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Chapter 1023: Who’s that Coming?

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Chu Liuyue originally planned on finding Rong Xiu and asking him about what happened back then. When she found out about the God Residence Realm’s existence later on, she wanted to know more about it. Now that she knew he was there, it naturally saved her quite a bit of trouble. Hence, she wanted Xue Xue to bring them there directly.

Xue Xue originally wanted to argue, but ever since it knew that Dugu Mobao wanted to go with them, it directly abandoned this thought and obediently brought the two of them over.

Of course, Xue Xue only let Chu Liuyue ride on it.

As for Dugu Mobao… Now that he had formed his Holy Body, his speed was only faster and not slower than Xue Xue. Hence, he went on his own.

Just like this, the two humans and the fiend were on their way.

“The God Residence Realm is miles away from here. Even if we go at full speed, it will take about ten days.” On the way, Dugu Mobao would answer some of Chu Liuyue’s questions from time to time. Most of them were related to the God Residence Realm.

In the middle, Chu Liuyue also tried to ask him about what happened to her back then, but Dugu Mobao kept his mouth tightly shut about it.

After trying twice, Chu Liuyue directly gave up.

“If we use a transportation formation, would it also take so long?” asked Chu Liuyue.

Dugu Mobao was stepping on a purple sword with two hands behind his back. He rode with the wind, and his clothes flowed. Of course, his expression was high and mighty.

If one ignored his chubby face and the stomach that bulged slightly due to the two short hands intertwined behind his back, he still looked very distinguished.

Hearing Chu Liuyue’s question, he grunted lightly. “There are no transportation formations between Heaven’s Canopy and the God Residence Realm. If one wants to enter the God Residence Realm, they have to reach the God Residence Realm’s borders first before entering through different entrances.”

Chu Liuyue was quite shocked, but after some thinking, she understood why. “…It seems like people in the God Residence Realm are really imperious and arrogant…”

They didn’t even set up a transportation formation, which meant that they had no plans of contacting the outside world! It was fine if the people inside wanted to go out, but if the people outside wanted to go in… They had to cross mountains and rivers, experiencing all sorts of difficulties.

“Of course,” said Dugu Mobao nonchalantly. “All those who can have a footing in the God Residence Realm are top clans in the mainland. They have the right to be proud, so they’ll naturally think highly of themselves. Even if you reach the border, it’s not that easy to go in. All those entrances are controlled by different clans, and they guard them especially strictly.”

As Dugu Mobao spoke, he glanced at Chu Liuyue from the corner of his eye. “If you’re not born in the God Residence Realm, outsiders have to be at least a stage-nine warrior to enter. According to your current abilities, you can’t enter. But luckily, you have a holy force in your body, so you can forcefully go in by then.”

Chu Liuyue nodded slightly and silently clenched her fists. Dugu Mobao’s words are actually very objective. I indeed don’t have the right now. Compared to the top elite warriors in the mainland, the current me is just an ant. The strong will be respected—I have to become stronger to have the right to speak! If not, I will be stepped all over by anyone! I might not even have the right to look up at others!

As if he had seen through her thoughts, Dugu Mobao’s expression changed slightly, and his voice was gentler. “Even though your cultivation level isn’t high now, you have recovered your Tianjing Yuan meridian and have a few trump cards. Therefore, you’re not any worse than those disciples from the God Residence Realm clans.”

Chu Liuyue knew that he was comforting her, so her eyes curved up as she nodded seriously. “Mm, I know.”

After a momentary silence, she suddenly thought of something and asked, “Oh right, there’s something I haven’t asked you. What clan is Rong Xiu from?”

Previously, Rong Xiu had mentioned that his mother’s clan was within Heaven’s Canopy, but it now seems like she was clearly from the God Residence Realm! At that time, I faintly felt that it should be a huge family clan, so I didn’t ask in detail and wasn’t very sure about it. Since I’m going to the God Residence Realm now, I should have some sort of understanding about it.

Dugu Mobao’s expression suddenly became incredulous. “You’ll naturally find out when we’re there…”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. W-we’re already going to reach, yet Big Baby is still keeping it a secret?

Seeing his determined expression, she had no other ways, and she shrugged her shoulders. “Okay! I’ll ask him personally when we get there!”

She wanted to see how Rong Xiu would explain it by then.

After ten days, Chu Liuyue and Dugu Mobao finally arrived by the God Residence Realm’s borders.

This was a spacious field with no boundaries at first glance. It was very similar to Heaven’s Canopy as it had a translucent silver curtain that descended from the sky. However, its suppression was much stronger than that of Heaven’s Canopy!

One could faintly see some figures flashing across behind that curtain. That should be the people guarding the God Residence Realm’s borders.

At this point, Chu Liuyue hadn’t gotten close to it, but she already felt her chest become stuffy. If I hadn’t broken through to become a stage-seven warrior, and I didn’t have the endless force and that holy force saved in my body, I would’ve directly kneeled on the ground at this point.

She surveyed her surroundings, but there weren’t many people in the never-ending field.

Dugu Mobao retracted his aura and descended from midair. “Starting from here, everyone must walk.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Follow me,” said Dugu Mobao as he walked forward.

Chu Liuyue quickly followed him.

The nearer she got, the stronger the suppression!

Chu Liuyue felt that her shoulders were getting heavier and heavier, but luckily, it was still within her range of tolerance.

When the two people walked to a certain position, a figure suddenly flew out from the light curtain! At the same time, a gigantic symbol appeared on the light curtain!

“This is Grotto-Heaven Cliff’s entrance. Who are the people coming?”

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