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The Kingdom of Rowlands

A middle power country founded 300 years ago that lies to the east of the Parfia Continent. Although landlocked, it possesses two large rivers, and the river sources are rich. It experiences the four seasons and has fertile soil that produces various crops.

The monarchy is stable and quietly flourishing.

The Kingdom of Rowlands was founded by one hero.

300 years ago, the neighbouring Diaghilev Empire was in its golden age, mounting wars of invasion everywhere, and expanding its territory.

The countries that had war waged upon them had their royalty and nobility executed, their villages overrun with imperial troops.

The land was in tumult, the imperials paraded around as if they owned the place, and the people were forced into submission by means of fear.

Those who resisted would be mercilessly killed.

The people fell into despair, and at a time when their pride was on the verge of being lost, one young man made a stand.

He was the founder of the country, the hero Abel Rowlands.

He, together with a few friends, rose to action, in a blink of an eye gathered influence, liberated the villages which had been suppressed by imperial troops, and unified three lost small countries.

From this, the Hero-King Abel Rowlands was born, and the Kingdom of Rowlands was founded.

Following that, although the Diaghilev Empire sought to invade numerous times, there was not a single instance of those invasions being successful.

Each and every one of the citizens were proud of the royalty, nobility and knights would protect their country to the last stand – those who did not fight, those who fought, those who were to be protected, those who protected, all were patriots who felt pride in their country.

That unification of strength meant that those who tried to make an enemy of the Kingdom of Rowlands would know a harsh retribution.

Before anyone noticed, the Kingdom of Rowlands came to be called “the Kingdom of Heroes.”

The Kingdom of Rowlands Castle, a dazzling evening party is being held amidst the water lilies.

This evening party is to celebrate the 300 year anniversary of the Kingdom of Rowlands, but the nobles murmur that at the same time it’s objective is also to find a bride candidate for the second prince.

In the dancehall painted with vivid water lilies, multi-coloured jewels dance bathed in glittering lights.

Matching the melody of waltz being played, the scene changes like a kaleidoscope.

In the midst of this, there is a man and a woman who both emanate an unmistakable radiance.

On the east side of the hall, there is a huge crowd of people.

At the centre is a man. His name is Edward Rowlands.

He is the first in the line of succession to the throne of the Kingdom of Rowlands, the second prince.

Platinum blond hair and clear green eyes. Contrary to expectations, his attractive features give off an impression of intelligence, and wearing a calm smile, he gives off an impression of beauty and gentleness.

Those who laid eyes on him would appraise him as “the Ideal Prince.”

It was as if he was the personification of a fairy tale prince.

Surrounding him, were dolled up daughters of nobility looking at him amorously.

He, who didn’t pull a single unpleasant face to those amorous looks and smiled, was “the Ideal Prince” today too.

“Would you like to dance with me, Lady Macmillan?”

“Prince Edward, haven’t I always asked you to call me Isabella?”

“My apologies.”

To Edward who was smiling and offering a hand, Isabella’s cheeks became dyed a scarlet, and replied with infatuated eyes.

The daughters of nobility crowding around shot the chosen Isabella looks of envy.

Edward and Isabella moved to the centre of the dancehall.

Opposite where Edward is, on the west side of the hall there is also a huge crowd.

At the centre is a woman. Her name is Julianna Lewis.

She is the daughter of a direct descendant of House Lewis, one of “the Three Pillars of the Royal Family”, the king’s loyal subjects from the founding of the country.

Loose wavy honey blonde hair and deep purple eyes. If ten people saw here all ten would appraise her as a girl with lovely and beautiful features.

Surrounding her, sons of nobility wearing evening suits crowd around.

Gracefully smiling, mingling with the sons of nobility, she is one of high society’s belles acknowledged by all.

In regards to her appearance, family background, education, dance, and etiquette, all are flawless and thus she is called “the Perfect Lady.”

People say it was as if she was a fairy tale princess.

“Would you care to dance with m-me Lady Julianna!”


“Y-Yes, happily.”

Bashful, Julianna replied to the young son of nobility who was offering his hand.

The young son of nobility who had no backbone towards Julianna’s smile, felt the frustration from the surrounding sons of nobility.

Taking the other’s hand, the two moved to the centre of the dancehall.

A new song starts up in the dancehall.

The two jewels that emanate an unmistakable radiance, each at their own starting points, and the scene changes.

Whenever the song changed, Edward and Julianna’s partners would also change but the two did not dance together at this evening party.

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