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Outside the Xuanjian peak, in the huge martial arts practice field.

A hundred thousand disciples stood orderly on the Martial Arts Practice Grounds.

These people were chosen from the genius disciples of various places, clans, and dynasties in the South Horizon Region. Amongst these 100,000 disciples, only a thousand lucky ones would be chosen.

The person chosen would become an official disciple of the Xuanjian sect. From then on, the person would change their fate and receive the nurturing of the Xuanjian sect. As for the 90,000 people who weren't chosen, because of their age, they would be eliminated forever. They could only live a mediocre life.

This made the selection cruel.

"Long Fei, you have to do your best." Yuan Ling encouraged.

Niu Dahai said confidently, "junior sister apprentice, you can rest assured. My boss will definitely go for the selection, hahaha …"

He believed in Long Fei's strength.

Niu Dahai continued: "When the time comes, just wait for me to call you Senior Sister, hahaha …"

Yuan Ling forced out a smile, she was extremely worried in her heart, but it was not because she did not believe in Long Fei's strength, but because she was afraid of the Zhou family.

The Zhou family had never stopped at reaching their goal. Perhaps …

She could only pray for Long Fei.

… ….

Ten minutes later.

An outer elder walked onto the stage and said lightly: "The assessment is divided into two parts. The first is the Sword Tomb Assessment and the second is the Beast Hunting Assessment."

"The first part, after passing the Sword Tomb, the top ten thousand disciples will be able to enter the next round."

"The second part, I have succeeded in ranking in the top 1000 in the demonic beast hunting test. Remember, you must not cheat. The person who appears will be disqualified immediately."

"For the disciples that get in the top 10, they can obtain prizes, and they are respectively Profound Rank spirit swords."

"The better the result, the higher the level of the Magic Weapon."

As soon as his voice faded …

The entire plaza was filled with discussion.

"Xuan grade spirit sword, this is a good item."

"The Xuanjian sect's Spirit Sword is worth tens of millions of gold."

"I must obtain this Spirit Sword."

"Me too."

… ….

Amongst the people, Long Fei was just standing there in a daze, "Reward of the Profound Rank spirit sword?"

The people at the side mocked, "He really is a country bumpkin. Even if the Xuan grade spirit sword is very powerful, he shouldn't be so scared right?"


"Look at his dumbstruck expression, he must have been scared stiff by a Profound Ranked Spirit Treasure."

"I wonder where this poor kid came from. In this world, cultivating based on talent is useless and one has to be rich. A Profound Ranked Spirit Sword is already this scary. It's clear that he's poor and has no experience in this world."

"Hahaha …"

… ….

All of them were acting tough, as if they were amazing.

Long Fei also did not bother about him.


He was laughing in his heart, "This is a damn sect? And it was a sect that was ranked in the top 10 of the South Horizon Region's forces? Just reward a Profound Ranked Spirit Sword? This … What a joke. "

"I didn't even look at it."

"The first weapon I refined was the Semi-artifact. I rewarded the Profound Ranked Spirit Sword. It was too shabby."

At this moment.

Long Fei finally knew that the sects were not rich after all.

"Forget it."

"I'm not interested in rewards, but..." Long Fei swept his gaze across the people who were ridiculing him and said with a cold smile, "Are you mocking this daddy? Then just wait for your faces to be slapped. "

The reward he could not accept.

However …

He couldn't afford to lose face. He had to make a fool of himself.

And he had to smash it beautifully.

First place!

And to let Yuan Ling be happy for a bit, maybe he could even receive Yuan Ling's special reward … If that was really the case … Long Fei's thoughts were a little impure.

The elders in the arena pressed their hands together, and the entire audience instantly quieted down.

The Elder continued, "In order to ensure the fairness of this assessment and to prevent some people from cheating, we will send out three hundred outer disciples to supervise you."

"If anyone dares to act recklessly, you can think about it yourselves."

Everyone turned to look in the blink of an eye.

Standing at the other side were three hundred outer sect disciples dressed in official disciple clothing. Each of them had profound cultivation base and their expressions were solemn, appearing to be extremely cool.

It made countless girls scream.

"So handsome."

"Do you think it's for Zhou Tianyun? He's one of the three great sword geniuses of the Zhou family."

"Wow, so handsome."

"I want to marry him."

… ….

He completely disregarded the young girl's modesty and had a face full of infatuation.


This was also a path of ascension. Women had an advantage over men.

However, most of the women who said those words were ugly to the point of being unable to look straight at.

The elder on the arena said once again, "Rest for the last three minutes and then enter the exam grounds."


He walked down from the ring and returned with a smile on his face. "Master Zhou, you don't have to worry about this matter. The kid won't be able to survive."

Zhou Yuanhe cupped his fists and said: "Thank you, Elder Chen."


Zhou Yuanhe took out a bag of spirit stones from his chest pocket, handed it over, and said: "This is just a small matter, and is not worthy of respect.

Chen Lihu took it and weighed it in his hands, the smile on his face became even more joyous, and he said: "Then I will thank Master Zhou, hahaha …"

Zhou Yuanhe also laughed along, and thought: "Brat, see how I'll play you to death."

Three minutes later.

"The assessment begins. Target is the Sword Tomb."

And then …

The one hundred thousand disciples madly surged down the mountain like a surging tide.

The Sword Tomb was not on the Xuanjian peak, but at the bottom of the hundred thousand sword mountains.

Sword Tomb.

The grave of the sword.

It was one of the most mysterious, weird and mysterious places in the Xuanjian sect.

Inside were broken swords, short swords, and also very undamaged swords. These swords were ordinary swords, without any spirit energy fluctuations.

However …

As long as you pull out a sword, all the other swords will tremble and instantly kill you.

The entire Sword Tomb seemed like a huge array.

It was hard to fathom.

Legend has it that the Sword Tomb was here before the Xuanjian sect was established.

The reason the first generation sect master of Xuanjian sect established the Xuanjian sect here was because of the existence of the Sword Tomb.


He was the first person to walk out of the Sword Tomb, and carried a peerless divine sword.

Thus …

Submission of the Sword Tomb, became one of the Xuanjian sect's training grounds.

Of course, these were just legends.

It had been a hundred thousand years since the first generation sect master of Xuanjian sect. He had long since disappeared and no one had been able to verify his whereabouts.

However …

The only thing that could be seen was a person's heart of the way of the sword within the Sword Tomb.

If there is a sword that is willing to go with you, it means that your heart of the sword has completely subdued that sword.

… ….

Amidst the crowd, Long Fei was being pushed around, feeling very uncomfortable. http ://>

From afar, Fatty Niu was jumping up and down as he shouted, "Boss, hurry up! Hurry up! If you don't, it'll be too late!"

Yuan Ling's face was also filled with anxiety.

The first stage relied on speed.

Moreover, if 90,000 disciples were eliminated in the first trial, the elimination rate would be too high. If they didn't hurry, they wouldn't make it in time.

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