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Yemo Tian’s voice resounded across the sky and made the surrounding mountains shake.

"Barbarians, kneel, worship me, like your ignorant ancestors worshipped those lowly and weak Gods… Worship me! Because, I’m even stronger than your Gods!"

Yemo Tian floated in the dark crystal, looking down at Ji Hao and the others.

The destructive weapon swung another long arm down and clenched those fingers, sending a great mountain up into the sky, slowly flying below the weapon itself. Yemo Tian gave a faint smile, then wielded his right hand. Followed by his move, the destructive weapon wielded an arm as well, then this mountain disappeared.

The mountain disappeared completely, without leaving even a trace.

Ji Hao and the others couldn’t even clearly see how the mountain disappeared.

No process was needed. With a single thought of Yemo Tian, the mountain was turned into nothingness, as if it never existed.

"Retreat!" Said Ji Hao with a low voice, "Let our warriors retreat first. This monster…What the hell is this? Has somebody seen anything like this?"

Ji Hao was confused. A hundreds of meters tall human-shaped weapon, with twenty-four pairs of wings, all with different appearances… Some similar to the wings of angels, some looked like the wings of devils, some were membranous, like the wings of a dragonfly, while others were like the wings of butterflies…

The destructive weapon was well shaped, with smooth lines, looking exquisite and evil. Looking closer, Ji Hao found that the weapon was thickly covered in countless complicated embossed patterns. Every inch of those patterns had been releasing an extremely evil feeling, that was twisted and attractive, making people want to embrace the evil and destroy themselves.

Pan Gu world was a simple world, while the destructive weapon looked far beyond this era in Pan Gu world. In a simple world like this, such an enormous weapon abruptly appeared, with such a dreadful power that was great enough to even destroy the world. This made Ji Hao feel ridiculous.

All of a sudden, an arm of the destructive weapon wielded. Puff! Those dark killing flags that Ji Hao hadn’t been paying attention to, began fluttering, releasing countless ghost claws that reached to the sky. However, those ghost claws failed to grasp anything.

The dark devouring sword cracked the space and teleported itself away from those ghost claws, then flew to a hand of the destructive weapon, followed by a black stream of light.

The destructive weapon raised all eight arms together and held the sword, looking like a black lotus. The starlight dimmed down suddenly, and following a strange buzzing noise, the six-foot-long sword expanded quickly, reaching around three hundred and sixty meters long within a blink of an eye.

The glowing sword split up, along with a long-lasting sizzling noise. Next, each hand of the weapon gripped an enormous dark devouring sword.

Yemo Tian smirked loudly, while controlling the destructive weapon to move in a circle. Then, each of the eight dark devouring swords released an arc-shaped sword light that landed on the vast mountainous area.

Mountains were devoured one after another, creating a three thousand miles wide plain area under Yemo Tian’s feet.

Within this area, countless wild animals had their spirit blood drained. It turned into a dark blood-red mist, drifting up to the destructive weapon. The blood mist sprayed on the surface of the destructive weapon and soon was absorbed.

Yemo Tian let out a moan in pleasure. He trembled slightly, while a dense blood-red light slowly emerged in his erect eye, and said, "Power, this is power! The more I kill, the more I devour, the stronger I will become!"

He suddenly opened his eyes, looking at Ji Hao and the others, and laughed with a shrill voice, then said, "I have decided, I don’t need you to worship me. I don’t need you to surrender. I only need your lives and your souls! Killing and devouring, how beautiful are these words!"

The enormous destructive weapon slightly quivered, then this giant human-shaped thing suddenly moved to before Ji Hao and the others’ eyes, raising the eight dark devour sword high. As Yemo Tian was about to launch the move, silently, a man with a long robe showed up behind him.

"Brother Xuan Du!" Ji Hao shouted out in surprise.

Priest Xuan Du smiled, then sent out a magic talisman with a sense of Chaos power releasing from it from his hand. The magic talisman transformed into a stream of Chaos power and fiercely slapped on the back of the destructive weapon. The space around the destructive weapon was disturbed immediately, then followed a loud crack, a, miles in radius area disappeared without a trace, along with the destructive weapon.

"Ji Hao, follow me!" Xuan Du waved his hands at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao quickly glanced at Si Wen Ming. Si Wen Ming nodded quickly and said, "Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your army!"

Ji Hao nodded, then packed the dark soul cauldron and those dark killing flags, trod on a cloud, and flew to Xuan Du. From above Xuan Du’s head, a yellow-colored silk handkerchief with an embroidery of a Ba Gua diagram appeared and slowly spun, releasing a yellow-colored stream of mist that wrapped both of them up. Next, the figures of both Xuan Du and Ji Hao turned hazy, then disappeared.

In the next moment, Ji Hao arrived in a magical space. This space was suffused by gray-colored airstreams, with a clear sphere of light floating in the middle like an egg.

Within that clear sphere of light, streams of purple mist had been coiling around each other, while a dense yellow mist descended from above, steadily held holding a not so large, ancient-styled, mottled palace of Dao.

The palace was built with blue bricks, glazed tiles, and wooden pillars; it was only hundreds of meters squared in area. A faint aroma spread from the palace of Dao, and the wind chimes hanging under the eaves tinkled without being blown by any wind. The silvery tinkling made Ji Hao feel completely refreshed, as all of the negative power in his primordial spirit was wiped out immediately.

Ji Hao followed Xuan Du slowly into the palace of Dao, then saw Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei, and Priest Yu Yu in the middle of the palace, sitting on hassocks in a straight line.

"Uncle Dachi, Uncle Qing Wei, Shifu!" Ji Hao walked into the palace and bowed to each of them.

"Sit!" Priest Dachi pointed at the ground, then a dark-yellow hassock appeared in front of Ji Hao. Ji Hao hurriedly sat down, then Xuan Du stood beside Ji Hao and lowered his eyelids, without making any move.

Remaining silent for quite a while, Priest Dachi waved his hand and let out a series of light and shadows. A glowing-red, broken, human-shaped thing emerged in the light and the shadows. This human-shaped thing was only around sixty meters tall, glowing-red, and was dilapidated, covered in cracks and holes. Obviously, it was wrecked pretty hard.

"This is called the blood-killing weapon. Back then, when the non-humankind intruded for the first time, this was the only blood-killing weapon they had." said Priest Dachi blandly, "I saw it doing too much killing… Therefore, I stopped it on my own. I fought it for seven days, and finally broke it. I have to mention that these years, I’ve been raising yellow scarf warriors and other similar types of warriors of Dao, and learned quite a lot from this thing."

Ji Hao silently listened to Priest Dachi. It turned out that Priest Dachi and the other powerful being had encountered similar destructive weapons back then.

"But today, that weapon used by that non-humankind kid… is obviously much more powerful than this blood-killing weapon. If this happened before, it would be alright. But at this time, Pan Gu world is suffering endless internal difficulties, even leading to a turmoil!"

Priest Dachi opened his eyes, looked at Ji Hao and said gently, "Ji Hao, the mortal affairs of our sect will be in your charge. We will explain to the human emperor, and you shall focus on dealing with those non-humankind beings."

Sitting aside, Priest Qing Wei also said with a bland tone, "Take out the few treasures you attained today. My brothers and I will help you to build connections with those, to improve your defensive power!"

Hearing this, Ji Hao was surprised.

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