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In Liang Zhu City, all emperors in power were totally irritated because of the messages they received from their expeditionary armies in the twelve new worlds.

In Pu Ban City, everyone seemed to be happy. People were walking on the streets with quick pace, while showing bright smiles on their faces.

Jingles could be heard everywhere, as busy people filled every corner of Pu Ban City, and everybody was smiling. They were digging foundations, building pillars and walls, roofing their houses. Many houses were destroyed by the flood earlier, and at the moment, people were rebuilding their homeland.

Groups of Magi in black robes had been walking slowly on the land of Pu Ban City in an ordered, long line. They were waving the long streamers in their hands while incanting a blessing spell. Wherever these Magi walked past, colorful strands of mist would rise from the soft mud and be absorbed by their long streamers.

The toxins brought by the long-lasting rain were dispelled by these Magi from the Magi Palace. In addition to that, Magi with earth power had been casting their magics, making the soaked and dried earth rich and fertile again.

Everyone was busy, with passion and hope.

From these busy people, one could hear things from time to time.

"You Chong Clan is going to unite with Tushan Family by marriage… The brave deserve the fair!"

"Tell me about it! For a man like Minister Si Wen Ming, only such a fair lady can be good enough!"

"Haha, I saw Tushan Princess with my own eyes, that beautiful girl," This man clicked his tongue and continued, "She is just like a legendary goddess."

"Eh? Like you’ve seen a goddess before. But, that girl is truly beautiful. I assume only a hero like Minister Si Wen Ming can be good enough for a girl like that, right?"

The thoughts of these ordinary human beings were just simple and honest.

Si Xi had stopped the endless train with water-sealing magic formations and saved countless people from the disaster. Therefore, everyone was so grateful to him. Si Wen Ming had been serving as the manager of the Magi Palace all these years. With his efforts, the Magi Palace was growing stronger and more influential, and the human-kind had benefited from it without a doubt. Therefore, people were grateful to Si Wen Ming as well.

In the eyes of these simple human beings, Si Wen Ming was a hero, and he deserved a breathtakingly beautiful woman to share his life with. They would live happily ever after, and have a bunch of healthy adorable babies; these were the simple good wishes of ordinary people.

However, the feelings of those clan leaders who had been guiding their people for the reconstruction works in Pu Ban City were clearly much more complicated.

Si Xi had a great reputation, and so did Si Wen Ming, in addition, they both had made remarkable achievements. You Chong Clan was a top-grade large human clan, originated from the bloodline of Emperor Xuanyuan, this clan could even be count as royal. Not many ordinary human beings knew about Tushan Family, but which one of those high-level human beings didn’t know that Tushan Family was actually as wealthy as the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind? According to the legends, Tushan Family had a tight connection with the kind of sky fox. Tushan Family people inherited the smartness and cunningness of sky foxes, which was the reason why they were the best businessmen in the world. Not a single human clan could ever be compared with them in terms of business skills.

Through countless years of accumulation, the wealthiness of Tushan Family had reached an unimaginable level, such that people said even their barns were filled with gold. But more importantly, Tushan Family had their own forging factory that produced armors and weapons of good qualities. However, the most important thing was that after Tushan old man became a partner of Ji Hao, Tushan family craftsmen and blacksmiths were luckily guided by those Xiu Clan masters that Ji Hao purchased from the non-humankind. Thus, the quality of weapons and armors produced by Tushan Family was much better than before.

Nearly inexhaustible financial resources, countless mines and the forging factory, all these together meant that Tushan Family could have as many armaments as they wanted, not to mention the fact that the quality of those armaments was much higher than the ordinary ones.

Si Xi and his son, Si Wen Ming, they headed a top-grade large human clan and a good network. Many top-grade human clans were supporters of Si Wen Ming. These large human clans never lacked brave warriors, but all clans lacked strong armors and sharp weapons!

The marriage of Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess was a marriage of countless elite warriors and good-quality armaments!

This was huge. A well-equipped human warrior could at least defeat five same-level warriors with low-grade equipments, this was a proven fact.

"Marquis Chong Si Xi has just made a great contribution!"

"Indeed, no one can compete him and his son for reputation now."

"Hmm, if Gong Gong Wuyou and Zhu Rong Tianming were still alive, probably…"

"Why are you mentioning those two useless idiots? All in all, after You Chong Clan unites with Tushan Family, those kids pushed up by all the other clans to compete for the throne of the human emperor won’t be happy."

Similar conversations happened in every part of Pu Ban City. People who were on Si Wen Ming’s side were naturally happy and delighted; they even walked faster than the others. People with neutral positions felt nothing, as all these had nothing to do with them. Therefore, they were simply expecting the wedding. As for the ones who were against Si Wen Ming, they had been anxiously dashing around these days, and no one knew what were they up to.

In Tushan Palace at Pu Ban City, Tushan Princess was wearing a long white silk dress, with a warm red long slip beneath it. She sat straight in a large armchair, with her hands on her knees, slightly lowering her head without saying a word.

She was stunningly beautiful without a doubt. But that elegance shown by her from the inside was more attractive. She was like a warm, flawless pearl with a magical glow; even every single hair and slight move of her seemed to be perfect.

Si Wen Ming sat in front of Tushan Princess, seeming to be a bit shy. From time to time, he raised his head and took a glance at Tushan Princess, then turned around and looked at the few elders sitting next to him.

Emperor Shun was sitting aside with a few elders in a line; they were invited as witnesses.

Si Xi and Tushan old man sat before the group of witnesses, facing Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess. Si Xi was smiling, while Tushan old man was grinning so happily that he couldn’t even close his mouth at the moment.

Si Wen Ming’s face twitched as he took another quick glance at Tushan Princess’s beautiful face, then twisted his body on the chair, as if his butt was on fire, making him so uncomfortable.

According to Si Xi’s suggestion, as the humankind was still threatened by the passed flood, there should not be an extravagant wedding. Instead, a few highly respected human elders would be invited as witnesses, then a simple small-scale banquet would be held to celebrate.

Tushan old man accepted Si Xi’s suggestion, and today was the day for these two clans to unite by the marriage of Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess.

Si Wen Ming had always been a forthright and straightforward, but today, he seemed to be bashful. He did not have a clear mind at the moment either, as he couldn’t even describe his feelings right now.

Outside the building, Man Man was holding Yemo Shanye’s hand, while the two of them sneakily stood by the door, leaning their heads and looking at Tushan Princess’s blushed face.

A while later, Yemo Shanye chuckled and said, "Uncle Si Wen Ming is shy, hehe… So interesting!"

Man Man laughed, slapped straight on Yemo Shanye’s butt and responded, "We’ll see if you’re going to be shy as well when you get married!"

Man Man slapped her butt so loudly that it almost made Yemo Shanye leap up from the ground. She turned around, popped out her eyes and stared at Man Man.

Man Man carelessly looked back at Yemo Shanye, as if nothing had happened at all. As these two girls were about to start a not so intense fight, a vicious voice came from a distance away.

"Tushan Princess…I love you so much. But today, you’re marrying yourself to someone else?"

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