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Yu Tian pushed quickly as eye-piercing thunderbolts emerged on his fingertips, along with a deafening thunder that disabled people from standing steadily. Within the sizzling thunderbolts, his right palm turned weirdly cyan-purple and translucent, looking like a crystal piece condensed from thunderbolts.

Within the area three-hundred meters around him, the air was suddenly filled with tiny electric bolts that made Man Man, Shaosi and Yemo Shanye’s long hair stand straight up. Inch-long purple electric bolts extended out from the ends of their hair, while a strong numbness slowed their reaction speed by a couple of times.

"Ah!" Man Man didn’t think that Yi Tian would completely go against the rules of Southern Wasteland. This was snatching the bride. How could he attack without saying a word?

A raging fire was released from Man Man’s body. Meanwhile, a flame-shaped divine spell symbol glowed between her eyebrows. The glow of the golden-red divine spell symbol spread quickly out, as beautiful and complicated golden-red symbols emerged on Man Man’s skin one after another. Her body was burning like an erupting volcano, spreading a despairing and dreadful heat.

"If you don’t drink, you don’t get to snatch the bride!" Man Man growled deeply while throwing a punch towards Yi Tian’s palm.

Man Man’s right fist was coiled in raging flames, and that tiny fist was transparent like a glowing ruby. Circles of flame spurted out from it like shooting stars descending from the sky, fiercely striking onto the palm of Yi Tian.

Followed by a thunderous boom, a wave of thunderbolts and streams of flame entangled each other, clashing against each other and causing muffled booms, spreading in all directions. The ground outside Tushan Palace cracked, and the white-jade-paved square was destroyed.

Hundreds of maids standing on the square to welcome guests screamed in fear. They were pushed to the ground by the strong and violent airstreams and rolled all over the ground like balls.

Man Man’s little hand trembled intensely while she stepped back quickly. The fire burning on her body dimmed down suddenly, while a few dazzling thunderbolts drilled into her body through her hand, made her shake without being able to stop.

Yi Shen quivered slightly. The electric bolts coiling on his fingers dimmed a little, then lit back up. Five-foot-long electric bolts dazzled on his right fingers, making loud sizzling and popping noise.

From his long and narrow eyes, a few electric bolts burst, while Yi Tian stared at Man Man with a vicious twisted look and growled, "Piss off!"

Before Man Man could steady her own body, Yi Tian slapped down again towards Man Man’s head. This time, he didn’t want to hurt her. Instead, he wanted to kill her. Without restraining his power at all, he slapped his palm down. The great thunder power he released created dense dark clouds in the sky. All of a sudden, tens of thunderbolts descended from the sky, merged with his palm, and made his move even more effective.

Shaosi put one hand on Man Man’s shoulder and held Yemo Shanye’s hand with another hand, then flashed across the air, teleporting all three of them silently nearly a mile away, from the gate of the palace straight to the door of the hall, where Si Wen Ming and the others sat in.

Yu Mu shouted out loud while raising the large iron pot carried on his back against Yi Tian’s palm attack.

Ear-piercing sizzling noises were generated.

Hundreds of electric bolts burst from the large iron pot, while Yu Mu’s body was penetrated by electric currents that made his body glow like a torch. The terrifying electric currents drilled into every corner of his body and turned him translucent. Through that translucent body of his, one could clearly see his internal organs of bones.

"It hurts!" Yu Mu screamed, then opened his mouth and sprayed a mouthful of dark-green mist to Yi Tian. "Man Man…You did this to me," shouted Yu Mu, "When you described this snatching the bride thing, you never mentioned that someone might attempt to kill a friend of the bride!"

Bong! Electric bolts lingering on Yu Mu’s body exploded as he drew back as quickly as he could while black smoke puffed up from him. His meat-ball-like chubby body had shrunk largely. Obviously, some of his fat was burned out by the electric currents in his body.

The dark-green mist enveloped Yi Tian, but a bright thunderbolt rose from his body, transformed into a flame-shaped thunder force field, and shielded him in the middle. The poisonous mist was burned and gasified by those electric bolts sizzling on Yi Tian’s body, turned into streams of colorless, odorless smoke that dissipated in the air.

Following a loud series of noise, Yu Mu took tens of steps back in a row, then finally failed to steady his own body and had his butt thudded on the ground.

"Die!" Yi Tian pointed at Yu Mu and shouted, "Tushan Princess is mine! Whoever dares to touch her will die!"

As he pointed his finger out, electric bolts burst and quickly condensed into a purple transparent arrow. Along with an earth-shaking thunder, the arrow was released and reached to the spot between Yu Mu’s eyebrows within a twinkling of an eye, followed by a shrill swishing noise.

A pale, translucent hand abruptly appeared before Yu Mu’s eyes and stopped this arrow. That was Taisi, who was just like a ghost, without showing any signs of life, and had faintly visible, strange air ripples around his body. He seemed to not even exist in the world at all. The arrow condensed from electric bolts disappeared once it touched Taisi’s hand, as if he had ever existed.

Taisi largely popped out his completely colorless pale eyes, expressionlessly looking at Yi Tian, and said, "Uncle Wen Ming is more handsome than you…Why did you come to cause trouble?"

Si Wen Ming had just rushed out of the hall. Hearing Taisi, he paused for a second, then rubbed his square, manly and serious face. He had lived for tens of years. Some people said that he had an imperatorial face and some said that he looked reliable. There were some who said he looked older than he actually was, while others even said he looked like his ancestor, Emperor Xuanyuan…

Nevertheless, this was the very first time for someone to say that he was handsome!

Si Wen Ming shook his head with a bitter smile on his face and said loudly, "Taisi, you’re not good at close combat, just stay back!"

Taisi grabbed Yu Mu’s shoulder. His pale hand was as frigid as ice, that made Yu Mu quiver in coldness. Even his layers of fat began shaking intensely. Taisi swayed slowly, and easily carried Yu Mu, airily drifting to beside Shaosi and Man Man, exactly like a ghost.

Yi Tian raised his head, staring at Si Wen Ming with a pair of dazzling eyes.

"Si Wen Ming! Tushan Princess is mine! I’ve loved her ever since I was a little kid! She was meant to be mine!"

"I know that Marquis Chong Si Xi has made a major contribution to the humankind, and as his son, you have also become famous. But your achievements cannot take place of love. The thing between Tushan Princess and me is true love! Give Tushan Princess back to me! Give her back to me!"

Yi Tian roared towards the sky, then a pair of purple thunder wings spread behind his body. Next, his entire body transformed into a fierce thunderbolt, striking to the hall. Within the thunderbolt, an enormous thunder roc was faintly visible. Meanwhile, Yi Tian roared ferociously, "Anyone dares to stand in my way will die! I will only marry the Tushan Princess!"

Sideway, Feng Xing’s bright shouts could be heard. He stood on a hill ten miles away, with his bow pulled open.

Pop! Followed by a resonant noise, that divine bow of Feng Xing sent out a beam of golden light, piercing towards Yi Tian’s neck.

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