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When that voice came, Man Man’s eyes suddenly shone. Her beautiful black eyes suddenly turned into a pair of burning rubies, dazzling with a red glow that people couldn’t even look at directly. Instantly, the facial expression on Man Man’s tender face changed hugely, as her pair of eyebrows raised like two fierce flood dragons in excitement.

"Snatching the bride, someone is snatching the bride! Yeah!!"

Man Man laughed out wildly, her pair of eyes narrowed to curved lines. Bright fiery light spurted out from them, and even twisted the air before her face.

"Snatching the bride?" Yemo Shanye looked at Man Man confusedly and asked, "What does that mean? Why snatch the bride? Man Man, why are you so excited?"

"That! That! That!" Man Man excitedly threw another slap on Yemo Shanye’s round and tight booty, then quickly rubbed her palms and began explaining this strange wedding custom of Southern Wasteland clans with a low voice.

Snatching the bride was a wedding custom for all Southern Wasteland clans!

Frankly speaking, Southern Wasteland girls were all strong and muscular with wheat colored skins. Not many of them were like Ji Hao’s mother, Qing Fu, who was so slim and had snow-white skin. Southern Wasteland warriors, especially those powerful elites, they were simple, straightforward and honest. They believed in the most original law of the jungle — The most powerful one can have the best hunting ground, the best preys and the most beautiful woman!

Therefore, during the past thousands of centuries, a strange wedding custom emerged among the Southern Wasteland clans — Snatching the bride!

When a well-known beautiful girl got married, large groups of single elite warriors from her clan and surrounding clans would always come to the wedding with their brothers and clansmen, and they would beat up the bridegroom. They would hurt him so badly, even disabling him from recovering. Then, those single elite warriors would fight each other, and at last, the most powerful warrior could bring the girl home, letting the girl carry his children for him!

This was the most primitive and bloody version of snatching the bride. By now, ‘snatching a bride’ had gradually become a special display of splendor. When a girl from a large clan got marries, without enough numbers of outstanding single young men coming with their brothers and clansmen to try to snatch the bride, the bride herself and people from her clan and the bridegroom’s clan would all feel humiliated!

A strong warrior should be able to defeat all elite young men who came to snatch the bride, and successfully marry the girl he loved, so he could be honored.

The more people came to try to snatch the bride, the more could the bride prove her own excellence. The more elite young men, who came to snatch the bride, could a bridegroom defeat, the more could he prove his own powerfulness, and the power of his clan.

"I thought no one would come to snatch the bride at the wedding of uncle Wen Ming and sister Tushan." yelled Man Man in excitement, "After all, this is Midland, this is Pu Ban City. Things might be different from the way they are in our Southern Wasteland!"

Laughing out loud, Man Man’s long hair even rose into the air. Thin streams of fiery light spurted out from the roots of her hair and soon turned her hair glowing red. A great heat was released from her head. That her little head was like a torch, sending up a meters tall flakes of fire.

Yemo Shanye was slightly annoyed. She took a few steps aside, looked at Man Man and asked in a low voice, "Eh? So when you marry to Earl Yao?"

Man Man narrowed her eyes, seriously nodded and said, "So my Abba told me that before Ji Hao is powerful enough, he won’t let me marry him. My Abba has already given his word that when I marry to Ji Hao, all top one-thousand clans in Southern Wasteland have to send a hundred top-grade young men to snatch the bride. Otherwise, my Abba wouldn’t be happy!"

Yemo Shanye wildly opened her mouth and eyes in shock, and stared at Man Man. Quite a while later, she murmured to herself, "Lord Ji Hao is…so poor!"

Man Man thumped her chest rumblingly, as if she was beating a drum, then she raised her head and said in a high spirit, "I knew someone will come to snatch the bride. Therefore, according to the rules of our Southern Wasteland, I’ve prepared! Haha, come on, let’s go, let’s go have a look. See who’s trying to snatch our bride!"

Man Man and Yemo Shanye weren’t talking with low voices at all. Therefore, everyone sitting in the hall had heard every word they said. Emperor Shun’s face twitched slightly, then he laughed and said, "Hehe, be the son-in-law of Zhu Rong, hehe!"

Emperor Shun seemed to realize that he was somehow taking pleasure in Ji Hao’s misfortune. But as the human emperor, he shouldn’t be like this. Therefore, he raised his arm and wiped his mouth corner hard.

Si Xi’s face turned dark. This was a lucky day, the wedding day of Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess. An important great ceremony would also be held in this day for the uniting of You Chong Clan and Tushan Family. But suddenly, someone came to make trouble…

This wasn’t Southern Wasteland, no such thing as snatching the bride existed in here. Therefore, if someone tried to snatch a bride in Pu Ban City, he should be causing trouble on purpose.

Si Xi unpleasantly took a glance at Tushan old man, then looked at Tushan Princess.

Tushan old man raised his right hand, also with a sulky face. He slowly straightened his fingers, then wielded his hand downwards, as if that were a blade. Then, he said, "This little girl of mine, she was spoiled ever since she was little. Tens of maids followed her at all times. Wen Ming, she is marrying you now, so you can’t spoil her like we did. Housekeeping, bearing children, those will be her responsibilities. You can be strict with her if you have to."

Si Xi’s tense looked eased instantly.

When he glanced at Tushan old man and Tushan Princess, he meant something particularly. He was questioning Tushan Princess, as he wondered if Tushan Princess had a lover who now showed up to make a scene.

Tushan old man’s response was smart. He told Si Xi that Tushan Princess was followed by tens of maids every since she was little. Without question, she would never do anything to degrade her family.

Seeing Tushan old man’s hand movement, Si Xi laughed out loud, "Hahaha, it seems someone is joking with us today. In this case…"

Before Si Xi finished his speech, Man Man’s loud and proud yells could be heard from a distance.

"Nah! Do you even understand the rules? If you want to snatch the bride, you shall pass these few barriers set by your Lord Man Man first!"

"According to our Southern Wasteland rules, the ones come to snatch the bride have to win the drinking competition at first. Your Lord Man Man am kindly telling you that the booze you’re going to drink is infused with dragon-drunken grass, god-loosing fruit, bone-soften flowers, blood-breaking veins and the other ninety-five kinds of herbs. A single cup of this booze can put down an ordinary human being, who might never wake back up!"

"Come, Yu Mu, you go first. Get these boys!"

Outside Tushan Palace, Yi Tian was furiously staring at Man Man, who blocked his way. Behind Yi Tian, nearly ten-thousand Eastern Wasteland archers slightly lowered their upper bodies and carried their longbows, seeming ready to launch an attack at any time.

"Little girl, move away!"

Looking at Man Man, Shaosi, Yemo Shanye, Yu Mu and the others standing in the way, Yi Tian shouted coldly and pushed Man Man on a shoulder.

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