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In Pan Zhuo world, nine dim suns floated in the sky, seeming to be extremely far away from the ground, weakly glowing with a faint light. On the ground, dark-green mountains were barely lightened up by the sunlight through dark-green toxic clouds, just like those dark-green hills, rivers, grasslands, plain areas…

This world was filled with the color of dark-green, which looked quite unsettling. Countless types of toxins mixed together, being processed under the effects of the natural laws of this world for countless years, then turned into this weird dark-green color.

Mountains, hills, rivers, plains, these terrains were common in Pan Gu world. Here in Pan Zhuo world, they occupied around thirty percent of the world.

On these mountains, hills and plain areas, lived countless odd types of poisonous bugs, birds and beasts. They released thin poisonous gases from their mouths, that had been rising into the sky and condensing into faint, dark-green poisonous clouds.

Numerous strangely-shaped highly poisonous serpents had been wriggling around.They raised their heads from time to time and excitedly spurted vividly colorful streams of poisonous mist towards the sky, creating rainbows under the dim sunlight.

The other half of Pan Zhuo world was occupied by water, boundless light-green water. It looked completely lifeless, and had colorful foams drifting on its surface.

Countless poisonous creatures lived in this water area, with all kinds of toxins. These creatures had been crazily devouring those poisonous floating grasses and algae, which were growling rapidly in the water. These creatures also devoured each other; the bigger ones fed on the smaller ones, the fierce ones fed on the mild ones, and the living ones fed on the dead ones…

Same as the army under Dishi Yanmo’s command, a large-scale non-humankind metal-city floated on the sticky poisonous sea.

The army commander of the expeditionary force from Nether Moon, Fan Di, who was the most powerful one among the entire Fan Family aside of Fan Hai, had been standing on a watchtower in the metal fort at the moment, pleasantly breathing the toxic air.

Fan Di was pale and scrawny, and looked like a zombie. He laughed with a creepy hissing voice as he crumbled a white messaging crystal in his hand.

"Bring my expeditionary force back to Pan Gu world? Hmm, it seems that Fan Hai has encountered a true trouble." Fan Di narrowed his eyes and murmured to himself. "Alright, alright, what a magical world! I’ve just sent out by expeditionary troops for a couple of days, how can a trouble happen so soon?"

Proudly raising his head, Fan Di laughed, "I like troubles, I really do. Troubles mean death, and death…The great Nether Moon, death, sweet death… I can’t wait!"

A few Nether Moon warrior commanders standing behind Fan Di excitedly opened their erect eyes and let spheres of grey mist drift out of those erect eyes.

Hoarse and deep horns sounded while Fan Di giving out his orders. Except for a small number of expeditionary troops from Nether Moon staying in Pan Zhuo world, the main force returned to Pan Gu world, waiting for Fan Hai’s orders.

When the first enormous metal warship glowed with a gray-white light and slowly rose from the ground, a stream of dark-green liquid surged over from a thousand miles away and struck on the head of the ship.

Following a sizzling noise, thousands of dark-kind and non-humankind salve warriors standing on the deck screamed in pain, as their bodies quickly melted down in the dark-green liquid and turned into puddled of black blood.

Streams of highly poisonous liquid spurted over from a distance away, pouring on the fleet of Nether Moon like a heavy rain. Defensive magic formations were not triggered, because metal warships didn’t suffer a great damage from the poisonous liquid. However, dark-kind warriors and non-humankind slaves standing on decks were almost wiped out.

Fan Di and the group of warrior commanders raised their heads in shock, and saw tens of tremendous serpents slowly reaching their bodies out from the sticky seawater hundreds of miles away.

These enormous creatures were colorful, with their whole bodies covered in dark-green poisonous mist. Unlike ordinary snakes and serpents, these serpents had fork-shaped, curved tails that looked like hooks. Clearly, these were hook snakes, famous for their deathly poisons venom back in Pan Gu world.

Following the strange water clattering noise, thousands of meters tall, green-colored waves rose from the sticky and poisonous sea of Pan Zhuo world. Countless oddly-shaped aquatic and poisonous creatures trod on those waves, releasing toxic mists and gases, marching towards the non-humankind army.

A nearly hundred-mile long, enormous hook snake coiled in the air, staring at Fan Di coldly and fiercely.

"Lord Gong Gong said that since you’re already here, don’t leave. This place will be your burial ground."

Fan Di grinned scornfully, looking at that enormous hook snake as he responded blandly, "Gong Gong? Gong Gong had a senior minister under his command who is a hook snake, called Snake Gou. I believe that is you, right? You don’t think that you can defeat the children of the great Nether Moon, do you?"

Snake Gou smiled, opened his jaws and let down a poisonous rain as he taunted, "In Pan Gu world, I dared not to fight a face-to-face battle against you. But this is Pan Zhuo world, silly non-humankind monsters. This is Pan Zhuo world, and we have lived in here for hundreds of years! We are more familiar with the natural laws of this world."

Snake Gou laughed out loud in pride, "More importantly, during the past hundreds of years, we have created countless adorable babies in here!"

A buzzing noise came from all directions, following which, giant groups of poisonous insects that looked like dense dark-green clouds, overwhelmingly crushed down on Fan Di’s army.

Waves rose one after another, treading on which, all kinds of poisonous aquatic creatures who had cultivated themselves into spiritual animals wielded their roughly crafted weapons, showing their sharp teeth as they marched along the waves.

Fan Di looked at the formidable water-kind army, took out a messaging crystal and sent what he saw back to Pan Gu world along with a message, ‘Tell Fan Hai that I’ve encountered a small trouble here, and might not be able to bring my army back to help him."

At almost the same time when Fan Di’s army was suddenly attacked by a water-kind army in Pan Zhuo world, in the rust-red Pan Shi world, sky-devouring waves rose in the rust-red ocean which occupied seventy to eighty percent of the world’s total acreage and possessed a great corrosive ability.

Countless aquatic creatures with thick scales stood on those waves, with their mounts opened and releasing sharp streams of corrosive water. They were striking on the non-humankind army from High Moon, which was under the command of A Xiudi.

Countless metal warships and tens of metal floating forts had faint smokes rising from them in the corrosive rain. These metal warships and forts had been corroding slowly layer by layer, and the decks of many warships already had holes on them.

Even worse, the armors worn by High Moon warriors had been weakening due to the corrosive water. A Xiudi roared hoarsely in rage, and helplessly sent a message back to Liang Zhu City, telling his people that he and his army had no chancee to return safely at all.

Pan Zhuo, Pan Shi, Pan Li, Pan He…

Except for Pan Jia world, where Ao Li and Feng Qinxin were present, water-kind armies emerged in all of the rest eleven worlds provided to the eleven families in power by Dishi Cha and entangled those non-humankind armies.

Not even a single non-humankind warrior managed to return to Liang Zhu City!

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