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Chapter 1005: Soft-hearted

In fact, she had also been rewarded.

Because of her singing, more and more people liked her, followed her, and supported her. She had brought home one after another trophy, and they symbolized that she was getting closer and closer to her goal.

However, all of this was eventually burned to ground zero because of a big fire.

After the accident, Li Annan went on a hunger strike, slit her wrists, and even tried to jump down from a tall building, but she was stopped in time.

After repeatedly failing to seek death, Li Annan looked at her mother, who was crying in despair. Her father had aged a lot overnight, and even his back was hunched.

She suddenly realized that her parents had spent so much effort trying to pull her back from the gates of hell. They did not want her to give up on herself so easily and die for no reason.

Since then, Li Annan did not seek death anymore. Her body survived, but her soul died in the fire.

And now, she suddenly realized that perhaps her soul was not dead. It was sealed in a corner of her body, waiting for someone to save it and wake it up.

If Su Yayan could really do what she had just said and make her sing again.

Even if she could not return to the stage because of this injury, she would still treat her as a second parent and give everything to her.

Su Yayan laughed when she heard her words. “Why would I want your life? Your life was given to you by your parents, no matter if it was in the past or now. The reason why I’m willing to help you is because of Auntie Song. Secondly, looking at you like this, I feel a little pitiful. To tell you the truth, my husband’s life was almost ruined because of an accident back then. Seeing your condition gave me a feeling of deja vu.”

Su Yayan sighed as she said, “Sigh, I can’t help it. When I encounter things related to him, I tend to be soft-hearted.”

Li Annan, “…” Did she eat a mouthful of dog food out of the blue?

“Pfft…” Li Annan was silent for a moment and revealed a rare smile.

However, because of the injury on her face, this smile looked more or less scary.

However, Su Yayan could still feel that Li Annan’s nerves, which had been tense since she entered the room, had relaxed a little at this moment.

In the past two to three years, although Li Annan had not come into contact with many people, she was very sensitive to the emotions and gazes of the people around her because of her body.

This was especially so for the doctors who were called by her parents to treat her. The way they looked at her was filled with pity and sympathy, there were even one or two doctors who thought that they had covered up the disgust in their eyes well and tried their best to bury it deep in their eyes.

In their eyes, she was like a helpless porcelain doll that they could not afford to offend. They might break her if they touched her, but once they made her condition worse, they could not afford to compensate her at all.

Therefore, be it sympathy or disgust, most of these people treated her with caution. No one had ever treated her like Su Yayan.

She looked at herself without fear or disgust. It was as if she was just an ordinary patient who needed treatment and did not need any special treatment.

Even if there was a little bit of sympathy, she did not need to beat around the bush or be afraid that a wrong word would trigger her sensitive nerves.

It had been a long time since she had experienced such a feeling.

Su Yayan did not know that her straightforward words had actually made the person in front of her lower her guard. She rubbed her chin and pondered for a moment before she clapped her hands and said, “How about this? If you really want to repay me, wait until you recover. If you still want to continue singing then, you can join my company.”

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