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Published at 26th of July 2020 11:38:27 AM
Chapter 130

Title: The Male Lead’s Villainess Stepmother
Translator: Fringe Alpaca

Chapter 130 - We Are Both Single (4)

The boss had taken up so much of her time, so Yan Shuyu wasted no time before heading into the bathroom, quickly removing her makeup, showering, and did her skincare routine . All of this took less than 20 minutes total . She rolled into bed and was about to have a good night's sleep before she darted straight up in bed – she had such a good opportunity when the boss walked her back . Just why didn’t she ask him what his intention was?

She flopped back into bed in two seconds . She replayed the last piece of the conversation between the boss and her again and felt optimistic all over again . She has, after all, explicitly turned him down . And the boss had also agreed that she has all rights to turn him down . That must mean he had accepted the reality finally .

Come to think about it, Boss Zhou was such an outstanding man, girls who were interested in him must line up from the front of his house all the way to the other side of the Pacific Ocean . He was in no shortage of women . For sure there was no need for him to spend too much time on one girl like any regular person .  

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And even after she had explicitly turned him down, he was still so friendly to her and walked her home like a true gentleman . All of them had proven her point that she couldn’t be that important in the boss’s eyes . As for him teasing and toying her at the beginning, he was probably just punishing her for being dishonest . All the crazy excuses she had used at the beginning, the boss, as smart as he was, must have seen through her the entire time and decided to punish her in the exact same way . Yup, made total sense!

Once she had it all figured out, Yan Shuyu felt much better and fell asleep the very next second .  

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Without any pressure, Yan Shuyu had a good night's sleep . She might have gone to bed later than she had wanted, but the quality of her sleep was good . She felt very refreshed after she had woken up the next day and even coached the little kiddo on the piano while she applied her makeup .  

Zhang Yuanjia only practiced on his piano after 8 AM in the morning and at night stopped at 9 PM at the latest, so none of her neighbors ever complained about it . In fact, the young couple next door even chatted her up one time and asked if she has a kid who’s taking piano lessons and that her son was very good at playing the piano .  

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Last time, after Liu Ci had Lin Shuwen brought over the cello, he had straight up given the cello to Yan Shuyu . Liu Ci had said that Yan Shuyu was very talented and shouldn’t let that go to waste . If Zhang Yuanjia was interested, he could pick up cello as well . Of course, they would also train him on it once the musical institution opened up . They would do whatever in their power to build Zhang Yuanjia into a multi-talented piano prince .  

Yan Shuyu was quite happy getting a free cello . After all, she was truly poor now, which made her shallow . She liked to weigh things by their value . Take the cello given to her by Liu Ci for example, she could tell it was quite similar to the one she had in her previous life . She figured they cost about the same . Some 20,000 yuan . She had definitely come out ahead on this one .  

What’s even better was that with the cello, she had one more instrument to perform with at the shop, meaning more chances for extra income . How amazing was that?

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