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Chapter 1015: God Residence Realm

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“I don’t know what his background is. I only know that quite a few people were stunned when they saw him exhibit his blood symbol—it was as if his status was extraordinary. However, he only appeared for a while and left quickly after. I later heard from the others that it was a totem which symbolized his status and identity.”

“Logically speaking, such a thing shouldn’t appear in the Tianling Dynasty… But Girlie, where did your body’s one come from?”

These few short sentences contained stunning news!

Chu Liuyue had reacted for quite some time and kept mulling over his words before gradually understanding a portion of it. “You’re saying that… this is actually a symbol of someone’s identity?”

Shangguan Jing nodded and then shook his head. “To be more specific, it signifies a clan!”

This was even weirder! No matter if it were Chu Liuyue or Shangguan Yue, they shouldn’t be related to that clan at all!

“Also, this blood symbol should’ve already existed in your body around two years ago. If not, you wouldn’t have left behind such a trace on this table,” said Shangguan Jing carefully.

Every word he uttered caused Chu Liuyue’s heart to sink an inch deeper. Ancestor has no reason to joke with me regarding this, so his words must be true. Then, it also means that I was indeed related to this clan from a very long time ago. After much thinking, the likeliest possibility is that all of these things are related to my lost memory!

The duo fell silent.

The silence spread around and caused the room to freeze inch by inch.

After a long time, Shangguan Jing finally asked, “Girlie, have you… gone to the God Residence Realm before?”

God Residence Realm!

The moment Chu Liuyue heard these three words, her heart harshly skipped a beat! She was dazed, and her mind was blank, but something seemed to be tumbling in her heart!

She opened her mouth and softly muttered, “God Residence Realm…”

When she said these few words—


A second crack appeared on the black pyramid, and another ray of faint light shone out from within!

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes, and her voice trembled undetectably. “I-I should’ve… gone there before.”


Rong Xiu’s hands slipped, and the book he was holding fell onto the floor. He knitted his sharp brows, picked the book up, thought for a while, and then placed the book back on the shelf again.

“Your Highness, what’s the matter?”

The moment Yu Mo came in, he saw his master standing next to the bookshelf in a motionless and dazed state.

“Nothing.” Rong Xiu recovered his senses, and his expression was faint. I just didn’t expect things to progress so quickly…

“How’s the progress of the banquet?”

Yu Mo found it strange. His Highness has never really cared about his birthday banquet. In the past, he would just hold it for formality’s sake and wouldn’t ask more about it. This time, His Highness seems to be extra concerned about it. It’s really once in a blue moon for him to ask such a question.

“Your Highness, everything has been arranged. The subordinates are also preparing on their own, and nothing is being delayed.”

Rong Xiu nodded. “Mm, that’s good. Everyone in the clan divisions should be coming here slowly, right?”

Yu Mo bowed. “Yes. All the divisions have already sent us news that they have started moving. They should arrive in a few days.”

“There are more people this year, so be more attentive,” instructed Rong Xiu lightly. “At that time, you mustn’t allow the celebration to be spoiled.”

Yu Mo finally couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in surprise as he quickly shot his master a look. Celebration? His Highness actually knows how to say such a thing? In the past, only the most distinguished people in the divisions had the right to join Your Grace’s banquet. As he has to choose his wife this time, there are naturally more people who are coming.

Even though Yu Mo wasn’t the main person in charge, he also knew that all the divisions would put their best foot forward to fight for the position! He had heard that all the divisions had chosen their most outstanding women to contest for the position of Princess Consort!

By that time, one just had to imagine to know how intense the competition would be!

Once he thought of that scene, Yu Mo felt his head ache. However, he still respectfully acknowledged the order. “Your Highness, don’t worry.”

He scratched his head and planned to go back, but he still bravely asked, “Your Highness, t-then… What about Madam’s side?”

From the start to now, His Highness has never mentioned her. If Madam finds out about this… A chill ran down Yu Mo’s spine.

Of course, he wouldn’t think that his master liked someone else. After all, his master even touched the Record of the Million Gods for her.

But… What’s going on now?

Rong Xiu stood with one hand behind his back, and his gaze was deep as his thin lips curled up into an extremely faint smile. “She will come on her own.”

Madam is coming?! Won’t this wife-choosing birthday celebration become an arena?! Yu Mo’s eyelids twitched harshly. “T-then, I’ll go fet—”

“No need,” Rong Xiu said and lightly glanced at Yu Mo. “Let them continue protecting her in secret. As for the rest, I’ll personally explain it to her when the time comes.”

Yu Mo was very confused, but he didn’t dare to ask further as he respectfully acknowledged the command and dismissed himself.

After Yu Mo left, Rong Xiu then slowly walked to the bed at the side and lay on it, taking up most of the bed.

He then closed his eyes, and his thick eyelashes cast a faint shadow on his face.

His nose was high and straight, his lips were plump, and his face was as white as jade. Only his sharp brows were raised slightly.

His voice was deep with a hint of love. “…That little fellow is becoming increasingly harsh…”

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