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Chapter 1021: Bitter Story

Dugu Mobao’s face was dazed for a moment. Following this, Chu Liuyue saw the pink face flushing red at an observable speed—almost as if blood could drip out of it!


A ball of purple fire suddenly exploded in front of Chu Liuyue!

She immediately moved back and barely avoided it as a strand of her hair was burned, exuding a faint smell of something burning.

The small person opposite her rapidly covered himself in a faint layer of purple light. Then, he waved his small hand.

After the light faded away, he had already changed into a purple robe.

This robe was very exquisite. Under the sunlight, it reflected a faint light and looked more like brocade.

Chu Liuyue stared at the scene before her with a conflicted expression. Originally, this scene should be magnificent and formidable, but it was a pity that… Big Baby’s image was completely destroyed in her heart.

“Puahahahhaha!” Resounding laughter suddenly exploded from the lake. “Big Baby—you! Hahahaha! You didn’t wear clothes when you met Yue’er Girlie!”

Lan Xiao had always been cool and calm when talking, just like a deity. This was the first time Chu Liuyue had heard him laugh so freely.

Her eyelids twitched. Uhm… It seems like he’s laughing a little too loudly…

As expected, the louder Lan Xiao laughed, the darker Big Baby’s face became.

His originally flushed face instantly turned black and red. Holy Bodies that were just formed are indeed nude, but I was careless just now and forgot about this. Besides, this process is very difficult. The three of us have been stuck here for many years, but only I have succeeded first.

“Now, you haven’t even formed half your Holy Body. What right do you have to laugh here?” said Big Baby with clenched teeth.

Lan Xiao took no notice of the danger as he laughed even harder. “Hahahaha! But you didn’t wear clothes! HAHAHAHA!”

“Are you done laughing?” said Big Baby clearly and coldly with endless suppression.

“Hahaha—ugh!” Lan Xiao’s voice suddenly stopped.


An explosion was suddenly heard within the lake! Then, the surroundings finally became peaceful.

The vortex in the lake quickly recovered, leaving a few ripples.

Dugu Mobao had his back facing Chu Liuyue as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. But even after a while, he still didn’t turn around.

The atmosphere instantly became very awkward.

Chu Liuyue paused for a moment. Seeing that he hadn’t turned around, she couldn’t help but call him. “Big Baby?”

Dugu Mobao then resigned himself to his fate and turned around.

“What’s the matter?” asked Dugu Mobao coldly as he slightly raised his chin with no facial expression. There was even a tinge of frustration in his eyes.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze turned. His small face’s expression has already returned to normal, but there is still a hint of red that hasn’t subsided on his ears. He looks just like a kid who made a mistake but is bent on not admitting it. This look… Even if I know he has a Holy Body, he has no look of authority at all.

Chu Liuyue held in her laughter and asked very seriously and genuinely, “Big Baby, did I manage to help you?”

Big Baby’s expression then became more normal as he turned around and looked into the distance. After a moment, he then acknowledged it.

Chu Liuyue smiled, and her eyes curved up. “That’s great! However, can I ask why I could help you with this?”

A hint of curiosity filled Chu Liuyue’s eyes. Even though I’ve already broken through to become a stage-seven warrior now and there is a holy force in my body, it doesn’t seem like someone of my cultivation level can do something such as awakening a Holy Body… Why don’t I know how capable I am?

Dugu Mobao knitted his brows. “Of course, it’s because you… are you.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. What does that mean?

Dugu Mobao glanced at her. Seeing her confused expression, he then recalled that she had already forgotten those matters.

He opened his mouth, and the words were at the tip of his tongue when he suddenly changed the topic. “After successfully forming the Holy Body, we need a holy force to guide it. Coincidentally, you have a holy force in your body. Therefore—”

Chu Liuyue’s gaze flickered slightly as she smiled slightly. “I only obtained the holy force recently. Could it be that you already knew about it then, so you got Xue Xue to send me the news?”

Big Baby’s group of three was powerful, but they couldn’t leave the Red Moon Desert. Hence, it was impossible for them to know about the incident so quickly. This also meant that they made this decision much earlier on.

Due to this, it was definitely not because of the holy force in her body.

Dugu Mobao was stumped and said, “You heard wrongly. I meant the force of the Heavenly Dao. Your body had it before, right?”

Chu Liuyue smiled and didn’t say a word. The two of us are just standing opposite each other. I naturally wouldn’t have misheard him. Besides, the Heavenly Dao in my body is split into three. I got one portion when I broke the Tianling God Realm at first. The other two portions were obtained when I made an agreement with the legendary three-eyed eagle and Tuan Zi.

However, she was very sensible and did not ask further.

Dugu Mobao clearly didn’t want to truthfully answer this question now, so there was no point in asking further. Hence, she nodded in agreement and changed the topic. “I see… Oh right. Just now, Senior Lan Xiao said that because of me, you seemed to have…”

The ‘small problem’ Lan Xiao mentioned earlier was most likely referring to the very young age of Dugu Mobao’s Holy Body.

Even though his voice directly sounded like a child’s, Chu Liuyue wouldn’t believe that Dugu Mobao was truly a three-year-old kid. This even seems to have something to do with me?

Dugu Mobao knitted his brows and recovered his expressionless face. “It has nothing to do with you.”

“Pfft—” Faint laughter suddenly sounded next to Chu Liuyue’s ear. “Girlie, don’t listen to him argue.”

Chu Liuyue paused. This is Lan Xiao’s voice.

She looked up, but Dugu Mobao didn’t seem to have much of a reaction.

“Girlie, don’t worry. He can’t hear this voice—I can still do this small thing. You just need to listen.”

Chu Liuyue looked down and quietly listened as if she were thinking about something. But in actual fact, she was listening to Lan Xiao talk.

“He doesn’t want to tell you about this, but I want to tell you.” Lan Xiao reduced his teasing tone and became much more serious. “We all knew that you were harmed by that adulterous couple. Back then, you returned to Xi Ling to take revenge, right? Actually, at that time, we also wanted to go back and help you—support you. But it’s a pity that the three of us were stuck here and couldn’t leave. Only if we formed our Holy Bodies could we get out of this cage.”

“You should also be able to tell that Big Baby is the strongest amongst us all, and he’s also the one that can form the Holy Body the fastest. In actual fact, he originally needed three more years to succeed, but he decided to forcefully break through to help you then.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled, and she faintly guessed something.

Lan Xiao sighed lightly. “Even though he forcefully succeeded in breaking through earlier, he has become stuck at this age in the end… Once the Holy Body is formed, one can never change it for the rest of their lives..”

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