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Published at 12th of September 2020 09:39:00 AM
Chapter 161

Title: The Male Lead’s Villainess Stepmother
Translator: Fringe Alpaca

Chapter 161 - Oh, so now you have a guilty conscience? (2)

Once she had that figured out, she smiled brightly and nodded at the rich woman . “Okay, I get it now . ”

Qin Luoyi was very baffled by her abrupt change in attitude . She squinted and asked, “What do you get?”

“That Boss Zhou won’t marry me . ”

Qin Luoyi naturally didn’t believe that the person who was very stubborn just a moment ago would suddenly gain this sort of self-awareness . And, even if she did, she shouldn’t have looked so happy . Probably this girl just didn’t want to offend her and was just saying it . But that’s alright, as long as she was willing to feign that she was backing off in front of her, she could make it real .  

Qin Luoyi harrumphed and said, “I’m glad you can see that now . ”

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Immediately after that, Qin Luoyi pulled out the legendary checkbook . Looking down at Yan Shuyu from her high and mighty position, she said to her, “I am glad we can reach an agreement . Now name your price . ”

As long as she accepted her money, she wouldn’t be able to pull any more stunts . She knew her ways around gold diggers like them .  

Naturally, Yan Shuyu had no idea what was going through the rich woman’s mind but the dog blood inside of her was roiling . Oh sh*t, here comes the check . She took back all of her doubts about the rich woman earlier . The rich woman was, indeed, an altruistic person . She was such a great sidekick . Not only did she help her analyze her situation, and now she was offering her money . She was so generous that even Yan Shuyu was starting to feel a bit of a guilty conscience .  

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But, knowing that this was her golden opportunity to become rich, Yan Shuyu had no heart to turn her down . Even though the rich woman ended up helping her out, Yan Shuyu wasn’t dumb enough to miss the fact that the intention of her trip was malicious .  

As the rich woman’s intention was malicious toward her, then it didn’t seem entirely bad to take some of her money to treat herself, right? Yan Shuyu mulled over it for a bit before she said decisively, “Okay, what do you need me to do?”

“Stay away from Zhou Qinhe . Specifically, move, quit your job, preferably move to a different city altogether . Should be pretty easy to do, right?”

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Yan Shuyu hesitated for a little bit . The rich woman’s requests weren’t that difficult to do at all: Moving -- she’d love to move as soon as she has money; preferably a comfortable 2-bedroom place . Her instant son would be starting grade school in a couple of years . He’s a boy and she’s a woman, he should have his own room . Quitting her job would be even easier – she was already going to leave Sunshine House to go to Male God Liu’s place anyway . Moving to a different city was a different story . She had already made a lot of little buddies here and finally found that cozy job with status that she had been looking for, not to mention the group of free talent teachers for her instant son . Things were going so well that she didn’t want to give them up .

But that last one wasn’t her biggest hesitation .  

As long as she didn’t have to marry the boss, she was very interested in dating him . The boss was handsome and skillful in bed . He was the perfect lover who came right out of her dreams . If only she could have a relationship with him without having to actually marry him, then this transmigration would be totally worth it!

Alas, one could never have the cake and eat it too . Struggling between the handsome guy and the check for a few seconds, Yan Shuyu finally picked the check to her dismay . “I can quit my job and move, but I will not move to a different city . I have my life here; I can’t nor do I want to move to a different city . ”

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