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Ji Hao flashed across the air, followed by a dense cloud of dark mist. He reached to Yao Meng, then the golden bridge released a dark golden stream of light and rose into the sky, bringing the group of people over a thousand miles away.

Si Wen Ming roared resonantly, then stomped his right foot against the ground. The ground quaked, then a rumbling buzzing noise came everywhere. Next, Si Wen Ming flashed across the air and moved himself over a thousand miles away as well.

The destructive weapon slapped on a towering mountain beside White Dragon River. A black dim light spurt from that enormous palm, under the effect of which, that nine-thousand-meter tall mountain was turned black in an instant. That was a vivid, transparent, sparkling black, a black that shouldn’t even exist in this world.

Between the mountain and the air surrounding it, an extremely thin, transparent screen seemed to emerge, isolating this changed mountain from the surrounding environment.

In the next moment, the destructive weapon took its arm backward and released another stream of dark light that rolled up the few Yu Clan warriors and brought them onto a shoulder of it. Then, a short swishing noise was generated, followed by a loud popping noise. Afterward, the destructive weapon cracked the space and teleported itself up to the sky, thousands of meters high.

That extremely thin screen exploded all of a sudden and let that black crystals-like mountain, which now seemed to be evil, make contact to the air of Pan Gu world and the surrounding mountains.

A dazzling light beam rose into the sky, as Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming and the others closed their eyes subconsciously.

The ground was shaking, and so was the air. A rumbling noise could be heard, then no one could hear anything else. Everyone felt that both their body and the soul were blank, to the point that Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming almost forgot about their own existences.

A hundred miles in radius, black-red mushroom cloud burst in the sky and released a giant puff of dust with the power of destruction, causing friction against the air. Countless water-tank-sized red thunderbolts struck down from the sky, and then nothing existed anymore.

From the round-shaped area, with a radius of eight-hundred miles, flame-red thunderbolts burst in all directions, striking the surrounding area. Mountains were flattened one after another, while countless animals were turned into strands of smoke.

A thousand miles away, those armies brought over by Ji Hao, Yao Meng, and the other earls had been retreating at their highest speed. Among those human warriors, Divine Magi and Magus Kings were roaring, as they combined their powers and pulled up numerous mountains to throw them backward, fending against those dazzling and sizzling red thunderbolts.

Maguspriests cast all kinds of mysterious magics to help their armies retreat faster. Those great armies brought up fierce gales, as human warriors trod on flames, surrounded by hurricanes and thunderbolts, trying their best to run as far away from the explosive spot as they could, with confused looks.

The puffing noise could be heard without an end. The destructive weapon launched a quick attack, but under the effect of this quick, convenient attack, everything was destroyed within the area eight-hundred-mile in radius. Not even a single trace managed to remain, as if nothing within this area had ever existed.

Ten whole minutes later, that dark, ball-shaped black hole, which had devoured everything within that area, began shrinking, along with that puffing noise. The strong Dao of space of Pan Gu world crushed this completely empty black hole, but it took a quarter of an hour for that damaged area of space to fix itself.

Within that area, all mountains had melted, but then, motivated by a magical healing power, those melted mountains solidified themselves quickly. Thousands of differently sized mountains stood in the darkness of night. Under the starlight, all these mountains had turned crystalline and colorful, sparkling with a beautiful light.

Roaring water streams from White Dragon River surged down into the giant pit on the ground, which still had steam puffing out from it.

Along with the loud water clattering noise, a thousand-mile-wide, round-shaped lake was formed among those crystal mountains, connected with the giant whirl of White Dragon River. It looked like a large water tank with a small water-plate beside.

"A terrifying power!"

The destructive weapon floated in the sky, while Yemo Tian laughed proudly inside the dark crystal between its eyebrows. The destructive weapon turned his laughter so loud that it resounded across the entire forest with a radius of tens of thousands of miles.

"What a destructive power! I can sense it, not only those mountains, the forest and those poor animals are destroyed, I can also sense that within that area covered in the destroying power, some natural laws in this world are destroyed already."

"This power is great enough to destroy the natural laws in this world. Lowly, small barbarians, aren’t you going to kneel on the ground and beg Lord Yemo Tian for mercy?"

Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming, and the others raised their heads, looking at the faintly glowing, dark destructive weapon, stunned. At the moment, everyone remained silent.

By a single strike, a thousand mile long mountain range was destroyed. A one-star human Divine Magus could do the same by consuming all his or her power, and even risking his life. However, that would only result in a physical damage. Divine Magi could do no more than turning mountains into stones or even sand, but this strike launched by the destructive weapon had truly destroyed everything in that area. All mountains in that area were flattened and changed, and even the natural law in that area had been destroyed entirely.

Destroying the natural law within a certain area, no human Divine Magi could ever do this. Divine Magi with one inner spirit stars couldn’t do this, neither could Divine Magi with eighty-one inner spirit stars.

As for whether Supreme Magi could destroy the natural law within a certain area, neither Ji Hao nor Si Wen Ming had reached that level. Therefore, they didn’t know.

"Still not kneeling? You lowly…Mortal things!" Yemo Tian screamed.

Back in the heaven, Gong Gong, who had been watching this fight with a magic, had his face twisted. His eyes were glowing with the fire of anger as he pointed at Dishi Cha and cursed out loud.

Dishi Cha stared at a magic mirror with a great shock. In that mirror, the enormous destructive weapon floated in the sky. Dishi Cha had been shaking, and couldn’t say a word for quite a long while. In the end, he stuttered to Gong Gong, "I, I didn’t know…The small piece of crystal that great man told me to bring to Yemo Tian, is actually…is…is…"

All of a sudden, Dishi Cha pointed at the sky and yelled hysterically, "Destructive weapon! It’s a destructive weapon!…He’s only an illegitimate child, nothing but an illegitimate child. Is he worth such a great cost? Is he worth? Damn it! My plan, my plan!"

Gong Gong weirdly looked at Dishi Cha and abruptly gave a cold laugh, "It seems that, my old friend, there’s something that you haven’t told me yet, right? You have a secret plan, don’t you? Hmm? Do you want this kid to become your…puppet? "

Dish Cha was still yelling at the sky. He cursed with evil words, and he didn’t have the time to answer Gong Gong’s question.

Far away in the north, outside Liang Zhu City, Yemo Luoye, Dishi Yanluo, Fan Hai and the other emperors in powers floated in the midair, nervously looking at the south.

"The supreme weapon…" They gasped in shock.

The other emperors in power were with a dark, sulky faces, but Yemo Luoye’s beautiful face was badly twisted, that even made her look like a hideous ghost.

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