked at the woman in front of him in shock and asked in disbelief, “You’re a demigod?”

So-called demigods were cultivators that had already broken through as a stage-nine warrior but hadn’t completely formed their own God Realm—like Shangguan Jing back then.

The reason why Lin Xiao asked was that he could tell that the holy force the woman in front of him executed was limited, but she did have a holy force. In such a situation, she was most likely a demigod.

In regards to this, Dugu Mobao had already told Chu Liuyue about it on the way here.

Hence, Chu Liuyue retracted her holy force as she smiled and nodded, taking advantage of the situation for her benefit. “Do I have the right to go in now?”

A demigod naturally can. Lin Xiao’s expression changed as his gaze directed at Chu Liuyue was different from before and had more hints of respect in it. “This is your first time here?”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Anyone who comes here for the first time needs to register,” said Lin Xiao as he waved his wrist.

A booklet appeared in the air.

He opened the booklet and passed over a brush at the same time. “You just need to write your name and date on it.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at it.

This booklet wasn’t the same as other books since it was as heavy as a rock. She almost couldn’t hold it stably at the first instance.

The booklet was already flipped open, and a blank page was presented in front of Chu Liuyue. However, she could still see some names—shining in different colors—written on the page.

Chu Liuyue held the brush and wrote her name. “Dugu Yue.”

After writing, her wrist paused as she looked up at Lin Xiao. “About the date…”

“Xin Yuan Dynasty Year 3574. Sixteenth of September,” reminded Lin Xiao.

Chu Liuyue was shocked, and the brush in her hand accidentally drew a stroke on the page!

Lin Xiao knitted his brows. “What’s the matter?”

Chu Liuyue immediately looked down. “Nothing much, but… I just find the year a little weird. I didn’t hear of it before.”

Lin Xiao laughed and looked faintly proud. “You weren’t born in the God Residence Realm, so it’s normal if you don’t know these things. Just remember that you will go according to this year after you enter the God Residence Realm.”

Chu Liuyue held the brush and suppressed the ripple in her heart as she wrote that line. Then, she passed the booklet and brush over, smiling at him in gratitude. “Thank you for the reminder, sir.”

This smile of hers caused her eyes to curl up and dazzle. It also added a few hints of charm to her originally ordinary appearance.

Lin Xiao took another look at her, and he couldn’t help but mutter to himself. Even though she looked ordinary the first time I saw her, she has become increasingly pleasing to the eye after looking at her more. Her movements are also elegant.

This made him have a better impression of her.

After he glanced at that booklet, he nodded. “You can go in.”

Chu Liuyue thanked him and brought Dugu Mobao in.

“Wait a minute!” Lin Xiao suddenly stretched out his hand and stopped the duo.

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

Lin Xiao raised his chin and glanced at Dugu Mobao at the side. “You can go in, but he can’t.”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows.”But don’t I already have the right—”

“That’s you, not him.” Lin Xiao shook his head and had a persistent attitude. “The two of you aren’t born in the God Residence Realm, so the standard is the same if you want to go in.”

The moment the duo reached, Dugu Mobao retracted his aura and didn’t look any different from an ordinary child now.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Dugu Mobao. He has already formed his holy body, so he definitely has the right to enter. But for some reason, he seems to be avoiding it and is very reluctant to exhibit his true abilities.

“Can’t I bring my family members?” Chu Liuyue refused to give up and asked. “Look, he’s still so small…”

A gust of cold wind suddenly attacked the back of her head.

Chu Liuyue coughed and shot a look at Dugu Mobao. Do you want to go in or not!?

Lin Xiao’s gaze went back and forth between the duo as he coldly said, “No, you really can’t.. Can’t you just hand the child over to his father? Why must you, the mother, bring him around?”

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