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Chapter 1017: Can’t Wait

Chu Liuyue hit the air.

Jiang Yucheng’s physical body was rapidly destroyed, only leaving behind a pool of black blood in the end. Something moved in it before rapidly disappearing.

When Chu Liuyue rushed over, the pool of blood had already dried up, and an intense deathly aura filled the air.

“It seems like the other party was long prepared as he directly took away Jiang Yucheng’s soul, allowing him to escape rapidly,” boomed Shangguan Jing.

“He acted so quickly…” Chu Liuyue focused on it for a while, and her gaze turned slightly cold. The moment I found something, the other party acted without hesitation! This proves that the other party is even stronger than I had imagined and is extremely alert. If not, they wouldn’t have settled Jiang Yucheng so swiftly and agilely. This trail of clues is broken again!

“Girlie, you don’t have to be too worried. Jiang Yucheng’s physical body is destroyed. Even if his soul survives, he’ll be greatly harmed. If he can’t recuperate well before he finds a suitable physical body, he will forever be a wandering soul.”

“It’s a pity I didn’t personally kill him in time…” muttered Chu Liuyue softly with her furrowed brows.

“It’s not that important to kill him now. The most important thing is to find the mastermind behind him! That’s the true person who wants to harm you!”

Chu Liuyue lightly sighed as she nodded in agreement. Then, she asked, “Ancestor, can you see anything else other than this?”

“The other party is very discreet, and they clearly come from an extraordinary background… I’m afraid it’s a little difficult to find out immediately.” Shangguan Jing’s voice was solemn. “That black bloodstain and that unique deathly smell should be the key. If we really want to find the other party, the only way is perhaps to… personally make a trip to the God Residence Realm.”

Chu Liuyue nodded. Even if Ancestor didn’t say anything, I was going to go. I have a feeling that my missing memory should be related to the God Residence Realm!

“It’s really a pity to let him escape like that,” said Chu Liuyue as she directly set that pool of blood on fire, burning it clean!

In one day, Shangguan Wan’s body and soul were destroyed, while Jiang Yucheng self-exploded and escaped. Since then, the two people trapped in Huayang Palace disappeared silently.

When Chu Liuyue returned to her bedroom, it was already nighttime.

After washing up, she wanted to sleep directly. But when she lay on the bed, she couldn’t sleep no matter what.

She still sat up after tossing and turning for a while.

Actually, she had experienced many things today. No matter if it were her energy level or her physical body, she was exhausted. But in the depths of her brain, there seemed to be a tense string that couldn’t relax no matter what.

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and took out a book—it was the weird diary that she had found on her bookshelf previously.

She just felt that this book should hold a deep meaning to her. So ever since that day, she brought the book everywhere she went.

She carefully flipped through it, but she still didn’t understand it.

When she flipped to the last page, she saw that line of words again.

“Xin Dynasty…” Chu Liuyue muttered to herself. Could that be a year in the God Residence Realm…

After thinking for a while, Chu Liuyue placed the book back again, sat cross-legged, and started cultivating. When the force in her body circulated for a few Heavenly Cycles, her emotions were gradually appeased.

The next morning, Shangguan You came to Shaoyue Palace. Once the former emperor saw his daughter, he directly asked, “Yue’er, I heard something happened at Huayang Palace yesterday?”

He seemed quite nervous, which Chu Liuyue found strange, but she still nodded lightly. “Indeed.”

It was normal if others didn’t know that such a thing had happened, but Shangguan You would definitely know.

Chu Liuyue didn’t hide it and briefly recounted the incident to him.

“…So he really has a backer from the God Residence Realm…” After hearing this, Shangguan You had a conflicted expression.

“Father, you know about the God Residence Realm?” Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows moved slightly. I didn’t mention it before.

Shangguan You was suddenly dazed. “As the Tianling Dynasty’s Emperor, I naturally know about it. Not only me, but most of the other emperors have also heard of it before. As you had just ascended the throne previously and had many things to do with no spare time, I didn’t have the chance to tell you. But… It seems like you already know about it? Did Ancestor tell you about it?”

“Yes, Ancestor mentioned it to me the day before.” An idea surfaced in Chu Liuyue’s heart. Seeing Father’s behavior, he clearly doesn’t know that I’ve gone to the God Residence Realm before.

She also didn’t bring this point up.

“I see.” Shangguan You didn’t suspect otherwise.

Actually, one of the reasons why he didn’t mention it before was also due to her abilities being inadequate back then. Now that she had already broken through to become a stage-seven warrior and even recovered her Tianjing Yuan meridian, he could relax more.

“Now that you’ve already ascended the throne, I should tell you about it.” Shangguan You lightly sighed as he gazed far away as if deep in thought.

Chu Liuyue sat at the side and waited quietly.

“Yue’er, do you know why the Country Yao Chen you were previously at and our Tianling Dynasty have different statuses?”

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment, and her gaze moved. “…Heaven’s Canopy?”

“That’s right.” Shangguan You nodded. “Within Heaven’s Canopy, no matter if it is the density of the Heaven and Earth Force or the resources—all sorts of heavenly treasures—it is much better than outside! This also allows the cultivators within Heaven’s Canopy to be much stronger than the ones outside!”

“But in actual fact, other than these dynasties, there are many hidden clans in the mainland! They… are the truly formidable existences! To us, the God Residence Realm is like what Heaven’s Canopy is to Country Yao Chen. We can only cross this step and enter the God Residence Realm by becoming true top warriors!”

Chu Liuyue suddenly asked, “Then, at what point do we have the right to enter the God Residence Realm?”

Shangguan You leaned against the chair and helplessly shook his head as he smiled. He then stretched out a finger and pointed upward. “It’s naturally when… you break through as a stage-nine warrior and enter the Apotheosis realm!”

Actually, Chu Liuyue had already faintly guessed the standard before, but she was still shocked when she heard the exact answer. If it really is according to this standard, then… How did I enter back then? Also, what exactly did I experience in the past?

“Previously, you almost broke through, and I had high hopes for you. I thought you would succeed not long later! I didn’t expect…” He didn’t expect so many things to happen later, and all the plans were disrupted.

“Luckily—luckily, you’re back now…” Shangguan You looked at her dotingly. “Cultivate properly. When you break through as a stage-nine warrior and enter the Apotheosis realm, you can then enter the God Residence Realm!”

Chu Liuyue looked down and covered the faint light in her eyes.. Wait until then? I’m afraid I can’t wait any longer!

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