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Chapter 1005: Hitting Her Own Man

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Knock, knock…

Someone knocked on the door.

Chu Liuyue looked back to see Cen Yi standing at the doorway.

“Master, I’ve solved the puzzle you gave me.”

Surprised, Chu Liuyue stood up and walked over to him. She thus didn’t notice the pattern on Qiang Wanzhou’s glabella. “That’s fast.”

Cen Yi flashed a small smile at her as he handed her a folded piece of paper. “It’s not particularly difficult. In fact, I solved it some time ago. It’s just that I didn’t have the chance to give you the solution, which is why I’m only giving this to you now.”

Chu Liuyue took the paper from him and unfolded it, surprise surfacing in her eyes as she quickly scanned through it. It was only a while later that she looked up and smiled helplessly at him. “You’re the only one who will say that it’s not difficult.”

When she came back from the Eastern Palace previously, she told Cen Yi about the secret mechanism. Although she had managed to unlock it in her flustered state at the time, she wasn’t well-versed in it. She could tell that the room had other mechanisms in place, so she told Cen Yi—who was proficient in such things—all about it. If he could unlock the mechanism, it would definitely save her a tremendous deal of trouble.

At first, she didn’t really harbor much hope that he would be able to succeed. After all, she wasn’t as skilled as him in this aspect, so she could only try her best to describe them to him in as much detail as possible.

However, she didn’t expect him to succeed so easily.

She took another closer look at the drawing on the paper and sighed internally. No matter how much I try, it’ll be hard for me to reach Cen Yi’s level…

“Actually, it’s been a long time since I’ve come across anything as interesting as this. I’d say that it has been fun working on it,” said Cen Yi sincerely as his smile deepened slightly. “Burn this paper after you’ve finished looking through it.”

There was no telling what trouble they would be involved in if anyone else accidentally caught a glimpse of this paper. It concerned the secret mechanism of Jun Jiuqing’s Eastern Palace after all. They wouldn’t be able to explain their way out of this matter if they were found to be involved.

Chu Liuyue nodded and produced a small flame with her fingertips, quickly burning that piece of paper into ashes.

Cen Yi then turned to look at Qiang Wanzhou, who was still lying in bed. “You’re here to see Qiang Wanzhou? Is there any improvement in his condition?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “The two forces in his body are fighting each other. It might do him more harm than good if I try to help him… It’s all up to himself this time.”

Upon noticing Cen Yi’s hesitant look, she asked, “What’s the matter?”

Cen Yi smiled and shook his head. “Nothing. Just leave him to me. You need to rest properly since you’ve just broken through.”

After thinking about it for a second, Chu Liuyue agreed to leave Qiang Wanzhou in Cen Yi’s care. The latter was powerful and had always carried out his duties well, so that made him the best person to stay behind to look after Qiang Wanzhou. She thus left after leaving him a few instructions.

Cen Yi watched her leave, and it was only after she disappeared from sight that he turned around and entered the room. He walked over to Qiang Wanzhou’s side to take a closer look at him, only to notice the flickering pattern on his forehead.

She… didn’t notice it, did she? His eyes darkened as he stared at the pattern for a good while.

Chu Liuyue returned to her room and began circulating her force. Although she had sustained quite the sum of injuries previously, most of them had healed to a certain extent after she broke through to become a stage-seven warrior.

After crossing this crucial threshold, her abilities in all aspects had greatly improved. On top of that, now that she had regained her Tianjing Yuan meridian, she naturally had an even greater advantage. Be it in terms of her cultivation speed or her physical strength, there were remarkable improvements to them.

Her dantian became peaceful once more. As the water droplet quietly floated in it, seven lines shone brightly. Rich force flowed back and forth, charging her body with energy.

It had been a long time since she felt this way. Only when one had become a stage-seven warrior could one be truly considered to be on the path of becoming a top warrior.

After adjusting her internal force, Chu Liuyue looked at the black pyramid in her body. Faint light could be seen coming from the crack on it, but unfortunately, she still couldn’t touch the thing that was inside the pyramid—not unless she could fully break the seal.

It then suddenly occurred to her that she was now a stage-seven warrior and that she had a holy force in her body. If I properly make use of this force, there might be a chance that I’ll be able to break open the pyramid’s seal.

Her eyes lit up in excitement. Let’s do it then!

She thus closed her eyes and gathered her focus, drawing the faint colorful holy force from the water droplet and directing it to hit the black pyramid.

Rong Xiu was currently in the main hall reading documents, and standing respectfully in front of him were Ming Yao and several other people.

“Your Grace, this is the preliminary list of the most outstanding women from every clan who are of the right age. Please take a look at it.” Ming Yao bent his waist and spoke in a flattering tone. Even though he wasn’t happy about people from the other clans joining in, there was nothing he or the others could do about it since Rong Xiu had given the word.

That said, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t do something to improve his clan’s chances. The list consisted of a portrait of each woman, so it was another competition from there in terms of beauty.

No emotions could be seen on Rong Xiu’s face as he looked at the list. But suddenly, he frowned, and a hint of pain flashed across his noble yet alluring face.

“What’s wrong, Your Grace?” asked Ming Yao and the rest nervously upon sensing that something was wrong.

“It’s nothing.” Rong Xiu waved his hands and pinched the bridge of his nose.. I just… got hit by my own wife.

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