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Published at 13th of October 2020 12:40:06 PM
Chapter 160: 160
Chapter 160: As Long As You’re Happy (3)

Of course Chen Xiuqi remembered what he promised her . Only, thinking that she was going to be acting in a TV series and participating in variety shows recently, he didn’t want to tire her out too much . He figured that after all that was done, he could just arrange a few adverts for her and be done with it . He never expected her to actually bring this up now, and there was no way he could say no to her . So, he smiled and said, “I’ll arrange it for you tomorrow, alright?”

“Of course!” Su Yaya quickly hugged him . She could hardly wait! She’d be able to get the resources tomorrow, she’d also finish the shoot for the advertisement the day after, and get the pay for that the day after . Then everything would be perfect!

Chen Xiuqi glanced at Su Yaya who was holding onto him and reached out to pinch her cheek . “Do you really have to compete with others? Do I not treat you the best already?”

Su Yaya blinked her eyes . Who and who are you talking about? Who was she competing with? Chen Xiuqi’s way of thinking sure was strange! But then, after some thought, she realized it . Chen Xiuqi wouldn’t be saying that she was competing with Xiao You, would he? Hahahaha! Su Yaya was amused . But that was good . At the very least, he wouldn’t find out what she was really thinking . That way, she would be able to squeeze a lot out of him . Once she managed to save up enough, everything would be perfect .

The two of them returned home and enjoyed a wonderful night together .

Chen Xiuqi was very enthusiastic . Su Yaya was also very enthusiastic . Chen Xiuqi was enthusiastic because Su Yaya really fit his tastes quite well . After spending 5 . 2 million on that Kashmir sapphire tonight, he had already decided what sort of ring he wanted to make with it . Just thinking about that day made him excited . When that time comes, it would definitely be a very beautiful and exciting night .

On the other hand, Su Yaya’s enthusiasm stemmed from Chen Xiuqi’s promise of helping her with advert connections . Since our big boss here was so forthright today, she’d have to go the extra mile to service Daddy Longlegs over here, so that she can get even better resources in the future!

That night, the two of them battled each other heartily in bed, completely satisfied!

The result was that Su Yaya woke up late the next morning . She wasn’t even able to make breakfast, but Chen Xiuqi didn’t ask her to do so either . Moreover, just like he said, he handed her the contracts for two advertisement gigs .

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They were very good advertising endorsements, one for a high-end beauty line with an endorsement fee of 5 million yuan and another one was a car endorsement for a 8 million yuan contract . Originally, Su Yaya would never have been able to earn that much money with just her status . It was all thanks to Chen Xiuqi that she was able to receive such a high endorsement fee .

Su Yaya secretly felt pleased in her mind . After she finishes these two gigs, she’d be able to pocket a few million yuan . Simply wonderful!

“Thanks hubby!” Su Yaya jumped into Chen Xiuqi’s arms with a big smile and planted two kisses on his cheek . Her smile was so sweet that it was just like honey .

Chen Xiuqi was enjoying this very much as well . He lowered his head and kissed her on the flips, his expression one of pampering . “As long as you’re happy . ”

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Of course, Su Yaya was happy . She quickly contacted Zhou Peiyun and the two of them went to the company to sign the contracts together . They began arranging the shoot the very next day . After spending a few days on the two shoots, the other party was very satisfied . In less than two days, she already had a few million of endorsement money deposited into her account!

Su Yaya counted the string of zeros in her bank account, she was so happy that she could make flowers bloom!

The author has something to say: Su Yaya counted the string of zeros in her bank account and she was so happy that she could make flowers bloom!

Chen Xiuqi: As long as you’re happy .

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