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Chapter 1016: If You Go, You Will Definitely Die

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The rain became heavier.

There was a morning fog between heaven and earth, and the ground was covered in a layer of mist.

Qi Han looked at it for a while before turning his gaze to the tightly shut door of the ancestral hall. Her Highness has been inside for quite a while and hasn’t come out. I wonder how she is…


The door opened, and a thin figure walked out from within.

Qi Han and the rest hurriedly welcomed her. “Your Highness.”

Walking closer, Qi Han hurriedly glanced and saw that Chu Liuyue’s expression seemed to be amiss.

“What’s… wrong?” Qi Han knitted his brows and felt slightly worried.

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “Arrange for more people to guard this place. Without my permission, nobody is allowed to get close.”

Qi Han didn’t understand why, but he still acknowledged the order. “Yes, Your Highness!”

“Also, seal that secret passageway.”


Chu Liuyue looked up and glanced at the dark sky while holding a black umbrella. This was the one that Rong Xiu left behind when he came.

“I’ll make another trip to Huayang Palace.”

This time, she naturally didn’t go back to Huayang Palace for Shangguan Wan—who had already been cleaned up—but for the other person who was also trapped here, Jiang Yucheng.

Chu Liuyue directly pushed open the door and entered. At first glance, she saw Jiang Yucheng sitting there.

Hearing the noise, he looked up, and his expression was calm.

Judging from his frail and thin look, one could tell that he had a hard time during this period. However, his mental state was very strong. Even at this point, he could still look very calm and composed.

Seeing the incoming person, he wasn’t shocked at all as if he had long expected it.

Chu Liuyue closed the door and walked a distance in front.

The two of them faced each other.

“You killed Shangguan Wan.” Chu Liuyue was straightforward. It wasn’t a question nor a suspicion but an affirmative declaration.

Jiang Yucheng looked nonchalant. “She committed suicide. What has that got to do with me?”

He had stayed here and never went out, but he already knew that Shangguan Wan had ‘committed suicide.’ This showed that he was related to this incident!

But even though he denied it, he didn’t seem to want to refute it by saying such words.

Jiang Yucheng knew very clearly that Chu Liuyue could definitely sense something wrong with Shangguan Wan’s death and connect it to him. Then, there would be no harm in speaking about this extra matter.

“I didn’t expect you to want her to die earlier than I do.” Chu Liuyue looked at him with a calm and sharp gaze. It was like a knife that was about to break through his disguise and see through his inner heart. “I don’t know if you’re kind and aren’t willing to let her suffer another day of torture, or… Are you afraid that leaving her alive would cause more trouble?”

Jiang Yucheng laughed.

He originally had a very handsome and charming appearance, but now, he was so thin that he didn’t look human. Not only did this smile not have his old charm and handsomeness, but he even looked like a skeleton with a bag of skin. His eyes were also deep, and he looked miserable.

“You’re still as smart as before. I can’t hide anything from you.” This was a tacit acknowledgment that he had killed her!

“You’re pretty honest.”

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s head, but she really didn’t know why Jiang Yucheng had to kill Shangguan Wan. Considering Shangguan Wan’s previous reaction, she really didn’t know many things. She didn’t even know that the black symbol in her body came from Black Demon Hole. Besides, from start to end, Jiang Yucheng was the one controlling her. She was an abandoned chess piece at best. Her existence wasn’t important. What exactly is Jiang Yucheng afraid of that he would boldly take action on her?

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yucheng laughed.

Chu Liuyue asked again, “How did you kill her?”

“You always knew everything. Why do you need me to tell you?” Jiang Yucheng beat around the bush.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes sparkled slightly. “I have already ordered people to uproot all the trees in Huayang Palace and the flowers in the backyard.”

Jiang Yucheng’s expression froze for a moment, and the corner of his lips shook unnaturally, but he quickly returned to normal.

Actually, he had already noticed something before. However, he didn’t expect her to act so quickly and remove all of them in such a short period of time.

“It seems like you rely on those to get information from outside?” questioned Chu Liuyue.

Jiang Yucheng didn’t speak.

He had long known that these cheap shots couldn’t escape her eyes. Hence, he didn’t need to say anything further since she had already stated it directly.

“You’re also the one that instigated Shangguan Wan to make the passageway that connects Huayang Palace to the royal family’s ancestral hall, right?”

Jiang Yucheng closed his eyes and refused to communicate.

Chu Liuyue smiled coldly. “It’s fine if you don’t want to say this since it’s not important already. However, there’s something that I really want to learn from you.”

Jiang Yucheng didn’t move and had no reaction.

“Back then, you could’ve chosen many places to kill me. It would even be much more convenient if you directly took action at the zither room back then. But why—why did you bring me to the royal family’s ancestral hall in the end? What reason do you have to take action there?”

Chu Liuyue’s every single word and sentence was as clear as ever, and they were like heavy rocks landing in an empty and silent room!

Jiang Yucheng still didn’t show any reaction. If not for his faint breathing, one might even think that he was dead.

Chu Liuyue waited for a while and slightly raised her brows upon seeing that Jiang Yucheng had no intentions of speaking. I long expected that he wouldn’t speak—just like how he won’t explain why exactly he chose to betray me back then!

“It seems like there’s not much meaning if I continue asking,” said Chu Liuyue as she turned and walked outside.

When she walked to the door, she suddenly stopped and turned around to look at him. “You know that I went to the God Residence Realm before, right?”

Jiang Yucheng suddenly widened his eyes! His usual calm and nonchalant expression finally broke inch by inch, and his eyes were filled with shock.

But when he saw Chu Liuyue’s ‘I knew it’ expression, he then suddenly realized something. He knitted his brows and gradually clenched his fists. She didn’t even remember everything! She was just testing me!

“No wonder.” Chu Liuyue suddenly felt like the mist before her had been removed. “It seems like the person behind you is also from the God Residence Realm?”

Jiang Yucheng’s veins throbbed as he averted his gaze and refused to say another word. I don’t know how exactly Chu Liuyue recalled the God Residence Realm, but this isn’t a good sign. If she recalls everything…

“It’s fine if you refuse to say it.” Chu Liuyue laughed lightly. “Since the person who harmed me refuses to come, I’ll go over personally.”

Then, she pushed open the door and walked outside.

The moment she stepped out, she heard Jiang Yucheng’s voice. “If you go, you’ll definitely die.”

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw black blood gradually flowing down from the corner of Jiang Yucheng’s mouth! She narrowed her eyes and immediately whipped out a red fire!

“You—” Before Jiang Yucheng could finish his sentence, his body suddenly exploded!


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