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Chapter 1022: Go Together

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Chu Liuyue’s heart sank harshly. Does this not mean that Big Baby will very likely look like this for the rest of his life? A normal person’s life is already so long, let alone someone like Big Baby—who has reached the Apotheosis realm and formed his Holy Body. Even though his appearance is adorable, he isn’t a true child. If he is forever stuck in a three-year-old Holy Body… It would be a very torturous matter for anyone.

“Shh—don’t let him know that you already know.” Lan Xiao sighed. “In the beginning, even Diwu and I didn’t know about this. Later on, if not because it fa—because it almost failed and alerted us, we wouldn’t have known. He refused to let you know about this or let us mention it, but I thought that we shouldn’t hide this from you.”

“I’m not telling you this because I want you to be very thankful toward him, but I want you to know that… Though there are people who chose to betray you, there are also people who are forever on your side.” Even if they have to pay a huge price for it!

This was the first time Chu Liuyue heard Lan Xiao talk so seriously.

Something seemed to be tumbling in her chest. Her heart was warm, and the heat spread, even warming her limbs and bones.

She closed her eyes and hid her sourness. When she looked up again, she was smiling as usual. “No matter what, Big Baby, I’m very happy to be able to help you.”

Since he had already formed his Holy Body, Dugu Mobao was free. After being stuck in the Red Moon Desert, he still wasn’t used to it now that he suddenly came out. This was especially so… when he was in his current state.

He spent a long time gradually convincing himself to try to ignore this. After all, it was already very hard for him to come out.

The two of them chatted for a while before Chu Liuyue asked a question she had in her heart for a long time. “Big Baby, you guys know Rong Xiu, right?”

Dugu Mobao glanced at her.

Chu Liuyue looked calm. “You were willing to let Xue Xue send such important news. Actually, it’s enough to prove this, right?”

Hearing its name, Xue Xue—who had been obediently staying at the side—was immediately energized.

Following this, it heard Dugu Mobao’s cold voice. “I was going to look for you when it coincidentally came. It’s a waste not to use it.”

Xue Xue instantly felt a chill run down its spine, and it was on the brink of tears. How did I come myself? If Master didn’t command me, why would I come to this place?! I really don’t have any rights!

Chu Liuyue paused. Dugu Mobao’s sentence didn’t directly answer my question.

She looked up and smiled. “Big Baby, you don’t have to consider so much. I’ve already recalled many things, including… the incidents regarding Rong Xiu in the God Residence Realm.”

Once she said this, a hint of shock and confusion finally flashed across Dugu Mobao’s beautiful and demonic eyes. “Y-you remembered everything? When?”

Chu Liuyue confirmed it in her heart. As expected—that cliff and that octagonal pavilion are indeed in the God Residence Realm! Back then, the person I played chess with was indeed Rong Xiu himself! The two of us clearly knew each other in the God Residence Realm!

Actually, she recalled a very limited amount of things, but Dugu Mobao’s reply precisely confirmed her previous guess!

“I didn’t remember everything but just a portion of it.” A thought popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind. Since Dugu Mobao and the rest know about this, it’s obvious that they know Rong Xiu. Then, it is also reasonable to get Xue Xue to help them. However… all these people hadn’t told me in advance at all!

“So this time, I plan on personally making a trip to the God Residence Realm.”

Dugu Mobao knitted his brows, and his pink face turned solemn. “Now?”


“You do know how dangerous it is to go to the God Residence Realm with your current abilities… right?”

“Since I’ve gone there before, why can’t I go there now?”

Dugu Mobao was hesitant in his words. Of course, it’s because you were stronger back then than now!

But upon thinking that she did have quite a few trump cards with her… Perhaps… she could take the risk.

He thought for a moment. “I’ll go with you.”

Before Chu Liuyue could react, Xue Xue suddenly jumped up from far away. “Ow?!”

This ancestor wants to go? I’m afraid the world will flip!

“Hm? You don’t welcome me?” Dugu Mobao glanced at it lightly.

Xue Xue immediately crouched down obediently. Hehe, I’m joking. Why won’t I welcome you?

Chu Liuyue was speechless. With Rong Xiu’s personality, how could he raise a fiend like Xue Xue with no principles…

As if seeing through Chu Liuyue’s thoughts, Xue Xue miserably glanced at her. Did she forget how I was previously tortured? Who can stand that?

“You don’t agree too?” Dugu Mobao asked Chu Liuyue. Even though his tone was nonchalant, his small face showed a clear and obvious threat.

Chu Liuyue raised her hands in approval. “Of course, I agree!”

She didn’t fake her agreement; she really thought that it was good.

The God Residence Realm was mysterious, and there were many strong warriors. Even though she had gone there previously, she couldn’t remember anything now. When she reached there, it would probably be like her sight turning dark.

If Big Baby can follow me, won’t I save a lot of trouble? Besides, I can be more confident with such a strong warrior backing me up.

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s genuine expression, Dugu Mobao then nodded in satisfaction. “Then, we’ll set off tomorrow.”

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment. “Then… Hongyu?”

“When she’s here, Diwu and Lan Xiao will take care of her.”

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and felt that it was quite good. Even though it might be tiring, it is indeed a rare chance for Hongyu. Dugu Mobao is a strong warrior that has entered the Apotheosis Realm. Diwu Zhangze and Lan Xiao shouldn’t be that much weaker. If it were someone else, it would be hard for them to even see these seniors.

Chu Liuyue waved at Xue Xue. “Xue Xue, we should go!”

Upon hearing this, even though Xue Xue was reluctant, it still moved over slowly. It directly walked to Chu Liuyue’s feet and quickly glanced at Dugu Mobao before sticking closely to the girl.

When Tuan Zi—who was squatting on Chu Liuyue’s shoulders—saw this, it couldn’t help but chuckle.

Xue Xue angrily glared at it. You’re the only one who didn’t experience it! You should try this ancestor’s powers! Young! Ignorant!

A hint of cold smiling intent flashed across Tuan Zi’s sparkly eyes as it directly tilted its head and nestled in Chu Liuyue’s shoulders. Do you think I’m stupid? Of course, I can tell that Dugu Mobao is very strong and can’t be offended. I can depend on my own master. Why would I want to spend bitter days with someone else? Hah.

Xue Xue gradually widened its eyes and was furious, but it still turned around angrily, not wanting to argue with it. I chose my own master. What choice do I have?

“Ah-choo!” Rong Xiu suddenly sneezed.

He rubbed his nose.. Hmm. It seems like someone hasn’t been having a good time recently…

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